TV: Gotham Rundown – Episodes Twenty (Under The Knife) and Twenty-one (The Anvil or The Hammer)

Welcome back to another Gotham Rundown! This week I’m going to be discussing on Episodes Twenty “Under The Knife” and Twenty-one “The Anvil or The Hammer”. Here’s what happens on episodes twenty and twenty-one:


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.18.06 PMBruce and Kat get in an argument about what just happened with Kat pushing Reggie out of a 5 story window and killing him. Kat tells Bruce she saved his life, even though Bruce really wanted to do it himself. Now they’re planning to get the key from Bunderslaw who is one of the executives of Wayne Enterprises. Gordon is searching for Lee and finds Nygma in the medical examiners office. We saw the Ogre preparing to get back at Jim. Lee hears a noise of glass shattering while she was taking a bath. Only finding out it was a stray cat. Jim surprises Lee and gets hit in the face with her house phone. Little does Jim know right now the serial killer is aiming for Jim first love, Barbara. He comes in and says hello to her while she’s drinking at the bar. Barbara brings him back to her place. When he has thinking about killer her, but she actually changes his mind with intimidating him. Penguin meets with the best gun and knife crew to help kill Maroni and all his men. He agrees to set up a meeting of more details. Jim and Harvey meet with the first officer who was investigating one of the murders and stopped. There’s something missing in the file and wants to find out what it was. The Ogre is following the detective and taking photos. Nygma walks in on the officer clerk and her boyfriend kissing in the records annex. Nygma sees bruises on her arms from her boyfriend. She told him it was none of his concern. He becomes dark. Alfred is back on his feet and Bruce tells him he’s going to the Wayne Enterprise’s Ball. Also, tells him he’s going with Selina. He wants him to get Selina something to wear. Jim and Gordon gets a clue of a cosmetics surgery place that might have information on the Ogre. Jim almost gets run over by the Ogre. Jim receives a call from the Ogre and threatens him saying if he goes after him he’ll kill someone he loves.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.18.16 PMJim announces the serial killer existence through media outlets. Barbara is getting ready for the Charity ball and Selina tells her she’ll be there with Bruce Wayne. She gets a special delivery with clothes to wear for the ball. Barbara is going to help her get ready. Jim and Gordon got the warrant to get the identity of the person who recommended the one of the first girls who was murdered. Bruce picks up Selina and was flabbergasted of how pretty she looked. Jim and Bullock are in the house of the Ogre’s parents. The mother was found dead and decomposing. At the Charity Ball everyone is staring at Bruce and Selina dancing. They just looked so cute dancing together. They have in custody the father who tells them that can’t be him. Nygma confronts officer Doherty regarding Miss Cringle bruises. Doherty says you have to discipline women. He knows Nygma wouldn’t do anything. Barbara gets surprised by the serial killer. Miss Vangrout lead the Ogre to believe that he was his secret son and he would get compensated by her will, she rejected him. And Jim finds out that the Ogre had reconstructed surgery and has been seducing women for years and now he’s with Barbara at the charity event. Penguin, his mother, and Maroni are chatting it up. Maroni tells Penguin’s mother that he’s a killer and not a respectable bar owner. Also, saying she gave birth to a monster. The Ogre is dancing with Barbara telling her he donated 10K just to be there with here. They talk about how he wants to bring the real Barbara out of her and take her out of hiding. Bruce and Selina were able to make the copy of the key they needed to go into the safe. Nygma was posted up in front of Miss Cringle’s house and telling Doherty to leave her alone and that he was never going to hurt her again. Nygma stabs him to death in the middle of the street. Laughing and freaking out about what happened. What is it to come for Nygma? Penguin and his mother have a talk and he lies about what happened and that he’s only a bar owner. Sal sends some flowers to Penguins mother, and he ends up killing the delivery boy. Gordon puts together that the Ogre is out to get Barbara and that she left with a man at the ball, Selina confirms. Barbara is taken to his secret spot and shows her his entertainment room and she looks surprised and happy about it.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5.07.35 PMBarbara and the Ogre spent the night together. He does the same setup for every girl with the breakfast. He admits to Barbara that he was going to kill her. She is terrified and captures her. Lee visits Jim at the PD and told him he shouldn’t blame himself about Barbara’s disappearance. But he does. Nygma brings in Doherty’s body into the PD and trying to get rid of it. Bullock gets a lead on someone who says he’s seen him. They found a club he would frequent. The Ogre tells Barbara that he thinks she is the love of his life while she tied up against her will. Alfred is still in disbelief of Reggie’s death, he knows he could be a bloody drunk and still walk a tight rope. Jim goes to Penguin to get an invitation of the Fox Club. He gives the invite to Bullock. Barbara is getting tortued by the Ogre and showed her his briefcase with the pictures of all his victims. Barbara faints from terror. Bruce found is way into the room with the safe and opened it and found nothing. The man they took the key from was waiting for him.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5.07.22 PMWayne Enterpries admitted their crimes and that they corrupted. Bruce’s father knew of this and still worked for the company. A man knew more of his father and he knew he was a good man. Nygma gets a visit from Miss Cringle and she saw the body parts of her lover but had no idea it was him. Penguin knows the time and place where Maroni always celebrates. Bullock makes it to the foxglove club. Here’s where pretty with sexual explicit place. Bullock witnesses a crazy act involving a chainsaw and pig sounds? Barbara awakens and cries to see the Ogre. The Ogre doesn’t show mercy and wants to kill to show her he really does love her. He tells him who but in a whisper in his ear. At the foxglove club the hostess was able to tell them he lived in mid-town. Butch tells Penguin the mission messed up, he setup the whole thing. Now Maroni is gonna go after Falcone. Penguin will glorify the show. Nygma disposes the body. Jim and Bullock found his apartment but found the secret room. The Ogre calls and tells Gordon that Barbara doesn’t need him anymore. By hearing the train horn they figured out they were heading up state to Barbara’s parents house. It was too late for her parents. Barbara asks Jim what is he doing there? You can tell she’s a bit out of it. The Ogre attacks Bullock and he falls down the stairs. Jim and the Ogre got in a fight and the Ogre was going to kill Barbara even though he loves her more than he ever did. Jim kills the Ogre and Barbara is lost. Miss Cringle gets a letter from Doherty saying he left town. Nygma tells her she needs to read between the lines. He started the letter of each sentence with his name spelling it out. Falcone gets a box with the head of the guy who tried to kill Maroni. But Maroni is on a shooting spree on Falcon’s businesses. There’s a shooting war between Maroni and Falcone.

This concludes my recap on episode Twenty and Twenty-One of Gotham! Don’t forget on Hulu with a plus membership, you’ll be able to catch up on all episodes of Gotham. I highly recommend you do so. 7 days left to Gotham’s return for Season Two this Fall September 21st on FOX! Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing the season finale with episode Twenty-Two ALL HAPPY FAMILIES ARE ALIKE and then watching the first episode of season two.

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