Music Video: V. Nova – Damaged

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.06.33 PM[BROOKLYN, NEW YORK] V. Nova just dropped his latest visual DAMAGED from his album HiPS3: The New Commission. Nova tapped Philly Spielberg of Respect The Shooter Films to direct the video and put a cinematic spin on the story written by Kimmo. He was able to capture what DAMAGED was really going for, and that was the realness of the world. We see V. Nova awaken from his sleep with his daughter flipping through channels, while his phone has missed messages and his girl/baby momma is bickering at him for some reason. You see his friends jumped a guy in the street, which later leave V. Nova with consequences. The video also starts with a statement that says, “The most unsuspected guilt, is the one by association”. DAMAGED was produced by The Crack Factory.


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