Music Video: Alesso – Payday

payday alesso[Stockholm, Sweden] Swedish DJ/Producer Alesso has hit us with a really cool piece of cross media art. The single Payday off of his album Forever has received visuals made up of scenes from a popular video game of the same name, Payday 2. What’s even cooler is that the video was actually done in Conjunction with Starbreeze Studios (the developers of Payday 2). Their collaborative effort doesn’t stop there either. There’s a 20 minute extended version of the song which was made for the Alesso heist in Payday 2. He’s got his own heist in the game, how’s that for full cooperation?

It’s refreshing to see the relationship between music and video games deepening. This goes beyond just having an artist sell the license for one of their songs to a game studio and become part of the soundtrack. Seeing the two parties work together to create something more is better for the fans and hopefully this is the start of a trend of deeper involvement when it comes to established artists working with game developers. The video is iTunes exclusive so, if you want to watch it, you’re going to have to click here.

Check out a trailer for the Alesso Heist from Payday 2 which includes some brief commentary from Alesso himself.


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