Audio: Sylvan LaCue – The Watcher 3

WATCHER_3[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After the success of Searching Sylvan, QuESt goes through a journey that he feels like he had a new awakening for him. Since now he goes by his birth name Sylvan LaCue. He brings us the first look on his latest release THE WATCHER 3. Besides his rebirth, I feel Sylvan LaCue is confident and is bringing it to the table. Sylvan expresses his experiences within his career. From getting an XXL Freshman nomination for 2015, getting featured on COMPLEX, and how the music industry really is. THE WATCHER 3 was produced by Linzi Jai and Wishlade [THE MARVELS], what an epic sounding sound. They were able to embrace Sylvan LaCue overall vibe. What an empowering hook from Sylvan LaCue; “Come and go and see them come and go. Lord knows I ain’t one of those“. Sylvan LaCue is currently prepping his debut project Far From Familiar. Be on the lookout for more content coming your way from Sylvan LaCue.

“I don’t see anyone talking about the cycle or formula we’ve all been subjected to for the past 3 to 4 years in Hip-Hop. Especially when it comes to up & coming artists today, including myself. Not to sound preachy or anything. So I used Jay-Z’s The Watcher 2 as inspiration to speak about it on The Watcher 3” – Sylvan LaCue.


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