Music Video: wiLLThaColdest – Find Out

[MICHIGAN] Independent Artist since 96′, wiLLThaColdest releases his music video for his latest track FIND OUT. The track is about giving the middle finger to all the fake people that are all around and also giving that finger to the rich kids who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. It might sound nice but in reality its satire and creating spoiled and fake people. I really like the production and the dash of a Drake sample saying “Please Who’s A Real Nigga“.

wiLLThaColdest is not your regular rapper, but he presents potential and touch base on a topic that everyone has to deal with, and that’s with fake ass people. He even talked about a situation where people put up a front of what they have/got and in reality it was given or was a lie. You don’t want wiLLThaColdest to FIND OUT on the truth or you’ll be called out real quick. Be on the lookout for more content from wiLLThaColdest by following him on his social media accounts like @wiLLThaColdest, SOUNDCLOUD, TUMBLR, BANDCAMP, and YOUTUBE.

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