Music Video: Ziggy Lovah – Undercover featuring D-Locz

Salute, Audio Junkies! Alright, alright, alriiight (Kevin Hart voice) – this Video Fix is going to satisfy the guilty pleasures of all my Audio Junkies who are diehard Trapaholics. It’s all here for you: sing-song verses, mind-wiping 808 basslines and kicks – and “no love for these hoes”. This number, entitled “Undercover”, is brought to you by way of New Mexico’s Ziggy Lovah and D-Locz, with a visual produced by Palamora TV.

Palamora is one to be on the lookout for – the clever use of composition, lighting and delay effects in this piece make it a fun-to-watch music video although the entire video takes place on a singular set and uses a minimal amount of jump cutting.

The ingenious use of the movie theater floor lighting, as well as the use of theater popcorn and the theater’s internal structures as props – such as the theater screen and seating – keep the observer engaged as Ziggy’s crooning and D-Locz’ melodic raps overlay the bass-laden production by Koof.

The soundtrack here is standard fare, delivering the driving, syncopated rhythms that one would grow accustomed to expecting from today’s “trap” sound. Ziggy’s tenor-alto flits lightly across the track in the pentameter of Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.52.04 PM

“She’s been cheating on the low. Can we get down – slow it up for a minute? She said, ‘we can get it on.’ [We] might get every sexual healing.”

Excoriating the actions of any would-be knight in shining armor, D Locz’ subject matter and sing-song rhyming complements Ziggy’s balladeering well:

“I’m not her bae, I’m not her boo. I’m not her man, I’m not her dude. I’m nothing to that chick. All I do is give her d**k – nothing more, nothing less.”

Palamora’s professional use of lighting and composition – not only in this video, but also displayed in other music videos on his Palamora TV YouTube channel – show a consistency and an eye for detail that are not always so readily present in the works we see from independent filmmakers. This cinematographer is without a doubt someone to keep an eye on – pun intended.

I am your pusher man @Legasey; see you next Fix!


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