Website Recommendation: @GospikApp

gospikapp-logoHey Everyone, I’m back with another Website Recommendation. This time around I’m recommending Gospik App. At times you feel like the great content you created goes unnoticed if you don’t have too many friends, fans or followers?

Now you can, with Gospik. It’s an extension to add to your google search results page, to allow you to share your opinions about the news, photos, videos, and more right on from the google results search page. Gospik App is an extension meant for Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

Only way to access this unique way to comment is after installing the App Extension, it replaces the righthand side, the sponsored ads side of Google search page, with a New Social Network, where users can interact with each other based on their Google searches.

You’ll see exactly what I mean with their video showing you what Gospik App is all about.

Gospik from JC on Vimeo.

Talk about everything/everyone right on Google search page, with Gospik app. Anyone talking about you? It makes more sense for Google to create a Social Network based on searches, like Gospik app, than it did with G+. Make sure you give it a try!


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