Videogames: Playstation Experience 2015 Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer/GamePlay

I’m seriously about to cry! The excitement that takes over me as I watch the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer with Gameplay footage! This gives me goosebumps considering now the game will have voices for the characters and its more interactive! The battle scenes remind me of Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud’s moves look insane!

final-fantasy-vii-remake-gameplayYou even catch in the trailer you’re playing as Barret too? It seems to be you’ll be able to switch over to other character during game play which reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy VII Remake is what every RPG player is waiting for. The right way to play a classic is with a remake that surpasses the original format and imagery. It also seems to me they used the same guy Takahiro Sakurai to voice Cloud. Back in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CGI Film, which is also epic as well!

Now, I’m just waiting for a release date! It should be 2016, I’m hoping its next year! Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on the PS4 and than the Xbox One.

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