Audio: V.V.S – Mac’n featuring Cap 1 & Erin Rogers

[TENNESSEE] Hip-Hop Artist V.V.S released his latest track MAC’N, the single features Cap 1 and Erin Rogers. V.V.S on the track expresses how he’s able to make moves on his girl of interest due to his ways. He can find his influences through his music selection, here’s where we can pick up some 3-6 Mafia and even some Master P. Throughout the years V.V.S was able to grow from being apart a hip-hop trio, to becoming his own on his solo career. V.V.S has even built his own recording studio and learned the in and outs of audio editing.

“I always had a business mind so I bought my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to be on a time limit in the studio. I like to cut the middle man out. I wanted to do a mixtape but hosts were charging too much so I learned how to chop up songs just like they did and put out my own mixtape series called Pimp Edition. I hosted every up and coming artist’s mixtape from my area.”

And with The Pimp Edition mixtape series earned him a Knocdown Entertainment award for Mixtape Artist of the Year. By continuing to pursue his passion, V.V.S goal is to make a name for himself in the industry. While continuing being himself, currently he has a new project out called KING ME. Be on the lookout for more content from V.V.S and don’t forget to follow him on his social media links!


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