Music Video: Jet Grover – DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids)

[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Miami Artist known as Jet Grover has released his visual for his singe DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids). The music video gives you an idea of what it is living in the tough times and just trying to get through it all. During Jet Grover first verse we discovered Jet Grover to be dealing with abandonment issues from his father and how him and his childhood friends will just be wild in the streets.

By the second verse Jet Grover even details the conversation he had with his father right before he was incarcerated. This may have cause issues for Jet Grover when he was growing up but truly found himself. Regardless to his father not being there for him, his words stood by him this whole time. On DGK, Jet Grover collaborated with Miami Visionary Vanessa Castillo to bring his song to life.
jet grover dgk music video


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