EP Review: Cal Mobley x Dubby – The Climb

the climb cover art

After we saw the visual to Cal Mobley x Dubby’s ANTE MERIDIEM, we finally get the collaborative EP called The Climb. With The Team Loko Movement they’ve been gaining momentum over the past year when they were releasing a handful of projects by Cal Mobley and Dubby. The chemistry between both artist really developed a certain sound/vibe that it was hard not to stop. It just seemed to make sense to unite on a joint project before dropping their biggest projects to date such as Cal Mobley’s “Medicine for Monsters” and Dubby’s with the “Heart & Havoc EP”. This time joining their talents on The Climb EP. I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off the project.

dubby cal mobley[THE CLIMB] Whenever anyone sets goals for themselves, they’ll be times it feels the climb to the top is brutal and they’ll be people trying to stop you move forward. Even people who you think are your friends, and find a way to backstab you while you’re on your way up. On this track the guys shows us they’re willing to surpass these obstacles. Produced by Runaway Muzic. I really like how Dubby is embracing his melodies and bringing his vocals to life. Cal Mobley takes over the second half of the track, and I’m diggin’ his flow.

[ANTE MERIDIEM] is that late night tip type of song, when partying all night and see when morning comes up. The house party with masks was pretty dope! Covering their identities and staying true to their niche. Love the shots and effects filmed by Bradley Atom, it fits perfectly with production by PØWELL. This would have to be one of m favorite tracks on the The Climb EP.

inertia cover[INERTIA] This track really embraces the whole dance/dub vibe with futuristic sounds by Canis Major. Speaking of futuristic Cal Mobley even has a line reference to a space ship. Cal’s flow is a bit slowed down but here’s where you can fully imagine what he has to say. Dubby’s hook and bridge is on point and makes me want to press repeat two times! Maybe, a little more. Definitely a fun track! I can see myself dance to this one.

1. The Climb – Dubby (0:00-2:51) Cal (2:51-end)
2. Ante Meridiem – Cal (Hook 1 and 2 & Verse 1) Dubby (verse 2 and hook 3)
3. Whip Game – Dubby (Hook) Cal (Verse 1 & 2)
4. Inertia- Dubby (Hook and bridge) Cal (Verse 1 & 2)

cal mobley x hubby

The Climb features some select producers including Canis Major who will be reoccurring on Dubby’s H&H project, Runaway Muzic, The Cratez, and Powell. All Recording, Mixing, & Mastering done by Jason Shaffer (www.fulltiltrecording.com).

This concludes my review on The Climb EP by Cal Mobley x Dubby! Both artist display signs of growth and can’t wait to see what the TEAM LOKO MOVEMENT will be debuting next!


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