Audio: Taiyamo Denku – “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”

[Milwaukee, Wisconsin] Emcee Taiyamo Denku makes his Nikki Siixx debut with the nineties driven, ten song project, “What If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”. Nick Wiz is a seasoned New Jersey producer who dropped an instrumental project entitled “Unreleased 90’s Hip Hop Instrumentals”. IIDAAWNW is a by-product of that. All killer, no filler best explains things here, full of robust releases such as “SOS”, “FWYH” and “I’m Here To Stay”. An album Hip Hop heads will appreciate, here’s Taiyamo Denku‘s “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”, live on Nikki Siixx below.

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Listen to the album below:

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