The Hiatus of NikkiSiixx

As you can tell my site NikkiSiixx.com and youtube channel SiixxNikki has not had any recent updates since March 2018. I went through a hiatus. I no longer wanted to devote my time to working on my site and filming + editing videos. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years… for the love of it. But as time pass and I am no longer the 21 year old with the passion to feature unknown artist and discuss her favorite things. Throughout the years I just knew this is what I didn’t want to do forever.

Work; In October I make 2 years for the company I work for. The last 7 months I’ve been working non-stop to prove I can be more than just a collections agent. I have ideas and I can think outside the box. I needed to focus and maintain positive thinking. Thats when I started to fall back from blogging.

Love; I also fell in love, I like to call him, HIM. We we’re together for 10 months and he was everything to me. I devoted my time, energy, and love for. Things ended but I know my love for HIM is still there. And in a way I hope he’ll come back to me. Where I swear I would do whatever I can, to prove I can make this right.

My Youtube Channel; WBTV has binged blocked previous uploaded Flash Reactions and or obtaining any revenue with Ad Placement. This has really broken my will to make or finish the rest of the reactions I’ve already film. These videos have been up for over a year and one by one they’re removing it. Considering all the other you tubers that do the same type of video and their videos are still up. What’s the point?

Currently; I am a 30 year old woman, single, with no kids, and working my way up in a career in Asset Management. I just got the news on Friday, I got the promotion and I will be Team Lead starting Monday. More responsibilities and projects to get involved with and can’t wait to start my journey.

Today July 1st, I went to work on this post, updated WordPress plugins and then an error came up and I lost October 7, 2016 through July 1, 2018 posts. My heart breaks and I messed up for not backing up my hosting before the updates started. There’s really no way to get it back since there was never a back up. I didn’t realize it’s been this long since the last time I did it. I’ve lost about 140 posts, on new music, music videos, upcoming events, articles, and man. I feel like a piece of me just got chewed up and spat out.

What’s Coming Up; Im hoping to bring back my gaming videos. I’ve been playing Battlefront II a lot and these videos won’t get removed. Maybe review/recap videos for Flash Episodes (No Reactions). Also get back to blogging about Geek Pop Culture. The indie part of my site will forever stay available for anyone who wants to look back in the archive.

I would like to thank everyone who has inspired, promoted, shared, liked, comment, laughed, watched, with me throughout the years. When you show true support you’ll go farther than without any.

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