[MUSIC VIDEO] Tate Kobang – Ain’t A Damn Thing Change featuring Aaron LaCrate

Baltimore’s Tate Kobang is on a roll this year. After starting 2016 releasing “Oh My” as the follow up to his 2015 smash “Bankrolls” he went on to multiple successful sets at various SXSW showcases. Now he’s back with his latest visual featuring Aaron LaCrate for “Ain’t A Damn Thing Change”. Tate skated skated over the trip 808 heavy production in his normal fashion. The video has a slightly eerie feel that matches the feel of the production. Check it out below.

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Miami’s own YD, also known as the Overtown Ambassador, took on the B.G. (of the Hot Boys) classic “Cash Money Is An Army” on his latest video release. He kept his verse true to his Miami roots with lyrics like “I done it all, I sold weed I sold hard/ Got my ‘drobe from them Burdines babies, fuck the mall/”.

As he’s breezing through the verse you see him in the streets of overtown connecting with his neighbors. YD shows how witty he can be with quotables like “just got a block I’m bout to break it down to Marshall Faulks”. This is a great way to hold the fans attention while he’s currently working on Murder In Miami & Overtown Ambassador 3. Check out the video below and look for what he has coming next.

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[AUDIO] Tate Kobang – Oh My

Tate Kobang hails from Baltimore, MD. After the viral success of his hit “Bank Rolls” in 2015 he’s back with his new single “Oh My”. This track was produced by Atlanta heavy hitter Honorable C Note.

Kobang dances over the bouncy production with a witty rhyme pattern. “Oh My” has the perfect vibe to be played in both clubs and house parties. He laced the song with plenty of quotables like “bust it open for the kid and ima put it on the snap” and “just cuz she dance that don’t make her a hoe”.

There’s a lot of potential in Tate Kobang as an artist. He’s signed to the indie powerhouse 300 the label which means he’ll learn plenty from the likes of Lyor Cohen, Todd Moskowitz, Roger Gold & Kevin Liles. I look forward to seeing where he goes next. Check out “Oh My” below:

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Freestyle Friday: Brenton – All Out

Brenton has been on a roll with his #9TeaseTuesdays series. Most recently he released “All Out” on which he tackles the Gang Starr classic “Now You’re Mine”. Brenton shows off his lyrical muscle as he glides on the horn laced premier production. Listen to it below and let us know what you think about Brenton’s take on “Now You’re Mine”?

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Audio: Jeff Stones – Wave

North Miami Beach has been birthing a solid quality of hip-hop like Zoey Dollaz, DZ the Rapper and FloKid. Amongst that class is fellow NMB artist, Jeff Stones, who started his year with the release of his single “Wave”. The smooth production was created by Element Jetson. Stones lets listeners know that they still have time to catch his wave before he explodes. Just like his aforementioned peers Jeff Stones is big on lyrical ability and a smooth delivery. He gets his point across clear and concisely on this joint. Check it out below:

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Download: J.R. – Gang Season EP

Saint Louis, Mo. own J.R. just released his Gang Season EP on February 26th. J.R. is most known for his breakout single “Best Friend“, featuring Grammy award winner, Trey Songz. The 7 song EP shows a range of diversity. Starting with the title track “Gang Season“. On “Today” he shows how important it is to live in the moment with the hook saying “I live for today, fuck tomorrow“. He gives us an inside look of St. Louis on “You See It“. Then he switches the tempo and gives us great weekend playlist music on “Party Bussin“. J.R. slows it down on “Never Say Never” which sounds like a sweet love song until you listen to the lyrics. Followed by his biggest song to date “Best Friend“. He ends the project on a darker note with “Murda” on which he speaks on death. Overall the “Gang Season” was a great listen.

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Audio: Kris J – One Time

kris jKris J decided to end 2015 with the feel good record “One Time” produced by his in-house engineer, Avery Mcrae. The Atlanta based artist is currently preparing to release his forthcoming album The A.R.T Project (All Real Thoughts) and will be releasing a single every monday until then. This song has Kris J rapping while melodically harmonizing in the background. He talks about coming up as artist to being able to slide in your girl. I enjoyed the braggadocios lyrics that he used to express himself on this joint and look forward to hearing more.



Music Video: Lightshow – M.O.B

Southeast D.C. rapper, Lightshow, and Director, Chop N Shoot Films, teamed up for the “M.O.B” video. The first three things to catch my attention was he had on a jesus shuttlesworth lincoln jersey from “He Got Game”, a replica of the airbrushed shirt that Rico wore in the cult classic “Paid In Full” and he was eating a bowl of my favorite childhood cereal waffle crisp. Now as far as the music goes the production and his delivery sounds like it was inspired by the late speakerknockerz.

The lyrics strongly stick to the theme of what M.O.B. is an abbreviation of by the way that he speaks of his ex girlfriend. The wordplay is simple but the sing song melodic delivery draws your attention and hooks you. The way that he made it seem like his ex was still obsessed by having a wall covered in his photos and flyers was quite genius and her tearing them down made for a great scene. “M.O.B” is off of Lightshow’s most recent mixtape titled If These Walls Could Talk which can be found on Spinrilla. The video is below for your viewing pleasure:


Audio: DZ The Rapper – Hey My Nigga

North Miami Beach son, DZ the Rapper, not too long ago released his newest single “Hey My Nigga”. It’s a great way to enter the new year after seeing the success of fellow NMB artist and friend Zoey Dollaz for his breakout single “Blow A Check”. The production was done by a well known South Florida DJ, DJ Illusion, he gave the track a grimy trap feel. I love how hungry DZ sounds on this joint. This has the potential to be an anthem this summer and that’s coming from the same guy that predicted “OG Bobby Johnson” would become a hit. I have been silently watching DZ the Rapper’s movement for a while and this song proves that he has the potential to have crossover success.

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Freestyle Friday: FloKid – Dreamville

After taking a hiatus from music for majority of the year NMB’s Savior, FloKid, has returned with his latest stylings “Dreamville” over the production of “Dreams” by J. Cole. This is the FloKid that we’ve come to enjoy. He speaks about losing his brother, doing what is needed to protect his family and still pursuing his dreams. Of course FloKid delivers intelligent bars front the beginning, he starts by saying “I’m like Langston Hughes with a short fuse and different styles”. It’s great to see one of Miami’s brightest young lyricists back to making music and I hope he continues this form of storytelling that his fan have become used to hearing.

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Audio: Lucille – Social Media

In these days where we feel the need to share our lives online it feels to hear it be addressed in a song. Lucille gives us this soulful single that speaks of what really goes on in the world over this Pure Quality Jay track. I felt like she was singing directly to me seeing how my last relationship ended because of drama brought on by social media. I guarantee you many ladies will find this song relatable from the point of view that Lucille is singing and many of the guys will feel as I did. Many of people put up a social media façade nowadays to cover up what is really going on and to hide their feelings. The lyrics of this song paint such a vivid picture of just that. She even went into detail of what she was writing on each social networking and the types of photos she posted. I honestly think this song deserves a great deal of attention and promotion because it’s something that everyone can relate to. I definitely will be checking out her EP “Birthday” based on this song. Check it out below.

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Audio: TocaBang – ROXY featuring Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding

TocaBang dropped a new slapper by the name of “Roxy“. Himself, Oy Boyz and Ethan Spalding delivered a song that be perfect for your weekend mix that you play on the way to the club or party. Ethan Spalding delivers a quite raunchy hook that you’re guaranteed to be singing by the end of the song. TocaBang’s production and mixing is intoxicating. The Oy boyz give you witty quotables “I eat the pussy call me trader joe but I’ma eat the pussy later though” and “try to wife and I bob and weave“. You can tell that this song although has is raunchy in the nature is all fun and games. It’s meant for you to enjoy as hip-hop was originally intended and that’s great to see since these fellas are from the nation’s capitol. Just like D.C. this song isn’t what I expected when I heard the piano at the beginning of it. TocaBang did an excellent job at putting this song together. Check it out below and feel free to leave a comment.

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Audio: King Moe – The Come Up

King Moe is definitely on the come up as he expresses to us over this D-Ray Beats produced track. The hook is simple yet melodic and something that you find yourself thinking about long after listening. The first verse is King Moe explaining to you why he’s coming up and even through losses he’s continue to persevere. He tells us he’s trying to make his mother proud especially since he’s an only child. He even goes into details about how he had two jobs and was barely getting by but he feels his music is good enough to put him where he feels he deserves to be. On the second verse he flexes his lyric muscles a bit more with lines like “They criticizing the flow expect me to rap like thugger/ I tell em all to behold The flow sick as no other/“. He gets his point across well in his two across well in his two verses and I believe he has a lot of potential. I look forward to hearing more music from him in the near future.

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Music Video: AiMajor featuring Curtis Stuckey – Chosen

Las Vegas artist AiMajor released his video for Chosen off of his AiMerica project. The song features fellow artist Curtis Stuckey. The two decided to be arrogant and tell the world why they’re “Chosen”. The video was shot in a desert like area which is fitting for a video shot in Nevada. Curtis Stuckey starts the song with his 2008 Drake like flow and murders his verse. AiMajor makes his presence known with his baritone delivery. This video was simple and laid back.

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New Music: 1Known – Vices

1Known goes on the defensive about a handful of his hobbies in his latest single “Vices”. His flow weaves through a hard-hitting, self-produced instrumental while explaining his reasoning for doing the things he does. The beat builds aggressively, allowing 1Known to bluntly shoot down any unrequested advice regarding “better” ways to pass time. This discussion is a matter of opinion, and sometimes people just like what they like. This is another hard hitting single from the artist as he continues to perfect his craft. My favorite part of this song was without a doubt “See me all I need is weed, women and corona” because he wasn’t afraid to admit exactly what he likes regardless of judgment being passed.

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New Music: Joe Sauseda- Radio

sausedaMany musicians dream of having their music on the radio for people to enjoy. This is true for Sauseda, however it’s not just enjoyable music that he’s concerned with. The message with “Radio” is to find something worth listening to, with truth that brings positivity to the listeners ears. The Waco, TX artist brings us just that in his single with lyrical content that can be played across all demographics. Sauseda did a great job of capturing the feel good chorus that radioheads enjoy along with delivering lyrics for the true hip-hop lovers. Check out the song below and feel free to leave comments.

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Music Video: Kyle Bent – It’s Possible

kylebentKyle Bent dropped us the video for his single “It’s Possible”. The video has a true backpacker feel with Kyle Bent actually going store-to-store and person-to-person handing out CDs. AS he goes through the video you see his following growing one fan at a time and they follow him as flocks follow their leaders. Not only does this video catch your attention but the song is also great. Best of luck in his senior year of high school. It’s great to see a young artist creating music that is worthy of a listen with great lyrical content. I look forward to seeing to seeing this young man progress. Check out the video after the jump and feel free to leave comments.

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Music Video: Dashius Clay – Go Home You’re Drunk

Dashius Clay is back with the video for his song “Go Home You’reDrunk”. The song has a beat that is ready for any club in South Florida. The lyrics are well thought out and catchy, I expect nothing less from Dashius who gave us great songs like “Hoes Love Rihanna” and “NoHo”.  Dashius Clay did a great job of capturing the name of the song as he stagger walks through the video with his red cup in his hand. My favorite part of the song is definitely when he says “Party and Bullshit with Champagne and Molly/ My dress code is euro, Roberto Cavalli”.  He seriously made this video look like one of the most fun drunken nights on the streets of Miami. Check out the video below and leave comment of what you think about it.

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