Interview/Review: The Verbal Surgeon – Day by Day EP


vs1The Verbal Surgeon is one of those artists who thrives on their own honesty. His road to prominence has been paved by organic intent, genuine talent, and a collision of potential and dedicated work that has produced sonic gold. ‘Day by Day’, his latest EP, is a manifestation of the artistic authenticity that permeates his body of work. The eight-track offering boasts a robust mix of collaborations and styles, all of which stay true to the honest hip hop sentiments that define his rap music. It’s easy for one to get lost in the intricacies of The Verbal Surgeon’s lyrical prowess, but something that is oft overlooked on ‘Day by Day’ is the international cast of producers involved on a number of tracks.

verbalThe Verbal Surgeon has built a strong base of followers locally and internationally through a combination of energetic live performances and savvy internet networking. The locals love him for his honest lifestyle and consistent efforts to put back into the creative community that surrounds him. International fans flock to him for his broad appeal and the wide net of collaborations that have become more common as he progresses.

Something that has defined the quality music coming from the current internet renaissance is honesty. It has become easy to create the trap anthem, the stacks-on-deck visage that permeates mainstream YouTube sensations. It requires something more stringently honest to spark a flame that grows from it’s own perpetual weight. The Verbal Surgeon embodies this genuine sentiment in lifestyle and art. When picking apart the lyrical layers of ‘Day by Day’, it’s easy to overlook the nuggets of homage and mirror-image self-realizations that are present throughout the EP. One must take care to heed to knowledge that The Verbal Surgeon spits. Rare is the line that reeks of bullshit. Quality permeates the entire offering.

From an international cast of production all-stars, to the strikingly genuine and humble lyrics, to the peas-in-a-pod features that seem to fit like a glove, ‘Day by Day’ possesses a indelible charm that passes from the ears to the soul and resonates there like all good art is supposed to. The Verbal Surgeon has come a long way from humble beginnings and built his foundation from the ground up, the proper way. Let ‘Day by Day’ stand as an indication of the type of quality one can expect from the artist, and as a forecast for the bright horizons that lie ahead.


– What influences your art outside of music?
Life; it’s beautiful and ugly. Open minded individuals, good vibes, food, women, good decisions, bad decisions, proper herb, beer, and satan. Traveling is a major influence on my life as well. ‘Amtrak’ off of the new EP was written while I was riding the Amtrak to Rochester, NY. I lived in Rochester for two years and made some good music out there. I released a little EP with Danny Dubz which features ‘Thankful’ a personal favorite of mine to this day. Any individuals who make a living off of their own craft.

– You’ve been pursuing a more organic, localized lifestyle. How has this influenced your music,if at all? Some pro’s? Cons?
My music is a direct reflection of me, how I think, what I feel, what I see, etc. As I grow, I’m growing more toward a naturalist lifestyle. I don’t come from a background like that at all, it’s just something that’s been casually happening as I mature. It’s honestly a great influence, I live in the New England area which is filled with amazing agriculture. I’ve definitely branched out and met some amazing individuals who’ve encourages and inspired me on that path. The only con is having to explain my dietary choices to people all the time ha. To break it down, I don’t eat beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc. If it’s meat it’s either fresh fish or game (deer, elk, rabbit, duck, etc) I seldom eat meat at all, but I was raised eating meat. I stopped when I started really working in busy kitchens cooking it nonstop. Which was when I was around 18, I guess I was turned off from it all and have never gone back. I’m a fan of cheese, but you won’t catch me dead drinking a cup of milk. ALMOND MILK EVERYTHING!!

-Tell me about the music scene in your area, all genres, not specifically hip-hop.
Well before I was ever doing hip-hop I was into Hardcore, I drummed for two bands and did vocals for another band which was a little heavier and more melodic. The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA used to be the place to be every weekend and that’s where I was a kid. I used to put together a few shows around the area as well. The scene really thrived when I was younger, everyone was into it and really supported it. It’s still good, but I guess things change as we grow. In terms of Hip-Hop it’s super hit or miss out here. You could have an amazing headliner and still have a terrible outcome. You could have no headliner and have a packed house. For the most part things are fun out here, but I’ve definitely reached my limit of performing for poorly put together shows. MASSRHYMES has been great in taking care of me and my people on that end as of lately. The indie scene out here is pretty good, lots of variety rolls through the pioneer valley, which is always great to check out and support.

– What is the intersection of art and life like for you personally?
Art is life. I find myself surrounded by creative individuals more often than not and I hope its stats like that. That’s what helps an artist better their self. Making your life art, finding and appreciating what is around you.

– Musically, what values do you hold dear? 
The highest above all; genuine content. I’ll always be myself in my music. I’ll never portray myself as something I’m not. Music is an outlet for expression, but it’s also a way for friends and fans to understand me better if they actually take the time to listen. That’s what’s so beautiful about good genuine music. There are so many types of different artists especially in terms of music. I have an appreciation for mainstream artists just as I do underground and independent artists. I find importance to have that balance.

– What passions do you have outside of music? 
I’m into quite a bit, I grew up skateboarding and it’s something I’ll always do whether I’m hitting the skatepark with some homies or just pushing to get somewhere. I’m also into biking a lot too, I used to do 15 mile rides to work when I was working out of town, work and then ride back home after a shift. Graphic Design and Video Editing are things I’ve always been into as well. I do all of my own engineering and recording, video editing, photos, designs, etc. It’s been like that since I first started out. I never had anyone to really help me out when I first started so I figured out how to do things little by little. Now I’m at the point where I handle everything. It’s a double edged sword, but there’s more pro’s than cons.

– How many hours do you think went into the creation of Day by Day? 
It’s hard to say. Flow Devilish, Insomnia and The Statements were already released tracks. The other five were pieced together one by one. The first two tracks ‘Just Breathe’ and ‘Day By Day’ were bother produced by MadBeats out of Russia. Originally the entire EP was supposed to feature production from MadBeats but we lost touch throughout the process. The most time is always put into recording. I do everything myself and I’m always looking for a clean sound that I feel suits me.

– Can you tell me about some of the collaborations that went into the EP? 
I have two features on the EP. The first being ‘Insomnia’ which features The Bright Won on the opening verse and Goomar out of Paris on production. The Bright Won approached me about doing a track and we sat down and made it happen. I love his approach on the first verse and our styles compliment each others pretty well. ‘Hip Hop Music’ features L.E. Purpose on the second verse and my friend Tessa Roy singing on the hook with the production from Loop Holes out of Norway. That was the last track that was recorded for the EP and the outcome was great. ‘Amtrak’ is also a Loop Holes production. The Statements was produced by Dil Withers.

– How did the international production cast come about?
I started working with Loop Holes on ‘The Science of Tactics’ my previous mixtape. They reached out to me through Soundcloud and we’ve kept a pretty stable relationship since. After working with them I was blessed to build bridges with Goomar out of Paris, Soulkit out of Durban City, South Africa and a few more producers from around the world. That’s the beautiful thing about networking, it really allows you to build bridges if you make the right connections. It’s also great having that international element. Being able to extend my network around different parts of the world is a reward within itself. I get messages from people in South Africa telling me my music inspires them and helps them. It’s always those little things that remind me I’m on the right path.

– Who are you most stoked to have worked with to this point in your career? 
Scott Stallone. He’s an amazing producer and engineer. He’s worked with Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of The Pharaohs, Ill Bill, etc. He also did Danny Browns ‘Old’ for Fools Gold Records. I was put in touch with the producer Steve Untytled out in Philly through Gary Carter. After being sent some beats I ended up selecting what would become ‘Flow Devilish’, I sent back some rough cuts and eventually made it out to Philly to record with Scott Stallone and shoot a video with SickSix. The session with Scott Stallone was great. He played a major role in putting together the album ‘A Bright Cold Day’ from Dutch, which is a project featuring Liz Fullerton and Stoupe The Enemy of Mankid (The producer for early Jedi Mind Tricks). I’m a HUGE fan of that project so just being able to discuss that process with him and get a first hand view into that entire process was great.

– Can you give some insight on some messages and themes that might be buried a little to the casual listener?
I always try to incorporate myself into the track by referencing little pieces of me. For instance I drop references to hardcore bands from time to time like in ‘Flow Devilish’ for example:

Temptation Lingers in the distance,
I’m a KEEPER OF THE FAITH summon strength to resist it through the TERROR,
Run it hard, my spoken words to God.

To the normal listener, it sounds good, but if you’re a fan of hardcore and hip-hop you might catch on to the references. Terror is a hardcore band from CA, they put out an album in 2010 called ‘Keepers of The Faith’ they also released an album called ‘One With The Underdogs’. Reign Supreme is a band as well. I love sneaking in little things like that. It’s awesome when someone catches it. Ultimaltely, my message is to just be genuine. Find what you feel. Channel it and express yourself within your message.

– Do you have a track you’re proudest of?
I definitely have favorites. ‘From The Soul’ is all time favorite right along with ‘Thankful’ which features Danny Dubz. My favorites are due to where I was at in that period of my life when I wrote it. As soon as the beat drops it brings me right back. If I can feel it, I know my listeners can. ‘Hip Hop Music’ is also a favorite to me. It was the last track I recorded for the EP and everything came together organically. Everything sounds full to me on that track and in it’s proper place.

– If you only had 5 words to describe Day by Day. . .
Diverse. Energetic. Full. Fluid. Relate-able.

– What’s on deck for you?
Continue pushing forward. I just got on a show with Celph Titled which will be happening sometime after the new year, very excited about that. Also seeking distribution. I’d love to get my LP, when it’s ready, pressed on vinyl. That’s alaways been a goal for me. Continuing to connect and build bridges is another big goal, once you get the right connections in place everything takes off. I’m working toward that moment and I’ll continue doing this for myself regardless if I see that or not.


MUSIC VIDEO: Broadway Barrett – In My Blood

This video was sent from NikkiSiixx favorite AWKWORD, and as one would expect from such a heady artist, it does not disappoint. Broadway Barrett has a strictly New York aura and a roughneck style that comes through in spades. The old Neil Young sample sets the tone of a man pursuing his passion. You get the feel that hip hop is this dude’s anchor, his outlet, his sunrise. There is something to be said for the die hard’s, the lifers that are in the game for the passion, for the art, not the likes or props that come with the stigma of being a rapper. Sometimes it really is in your blood. Barrett is technically sound with his flow and he seems to string words and metaphors together with ease. If “In My Blood” is the initial offering from Without Further Adieu, then you should be eager to see what the entire project brings to the table.


MUSIC VIDEO: AJ Suede – Wicked Witch (ft. Gerdie the Goddess)

AJ Suede has a certain ability to combine the absurd and honest to create something prolific time and time again. “Wicked Witch” was produced by the man himself, and like most of his self-produced tracks, the vibes are complete and organic in origin. With this track, Suede shows a softer side. A tender sweetness that is sometimes lost in the thuggish ruggish facade of hip hop. He takes time to bring romantic honesty to the forefront without compromising the ethereal rawness that has become his signature.

“Wicked Witch” isn’t all about Mr. Suede however. Gerdie the Goddess comes correct with her sensuous verse and lyrical companionship. The two of them seem to have an effortless chemistry throughout this track. Omar Jones holds down the visual aspect and adds another solid brick in his growing body of work. The FreeMinds Collective perpetuates quality. From front to back “Wicked Witch” is a quality offering. Suede does well to show the man behind the artist with his revealing honesty.

freemindscollective.com | @ajSUEDE | @damnGERDiehot

MUSIC VIDEO: Eriiic J – Self Conscious

Eriiic J is quickly becoming one of the more enlightened men standing, literally head and shoulders, above the rest of the underground. “Self Conscious” is another self-produced, filmed, and edited gem that is blessing viewers with a cosmic knowledge that is thousands of years in the making. While he does borrow a famous line from Kanye West, he does it with a uniquely trippy twist that only Eriiic J can muster. He combines astral awareness and an expanded consciousness to create music that stands so thought provoking and enlightening that you can’t help but believe the message he spreads. Eriiic J is unafraid to speak on cosmic truths that have ostracized countless others. He remains sure of self with this ageless knowledge, and a flow that does not quit, in his back pocket. The man of a thousand truths strikes again, this time coming for your mind.


Music Video: Grandmilly – CUPS/UNTITLED (ft. AJ Suede)

This is a wrecking ball. This is Superman squared. This is the underground standing up. This is a duo worthy of lauding applause. Grandmilly and his creative team, +VisualAid, teamed with AJ Suede and his FreeMinds Collective to bless the population with visuals for “CUPS/UNTITLED” from his full length release BVNDVNVS II.

If you’ve been unconscious or unaware, Grandmilly and AJ Suede are independently rising to prominence amongst the underground. When they team up it’s a blessing to tired ears. In “CUPS/UNTITLED” Milly comes with his polished brand of cerebral gangster. He regularly gives introspection into the tribulations of the streets and wraps it all up in a uniquely raw New York fashion. Suede holds down his end of the collaboration with his astral intellect and signature off-kilter flow. More often than not, AJ Suede’s lyrics are a poignant combination of prophetic and prolific; they’re thought-provoking and illuminating to the thinking man.

“CUPS/UNTITLED” is as much a partnered rap sermon as a collaboration of keen talents. Grandmilly and AJ Suede move to their own respective drum’s and when they come into sync it’s lightening in a bottle for the listener. Each artist complements the other supremely and everything falls into place to make “CUPS/UNTITLED” a substantially quality offering. Stay up on these two, the rise will be meteoric.





Music Video: eMeX – Eyes Low (Prod. 4:AM)

It’s good to see the Baltimore kid eMeX come back strong with another visual offering after a brief hiatus. He picked up where he left off with strong lyrical content and polished flow. “Eyes Low” is more than the weed head track the title would imply; this one is a mission statement meant to affirm his intentions and work ethic.

With “Eyes Low” the Howard University student shows that he hasn’t lost the juice that made his music so captivating in the first place. eMeX uses his education and intelligence to speak well on his ambitions and motives, dreams and considerations. With lines like “only thing I’m afraid of is not getting it by any means/dying at the hands of my enemies/beware of fifty-fifty tendencies” it’s clear that his auditory aspirations have not faded and his quest for legitimacy is only deepening. Be on the lookout for a so-far untitled full length project set to release this summer from eMeX.

LINKS: @eMeXSoundcloud


Music Video: Keez x Danny Towers – SELENA

This highly cinematic video comes from the thick of the Florida heat wave via the Swamp Posse. Keez and Danny Towers combine to produce “SELENA”, a drug fueled romp through the ether of the Floridian badlands. It seems that the great Southern boot state has become somewhat of a hotbed for the new breed trill rap movement. This offering is equal parts cinematic wonder and auditory crack; the replay value is through the roof. Director Nasser Boulaich and Cinematographer Michael Garcia teamed up to create the sinister visuals for the malevolent “SELENA”. The video is simple enough in setting and design; where it shines is the editing and attitudes of the artists themselves.

Keez flaunts an impressive command of his flow and a captivating on camera presence. His performance really helped bring out the vision of director Boulaich. Danny Towers holds down the other half with a brutal flurry of violent rhymes. Both rappers compliment the entire project and add an air of ‘FUCK IT’ to the already dark video. Swamp Posse is bringing something fresh to an inundated rap movement; if you don’t know now you know.

LINKS: swampposse.comYouTube@OfficialKeezXXX@DannyTowerss

Music Video: King V – Fear

At first glance I was absolutely skeptical; too many young cats push music that just isn’t quite ready to pick up steam. King V stands apart as an exception to this sweeping generalization. Undeniably young, only seventeen, and undoubtedly a little wet behind the ears, King V boasts possession of an impressive creative vision and a strong sense of purpose. The young Belgian phenom is building a solid foundation for growth.

With his unique dialect, purposefully heavy dialogue, and multiform talent  it’s easy to draw parallels to a young Joey Bada$$ of the uber-group Pro Era. Both artists similarly boast a keen social awareness, ubiquitous intelligence, and a strong articulation that seems above their years. It’s a testament to the electric youth of the digital generation that artists like these can flourish and be taken more seriously than some of the cereal box rappers of generations past.

Ultimately, King V is not there yet, but that is no knock against his talent or potential. I’m sure he would agree that his growth is not finished yet, he’s not in his final form. “Fear” is a strong example of what he’s capable of and where he’s heading. The young Belgian lord is sure to rise with the stars. Keep tabs on him and his forthcoming tape, “Escapism”.

unnamed (1)

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New Music: Cas Metah – A Stone’s Throw (feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Hell Razah)

Sometimes it’s alright to go back to the basics and forget all the neon hype of some modern iterations of hip hop. With “A Stone’s Throw” Cas Metah brings it back to the cold cement floor where rap music was forged and once flourished. Pulling no punches, Cas and his accompaniment speak on the poverty trap and the proverbial carousel of addiction experienced by the marginalized population of the impoverished across the nation. All three artists make it clear that the needle leads to two places: dead or in jail.

This single separates itself from the pack not only through a culturally aware and pointed social commentary, but also from the professional quality and polish the project possesses. Cas enlists the cavalry of two heavyweight artists to help bring the message of “A Stone’s Throw” home. It’s a testament to his talent and potential that he stands eye to eye and holds his own with legends like Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple. With this single as another solid brick in a growing foundation, Cas Metah can look to the future with confidence in his craft and another fan in this blogger.


New Music: Wogz – Love & Commerce ft. Henny B

The quality of the underground has evolved to a truly amazing level. The internet has gifted latent talent and ability with the tools and outlets to flourish. This track from Chicago soulster Wogz is a perfect example of this type of quality the internet can bring. Forged in modern technologies and culture, influenced by ages of soul and a myriad of genres.

“Love & Commerce” reflects Wogz’s classical interpretations of modern hip hop and rap culture. Aided by a beat of her own production, a killer verse from Henny B, and a voice that brings the feels to the most rugged of men, Wogz spins a story of an ill-advised passion. From this track it’s clear she stands as a woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it, and how.

Her gritty and undeniably feminine sensuality is on full display with “Love & Commerce”. She is a strong, independent force in the Chicago underground. Her music and creative presence brings a beautiful breath of fresh air to city marred by senseless violence and unrelenting thug personas. While this track stands alone as a gifted single from Wogz, her debut mixtape is due out this summer. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for Round Midnight Mixtape dropping sometime soon.

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New Music: Traevon Martyr – Hotep

Traevon Martyr is unafraid of the controversy that comes with the undeniable truths he speaks about in his music. One half of the underground duo Ganja Goons, Martyr sprays the wisdom of the ether with a machine-gun violence that grabs you by the back of the skull and forces you to vibe. He’s the type that should be spitting alongside Vinnie Paz on a track. The beat, produced by SHiRASi, is the perfect fusion of industrial and trap and provides the ideal vessel for Traevon Martyrs venomous flow on Hotep. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll bless us with a video for this track of biblical proportions.

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Mixtape: BLKSUNCHILD – Hii On The Lows

blksunLet me be clear about one thing from the start, this mixtape has been brewing for some time now and the results couldn’t be finer. BLKSUNCHILD has been taking his time to grow as an artist and as a human, percolating into something wholesome and resonate. “Hii On The Lows” casts a broad net of vibes and influences. He uses his platform to express frustration, speak on love and life in the city, and make statements of his own drive and determination. Quality abounds.

In this blogger’s opinion, BLKSUNCHILD is an example of the dynamic ability of man to cultivate and develop talent and skill. Man is not static, man has the ability to change and adapt and grow in the direction of his choosing. BLKSUNCHILD is proof of this given ability. In the time that I’ve been aware of his music, about a year now, he has grown in leaps and bounds. Each release and snippet is a milestone of development; each new verse a testament to the depth of the artist. The main ingredients of the very complete “Hii On The Lows” are time and experience plus a few shakes of soul. I strongly advise you to catch the free download before you have to pay to play. BLKSUNCHILD is rising the springtime sun.

LINKS: Twittercuzimblk.com

Music Video: Eriiic J. – Existentialism pt. 33

The big homie Eriiic J has been working passionately and humbly towards his vision, but you should know that by now. What you might not know is that he has a new FREE tape that you can download from his Bandcamp HERE. This most recent visual offering is directed and edited by Lens Flair Carruthers, and if you can’t guess, yes it is Eriiic J keeping the talent in his own camp. The video and audio for “Existenialism pt 33” pair perfectly to illustrate the empowering, love thyself philosophy that comes standard in almost all of Eriiic J’s music.

Each new offering, each new song, album, video from Eriiic is becoming a microcosm of his entire hustle. Everything he puts his name on and releases has time invested in it to cultivate quality and is overflowing with thought and passion for his craft. Truly multifaceted, Eriiic J relies on himself to produce unique and thought-provoking art. Yes, art. The dedication to knowledge and understand, the depth of ideas and philosophies, the attention to detail, all of this contributes to the evolution of Eriiic’s music into art. It’s only a matter of time before you hear Ab-Soul and Eriiic going bar for bar on the latest Hot95 banger.


New Music: K_ALI – Free Spirits

I must say, I’m a fan of this one. I’ve played it countless times, much to the chagrin of my roommates, and I keep finding new levels to this work. K_ALI has been making moves to evolve as an artist and an enlightened being, this first single from his upcoming album Free From is a testament to that. The guitar track and optimistic vibes draw parallels to the ground-breaking 90’s group Digable Planets, without all the jazz and spoken word influences. It takes an original artist to come up with something this blindingly positive without coming across as “RARE”  or “BASED”, but K_ALI accomplishes this with ease. The third eye vision is strong with this one. ‘Free Spirits’ and the artist K_ALI deserve more shine than what’s been coming his way. The music speaks for itself. Be on the lookout for Free Form dropping sometime soon.


Music Videos: R.A. The Rugged Man – Still Get Through The Day (ft. Eamon)

R.A. The Rugged Man isn’t a household name, but he’s made his rounds and gained his clout in the hip hop community. Maybe he’s a bit too big to be considered underground, but I think this video needs to be watched. ‘Still Get Through The Day’ is heavily infused with soul, courtesy of Eamon and R.A.’s own struggles. The video is powerful and the story is heart wrenching; I can almost feel the violent twisting of my heart in my chest.  When an artist comes from a place of personal loss and tragedy it makes the art that much more touching, that much deeper. It’s easy to tell that R.A. has traveled his miles in life and carried his crosses, as painful as it is. While the stories he spins are tear-jerking, the bigger picture of the song is uplifting and laced with positive vibes. I think everyone could do well to learn from this track, myself included. If you enjoyed this song, this video, this message, be sure to take the time and cop R.A. The Rugged Man’s latest album “Legends Never Die”.


Review: AWKWORD – World View


AWKWORD has been releasing singles and promoting the release of his World View project for more than a while now with good results, but it’s the big picture that separates this LP from the pack. With this album he’s spearheading a global awareness campaign against injustice and corruption on a macro level. World View is the first 100% for-charity project of it’s kind; both in size and quality. The 19-track LP, hosted by DJBooth.net, boasts an impressive lists of features and production credits. When played from beginning to end, as intended, it is a smooth ride and AWKWORD’s vision for the project becomes clear.

The man behind the music comes across as a real patriot. A patriot that embodies the authentic American spirit with bravery and clarity. AWKWORD stands fearlessly against injustices across the board; he’s relentless in his attacks on the 1% and their corrupt, selfish practices. It’s rare to find an artist with his level of talent foregoing money and mainstream success to do right by his conscious. The world could do well to learn a thing or two from AWKWORD and his World View. Many props to this hip hop activist and his unwavering call for dignity and justice in a land that’s becoming barren of both.

From a hip hop perspective, World View is a progressive and modern project that stands on the cutting edge without sacrificing the fundamentals of quality hip hop. The production is Grade A from start to finish; the album is meant to be played from beginning to end and resonates best that way. AWKWORD’s progress has been palpable, building into the crescendo that is World View. Even purists can appreciate his polish and attention to detail. This album has become bigger than rap music. With his call for change and societal awareness AWKWORD stands head and shoulders above the rest of the underground as an artist and a revolutionary man.

LINKS: TwitterSoundcloudDJBooth awkwordrap.com

Music Video: E. Grizzly – Moore

The Philadelphia artist E. Grizzly brings this visual for his single ‘Moore’ to the forefront of the underground with precision and polish. The song comes from a place of thought, as most good art does, and has stark honesty about the dating scene in the digital generation. Even the beat echoes this sentiment. Dark and digital, it lays the framework for E. Grizzly to offer his sentiments to the masses.

‘Moore’ is directed by Ronin of RA and is the third installment of Grizzly’s “Generation A” video series. Even if this video stood on it’s own it would be heavy, but the collaboration between RA-NYC and E. Grizzly just adds more weight to an already respectable project. There are some good vibes coming from E. Grizzly and RA, I’m excited to see more from the PKG artist in the near future.


Music Video: Ganja Goons – The Theory of Relativity [Prod. Eriiic J.]

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t heard much good hip hop coming from the Carolina’s. Least of all some thought-provoking, independent, conscious rap. The Ganja Goons bring that and so much more to the table. Their production is almost always done in house by wunderkind Eriiic J., and the quality shows. These are some dudes that take their time and understand that growth isn’t instant. They’re in it for the long haul, for the art and soul of the movement.

There are a lot of crews in hip hop now, it seems that no one makes waves without the support and backing of an entire clique. Few groups come together with the cohesion and quality that the Ganja Goons do. Eriiic J and Traevon Martyr are brothers through and through, even if they don’t share a sibling bond. Their individual styles combine to create something original and daring. The sound the Ganja Goons possess pushes the envelope on thuggery and consciousness. It’s fitting that YouTube suggests Einstein video’s alongside Odd Future and Earlsweatshirt joints in the sidebar. There’s levels to this shit, and if you’re unaware then you just need to listen a couple more times. The Ganja Goons are coming up, and more importantly, they’re doing it their own way.