Interview: Just Visions LLC


For this weeks segment, I decided to show love to someone who works behind the scenes in the music industry rather than the forefront. I feel that music producers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, etc a lot of the times don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I asked myself,”Why not make this piece about someone who does it all”? I felt that Just Visions was the perfect candidate. But, instead of doing a write-up, I thought we’d all get to know Just Visions and his brand a little better in a brief Q&A. You can also checkout some of his work down below:

Q: What inspired you to pick up the camera?
A: My father took up photography as a hobby later on in life & left behind all his equipment & inspiration. So one day, I picked up his old Nikon D200 and was amazed how nice the pictures came out. A couple weeks went by, made some business cards and went to Club Living Room on South Beach when G Phill had that place on smash. I just took pictures of everyone, handed out my card, and posted them on Facebook. Next thing I know everyone was asking me, “How much”? It took off from there.

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: I mostly get inquires about photography (photo shoots, weddings, baby showers, kids events, club events) music videos, and V-logs. I don’t advertise but I also do graphic design and music production.

Q: Does Just Visions specialize in only music videos or can we expect a short film in the future?
A: I’m actually working on a featured film script to be shot in North Miami. I don’t really want to give to much away. We’re still putting the pieces together & building the right team in order to execute the vision.

Q: Where do you see Just Visions 5 years from now?
A: I hope I’m everywhere in 5 years! I would really like to expand Just Visions into a major production company based out of Miami, FL. I’d provide visual solutions from production to post production, high budget featured films, to working directly with major record labels shooting music videos.

Q: If you could summarize what Just Visions is all about in one sentence, what would it be?
A: Just Visions… It’s all on how you see it!




Fashion: Random Star Couture


This week, I thought Id change it up a bit & write a piece about fashion. I thought, who better to start this segment off than Melissa & Andrea George, founders of Random Star Couture. These two talented sisters are slowly but surely taking the fashion industry by storm.
Not only do they design original garments & accessories for males & females but they also provide hair, make-up, & tailoring services as well. I like to call them the “One Stop Shop“.They’ve worked on set with big names such as Lebron James, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Zoe Saldana, & Fashion Guru June Ambrose for the 2006 Rocawear campaign.

They also designed custom pieces for Somaya Reece & Nisha Rockstarr. With many fashion shows, photoshoots, videos, and campaigns under their belt it seems that these two sisters have tunnel vision to the top. They plan on opening their own salon by next year specializing in every aspect of beauty & plan on selling their clothing line “Random Star Couture” as well. So ladies, if you need to get glammed up for your next event make sure you hit up The George Sisters. You can thank me later.




Music Video: Monk – Hustla’s Motive

Mirror Muzik’s very own Monk brings us his latest visual for his single “Hustla’s Motive” produced by Illegal Sounds.  A song that breaks down the do’s & dont’s of hustlin’.

Can you tell me what we hustlin for?
Nigga dont you ask no fucking questions dont get comfortable
And act as if you stackin for the winter through the summer fool

The visual shows you two different points of views. The legal hustle, the illegal hustle & their outcome. I love how Monk consistently releases great music that relates to any listener. He’s lyrical, with a message but can still get everyone hype at the same time. Ive been networking with Monk and his team for a couple years now & the growth in this young mans music is AMAZING! He’ll be releasing his, as of yet, untitled album in January. I definitely recommend everyone support him & his movement. You can also checkout his interview & freestyle on Sway in the morning below.


New Music: Psymun – Lobby Music featuring K. Raydio


Twin city producer Psymun brings us his brand new single entitled Lobby Music featuring K. Raydio.This single comes from his upcoming album, SSV3 entirely produced by himself and fellow beat maker Damacha. The down tempo, soothing R&B record sends you into a state of ultimate relaxation speaking about a break-up & using alcohol to mend the pain.

I thought this record was absolutely amazing! The transition of the beat is phenomenal and stands strong as just an instrumental. Hearing K. Raydio’s vocals & content on the track though is what took it to a whole other level for me. Its made me really fall in love with the record. She speaks about someone she once adored who she’s no longer with and being one alcohol sip away from letting them back into her life. Psymun and Damacha released this project on May 2nd which only features artists from their hometown, Minneapolis. I definitely think he brings a new refreshing sound to the table. Someone who should be on everyone’s radar. We’re really looking forward to the rest of this album and any new music he may have for us in the future.

“I’m just a sip away, from letting you back in, I’m just a sip away aye, Just a sip away”


Music Video: Prez P – Need Brakes (feat. RansomNote & Nell)

Prez P brings us his third visual from his project, DreamSuceeDie, released earlier this year entitled “Need Brakes” ft @Ransomnotefym & @N3_LL. The record takes listeners on a ride through the mind of three individuals living the fast life and the struggles that come along with it.

I felt that this record was very real and intense. It explains the circumstances some have to go through in order to feed your family and yourself in such a chaotic world. The songs perspective is from those who don’t have much, moving fast to get it, and “Need Brakes” or to slow down before they get caught up. Each MC gave balance to the Black Market production bringing a certain depth to the track but keeping it raw at the same time. The MarcMyWords and UnkleLuc visual was the icing on the cake perfectly conceptualizing the record. I feel Prez P and his “Camp” bring a different sound to the Underground Miami music scene and have a lot of great music to offer. We’re def looking forward to what he does next…