Download: J. Nolan – Distinction

Tracklist J. Nolan

Consider this a proper introduction to J. Nolan. This New Haven, CT native made his way to Atlanta a few years ago where I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back. As a manager, you aren’t just a fan of the music. You become a fan of the story that comes with the artist. I won’t spoil any of this by telling you. I’m just going to say witnessing growth, as we just did with Lebron, leaves you with a tingling sensation. Woo! Distinction is the lastest full length effort from J. Nolan and its incredible. Nostalgic production equipped with a lyrical flow of a hungry emcee makes this a must download. This project was hosted by the lovely folks over at #DistinguishYourself

Distinction is available as a stream and free download via the DJ Booth hyperlink above or the deluxe edition can be purchased via Bandcamp.

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Music Video: Neak – The Kids

With all that’s going on in the world today, some of our emcees have decided to speak out on things in their lyrics. First Kanye West with his Yeezus album, and now a fellow Chicago emcee, Neak. The colorful and vivid visual depictions of Neak’s lyrics come to life courtesy of Aaron Perkins Jr of APJ Films. Rocking with his main main/partner/producer Slot-A, Neak spits that real about how impressionable our youth remain. Popping molly while busting it wide open and making it rain might be what you do, but…

What about the kids, now that they want to try it? Welcome to social awareness in 2013.

The Kids is featured on RA NYC’s  latest mixtape, BRTH A N8TH. You can download the mixtape for free here:

Neak (@neak_undefined) – The Kids

Produced by: Slot-A (@iamslota)

Video directed by: Aaron Perkins Jr. of APJ Films (@APJFilms)

New Music: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Faces On The Dollar


Producer Gensu Dean and the California microphone legend Planet Asia teamed up for the newly released Abrasions album. Here is Faces On The Dollar, the first official single from the collaboration. Let’s take it to the west coast one time and vibe to this funky greatness. The song is available for free download, support the album, on sale now.

Connect with Gensu Dean: @GensuDean | Facebook

Connect with Planet Asia: @PlanetAsia

Willie J. Jr. Featuring Tripz Traxxx- The Sickness (Download/Listen)


While Halloween is quite some time away, we’re here with a scary ode to being sick. Chicago rapper Willie J. Jr. drops off The Sickness. Featuring Tripz Traxxx, these two rappers trade frightening bars over this super trippy beat. There seems to be a Hopsin and Tech N9ne vibe while zoning off to this one. When you want to let someone know just how sick you are, this is definitely the perfect theme song.

Connect with Willie J. Jr. @WillieJJr

Hippie Sabotage: VACANTS (Download/Listen)

Hippie Sabotage - VACANTS - cover

As electronic dance music, better known as EDM, is on the rise as a global phenomena. So is the fusion of trap music and such electronic music. These two California based brothers are Hippie Sabotage. VACANTS beat tape is their fourth release. This astoundingly perfect fusion of trap and electronic tones will definitely put you in a turnt up mood. Be prepared for big bass, crazy samples, and LOUD drums. One of my favorite audio clips is definitely Flavor Flav’s “Yeaaaaaahhh booooooooooiiiiiiii!”

This dopeness is available now for stream and free download.
VACANTS by Hippie Sabotage
Connect with Hippie Sabotage: @HippieSabotage | Official Website

MeRCY- Prelud3 EP (Download/Listen)

Mercy-Prelud3 EP

Not too far from NikkiSiixx headquarters, is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Equipped with a busy rap scene, today we bring you Mercy’s long awaited third installment of the Prelude series,  Prelud3 EP. This fresh collection of eight tracks features collaborations with Ali Vegas, Skyzoo, Planet Asia and Tristate. Mercy kicks off his latest with an intro that is rich with the underground we crave, setting the tone for the EP. I personally enjoyed the joints, Neon Lights and Stratosphere. See for yourself, and prepare for The Prestige 3. Coming soon.

MeRCY - Prelud3 - PRELUD3_BackCover

Connect with Mercy: @MusicByMercy | Youtube

Download: Sincerely Yours featuring Neak & Slot-A, “Truly Understand Me”

Truly Understand Me

While musical unity seems apparent in various areas of the country, I must say I am growing to appreciate a movement that’s forming in the midwest. Chicago and its surrounding areas are buzzing with extremely dope artists and seldom do these folks get the shine they most definitely deserve. Just the other day, I tweeted my dudes Neak and Slot-A telling them that I really liked a new record they sent me. But there was a new voice, that I didn’t recognize. Allow me to introduce Sincerely Yours.

Hailing from Oak Park, IL, Sincerely Yours dropped off this crazy statement track featuring my aforementioned dynamic homie duo, Neak and Slot-A. Neak rocks the hook then laces us with the first verse, setting the tone of the story. Sincerely Yours, takes it to the next level, then Slot-A, who also produced the track, comes in with the finale. They simply hope to be truly understood. I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes.

Turn the volume up, and let this ring off. Warning, immediate two stepping may take place.

Want more where this came from? Head on over to our good friends at to download Sincerely Yours’ latest effort, the self-titled, Sincerely Yours.

Be sure to follow these folks: @Sinceninesix, @Neak_Undefined & @IAmSlotA

Nothing But The Truth: Meet The Press Edition by Fawn•Nicole

The worlds of blogging and talent discovery have certainly changed with the boom of social media, thus affecting the music industry as we know it. But, rather than complain about the current state of affairs, I’m here to offer some sound advice. It’s time to meet the press. I am Fawn•Nicole, I write for and I am an artist manager. Currently, I manage three artists, and everything I am about to write about are things that I have already done and they have worked.

Now, we’ve seen a few articles on how to “properly” reach out to online media for press coverage, and they’re jam packed with the political jargon to toot the horn of the blogger. I am writing this article for the artists, and this one is catered to hip-hop artists because helpful articles seldom cater to us. There are a few things that absolutely have to happen when you decide your music is ready to be shared with anyone that isn’t a friend or relative.

High Quality Mix/Mastering: This is simply non-negotiable. You are sending your music to people who listen to music all the time! These people have the potential to share your music with their readers, and your ultimate goal is to gain a fan from what they listen to. Regardless of whether or not the music is good, sound quality is important. The best way to look at it is this, the second you decide to share your music with the world, you’re an aspiring music professional. Your music needs to sound as such.

Be Brief: Trust me, when you’re reaching out for the first time you’ll want to include as much information as possible. It’s only natural. You’re trying to intrigue the blogger with interest so they’ll actually press play then decide to post YOUR music. I learned the hard way. While I learned to be creative within a few paragraphs, once I narrowed down the information to a few sentences, things started to look up. Simply put, you’re one out of a few hundred, if not thousands of aspiring artists bombarding these inboxes on a regular basis. They want to know who you are, where you’re from and what your music is all about. It really is that simple. If the music is dope, they will know when they hear it.

Keep In Mind, This Is A PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: Yes, this is a business transaction. As much as folks wants to abandon this principle (one reason why the genre is a mess), this is a requirement!  Use proper grammar. Spellcheck, I mean seriously… most of our machines do this for us today, do it! While slang isn’t banned, do not be profane.

In an attempt to let this sink in, and to answer any questions up to this point, I’ll save the rest for a part two to be published soon.

Tweet me, @FawnNicole with your questions, and use the #NothingButTheTruth hashtag.

Download: C.Pitt featuring Rapsody- Simple Things



Here’s some super cool dopeness for you. North Carolina representative, C. Pitt teams up with Rapsody of the 9th Wonder led, JAMLA Records for this ultra smooth jam, reflecting on the Simple Things life has to offer. Produced by Tr4ck, the melodic track flows smoother than still waters.  Rapsody leads with rhymes, then C. Pitt takes us on home with no breaks, hooks, or bridges. It’s just rap. See, Simple Things. Personally, I live for nostalgic hip-hop such as this. This jam comes to us courtesy of C. Pitt’s latest effort, aptly titled  The Pitt Stop. Check it.


You can download The Pitt Stop right HERE.

Connect with C.Pitt: Facebook | Youtube | Follow @C_Pitt on Twitter

Download: King Myers featuring Fred The Godson- We Gon’ Party


Long Island newcomer, King Myers enlists the assistance of Fred The Godson for this party anthem, We Gon’ Party. This gives me a vibe that reminds me of a back in the day Fabolous. This club ready smash should definitely be in rotation at house parties, if not small clubs in the Long Island/NYC area. I’ll sum up what they talk about, popping bottles, bagging models and partying. What is there not to love? And we have the clean version, pshhhh. King Myers is letting us know he’s here to party, and the Godson is coming with him. We can only hope a visual is in the works for this one. Press play, add this to the iPod and make sure you blast this on the way to the next party. Turn up.

Follow @RealKingMyers on Twitter.

Lyriciss – Calling For You (Feat. Chill Moody & K-Beta)

PG County, Maryland representative, Lyriciss drops off a single from his latest installment of his The Balance EP series. This one is The Balance EP: Heart.  The series is to lead up to his official debut album, The Balance. As a fan of dope production, I love how Grussle lets the sample cry for an introduction to the dopeness to follow. If I had to use word association to describe this track, authentic would be one of them. Hip-Hop is to do a few things, tell a story and empower and provide inspiration to persevere through a struggle. Lyriciss, along with the assistance of Chill Moody and K-Beta, does just that on this highlighted track. I hope this will inspire you to check out the EP, and if so back track a bit and peep the entire series. Stream the joint below.

Download The Balance EP: Heart via the lovely folks over at  HERE

Connect with Lyriciss: @Lyriciss on Twitter | | Facebook | Youtube | Tumblr

Jazzy Jah – Anti Freeze Freestyle (Video)

Jazzy Jah has arrived to with a freestyle visual Anti Freeze. This is his version of the jam originally from the totally dope Pac Div. I’m not really a super fan of freestyles, as they definitely have a shorter shelf life. But this one made me want to turn up, that’s why its here. Jazzy Jah is a Queens,NY native now rocking with the Miami underground scene. We are looking forward to more from the fashionably forward emcee.

Soarse Spoken: Starve The Hunger (Mixtape)


Monday is here again and we are very happy to feature one of Miami’s own, Soarse Spoken. After a rather lengthy hiatus, Soarse is back in a major way with a pretty major tape. Lacing us with a very fresh, yet nostalgic feel, Starve The Hunger proves to be more than just an indie mixtape. It’s a statement. Teaming up with DJ Sharpsound for production, this seventeen track offering gives you a nice variety of the partying, art basels and the grind of life in general.

Joining Soarse Spoken on Starve The Hunger are:  Homeboy Sandman, Fat Tony, Philly DJ, Jasmine Solano, Bernz & Wrekonize from ¡Mayday!, J. NICS, Dynas and more.

One of my favorite tracks is the title track which features Fat Tony, Homeboy Sandman and Punch3nello. Starve the Hunger definitely has jams on deck. Another stand out track is, Thieves In The Room. Featuring ¡Mayday!, this track gives room for the storytelling emcees to trade bars about their aspirations and ambitions.

“A lot of people choose security over their passions, but I didn’t want to make that choice anymore,” said Soarse Spoken. “I wanted to make the choice of being creative and pursue my dreams. I don’t see any other option for me.” – Soarse Spoken

Equipped with storied bars, boombap inspired productions and a couple skits in which I found entertaining, and down right hilarious at times. I would definitely deem Starve The Hunger worthy of iPod rotation. Keep it locked right here for more music from Soarse Spoken.

Download Starve The Hunger for free:

Connect with Soarse Spoken: @SoarseSpoken on Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook


Ohini Jonez- The Prelude Fre(EP)



Birthdays are cool, many would agree gifts are even better. Mr. August 26th, aka Ohini Jonez took his special day to give us The Prelude. A brief seven tracks, all self-produced, includes a remix to his birthday song. There is one emcee featured on this and its none other than his brother from another mother, Ray Dawn aka our favorite law school drop out. We’d like to officially introduce Ohini Jonez of the Ingenious Bandits.

Ohini Jonez is a producer-emcee hailing from Brunswick, GA. Determined to let the world know real art has no boundaries, he along with his crew Ingenious Bandits plan to show the world what happens when hip-hop meets super saiyan smart kids.

Despite a bit of a break to regroup, Ohini’s been rather silent, until recently throwing himself  back into production. Though his southern rap inspirations are evident, his progressive sound combined with strong lyrical content and delivery is all the reassurance a returning producer-emcee can hope for.

Stream/Download The Prelude:

Connect with Ohini Jonez: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

New Music from Detroit: Mahd – Back At It (Video)

Detroit native, Mahd is making his NikkiSiixx debut with video for his latest, Back At It. Hard at work preparing for the release of his debut EP, he gets wavy over the 50 Cent’s “Off and On”. It’s official, we can’t to see what he has in store for us when he drops the EP, later this fall. Shouts to the super randomness at the end! Click the photo to download the track. Watch the video below.

Connect with Mahd: Official Website

New Music: Prote-J Featuring Ghostwridah- All of The Lies

When life hands you lemons, you can stare at them perplexed, or make some sweet ass lemonade and enjoy it. Prote-J is a emcee-producer-instrumentalist who will not be derailed from his aspirations no matter what happens. Orlando has been home for a while now, but he reps his home island on the other side of the globe, Papua New Guinea. Recently dropping Me.Verses.Time, his third independent free album, this time he links with one of Florida’s favorites, Mr. Live Your Future Everyday, Ghostwridah. Manhandling the boards, Prote-J flexes producer muscle by reworking Kanye’s All of The Lights. However,  All of The Lies is a testament to the bullshit that comes along with coming up through the ranks as a artist working toward the bright lights. Both emcees share stories about their individual journeys. A fan of both artists, I am hoping a visual for this is in the works. What up Ghost!

Hit the artwork to download Me.Verses.Time. The album.

Connect with Prote-J: Twitter | Official Website | Facebook

Connect with Ghostwridah: Twitter | Official Website  | Facebook

Video: Neak- Schemin’

Releasing visual after visual, Neak lands here with the sixth visual from his absolutely stunning Love Greater// The Prequel album presented by, Prefix Magazine and Earmilk. The name of this song is Schemin’ and was produced by Slot-A. The video is directed by Aaron Perkins, Jr. Stay tuned, plenty more on the way from one of the hardest working emcees around.

Download Love Greater//The Prequel here

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New Music: DJ Burn One Presents: K.L.U.B. Monsta- Seperate But Sequel (Mixtape)

Funky, soulful, thought provoking jams. Ten of them to be exact make this tape exactly what it is. Dope. Every now and then I’ll reach out to the land of Twitter for new music and the hip-hop collective hailing from Birmingham, AL responded to the call with their latest tape. Collaborating with the very dope DJ Burn One, who also provided production, this is sure to uplift and make you groove. I appreciate good music, check it.



Bonus! Video: Playing to Our Strengths

Connect with K.L.U.B. Monsta: Official Website | Twitter | Tumblr