[AUDIO] Trish – Tropical Exotic (Prod. 5Piece & SLWJMZ)

Seems like every day an artist is emerging north of the border, and Trish just may be the next one to blaze a trail of her own from the cold streets of Toronto, Canada with her latest single “Tropical Exotic”. The song is as smooth as it gets and the spacey, lush production from upcoming producers 5PiECE and SLWJMZ works perfectly with lovely vocals Trish provides as she takes listeners on a ride of desire. She may be new to most listeners but with her talent the sky is the limit. “Tropical Exotic” looks to be the first offering from her upcoming project 2 22 EP. Keep your eyes (and ears) on this young songstress.



[MUSIC VIDEO] C.I.T.Y. – Monv Lisv featuring Dave East

C.I.T.Y. (Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Young-Mind) presents a visual for his latest offering “Monv Lisv”. The record has C.I.T.Y delivering solid bars with his southern tone, explaining his vision and appreciating the beauty of it. The director (Kojo Films) uses the street of New York City as a back drop for C.I.T.Y to paint his picture. Adding to the track is New York’s own promising artist Dave East, who has risen to the top of the local music scene and appears to be destined for stardom under the tutelage of NAS. Be sure to follow both artist as they continue to release quality music.



Music Video: Rainbow Noise – All My

rainbow noiseCEE SMITH and STUD PHAME are just a couple members of RAINBOW NOISE, and their movement has been breaking barriers and conventional marketing since their label (under the same name) was established in 2010. Rainbow Noise Entertainment (RNE) has risen to be among the most notable LGBTQ entertainment groups in the nation and has solidified itself as the leading LGBTQ hip-hop collective. The visual for one of their more recent releases “All My” has the above mentioned duo trading bars on some solid production. The song will appear on the group’s upcoming project Loud Noise. [LINKS] INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD ||


New Music: Price – Visa

With all the music glorifying the “trap” and its associated daily activities, one may forget that the despair of being in it is very real and every person is looking for a way out. For Toronto up and comer PRICE, a passport and visa symbolizes the escape that he is searching for.

In his words, “I wrote this record with a lot of things in mind. Where I’m at right now in Toronto is a war zone in its own right and being born in a country that refugees are trying to find safety in drew a clear picture for me. price-toronto Regardless of my passport, I share an understanding with these people,” he says. “Though our stories are incomparable in severity, they do share a synergy. All I ever needed was a visa to get me out of the Grove – moving back to Toronto showed me how important that was.” The central theme of the track is expansion and growth, Price uses a visa as the tool to accomplish both. The track was produced by RUNWAY and was the first single off of his EP Departure that was released last December.



Audio: Flex – One Night

Flex is an unknown to most, but just one listen to his new single “One Night” will imply otherwise. His flow on the smooth and rhythmic Ill Music Ent produced beat is comfortable and in pocket enough to suggest his sound could seamlessly be woven into playlists and radio rotations. Flexing seems to be this artist’s specialty, as he makes sure his company for the night knows that he only needs one night to leave his mark on her. Representing Long Island, Flex hopes to add to the Hip-Hop scene of his area with songs like “One Night” as a solid contribution to it.



Event Recap: Listening Session For Psychotic (11/07/2015)

IMG_0475Last week, myself and a good friend Elisha Gomez attended a listening session for a local artist named Psychotic. The event took place in Manhattan lot lounge walking distance from Madison Square Garden. The party was intimate; all together there was no more than 25-30 people in attendance (majority of who were close friends and family with the artist). At the event for media coverage there was me representing NikkiSiixx and a contributor for Buzzfeed. This was fine with me since I was able to get an exclusive look at talented artist before the masses (potentially) does.

After giving the party goers a couple hours to enjoy the free drinks (provided by Kerby Kups) and music, the man of the night came out and started performing cuts from the recently released mixtape titled Here’s My Resume. I watched as the majority of the crowd rapped along with him word for word, thanks to them I was able to follow the lyrics (the sound wasn’t great from the equipment). Of course I wanted to listen with an open ear, and I enjoyed each song more than the last one.

After the performance was over, I was able to use my blog privileges to converse with Psychotic. Here are a few takeaways from our conversation.
• He has been rapping since he was eight years old, didn’t write a rap until he was 14 years old.
• Formally used the name Champ E, Sinister, Psychotic Rapper before finally settling on Psychotic.
• He knows his sound doesn’t match his name, he doesn’t mind it.
• Very confident, believes he’s versatile enough to satisfy any music lover.
• In ten years, he sees himself being a star in every sense.
• Believes that the most important actors in reaching success is having a strong self-discipline and believing in yourself no matter what.

All things considered, I feel that the event was a small gathering of people who believe in the talent of a young man with the work ethic to take him places, beautiful sight to see really as no matter what happens, I feel those people will still be with Psychotic wherever he is ten years from now.



Music Video: Zeeke- The Stick Up Pt. 2

SXSW2015_WealthySoul_3Zeeke is an artist from the suburbs of northern Illinois and has a visual for his single “The Stick Up Pt 2”, which will appear on his upcoming mixtape Better With Time. The video follows Zeeke around what appears to be Chicago. From scene to scene Zeeke is kicking some knowledge through his flows hoping that something he says strikes a chord with his listeners. Zeeke is a raw talent that should grow and mature as he continues to release music, and he believes no matter what happens that he will prevail in the end. [LINKS] FACEBOOK || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || INSTAGRAM ||


Audio: The Flavr Blue – Oxygen featuring Jarell Perry

This song made my ears rise as soon as the beat dropped. Representing Seattle, The Flavr Blue has been working hard on they’re highly anticipated EP titled The Love Notes and has recruited Jarell Perry, to bless your earlobes with their smooth rhythmic single “Oxygen”. The group is led by singer Hollis Wong­-Wear, whose voice graced the Billboard Top 20 hit “White Walls” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. With him are a talented pair of singers/producers Lace Cadence and Parker Joe, each with a litany of Seattle hip ­hop and R&B releases under their belts. The eclectic sound is nothing new for the rising group, as they started recording like most independent artist do, in a tiny bedroom. Their sound is universal and has translated to wild live shows with fans as diverse as the sound that brings them all together. Make sure to follow this dope group as they get ready to blow up with the release of The Love Notes and a nationwide tour for 2016.



Music Video: Stro – Mighty Healthy 16

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.52.00 PMStro has been a familiar figure in the hip-hop blogosphere for years now. Don’t let the young age fool you, Stro is as good a flow smith you’ll hear in 2015 and he brings a visual for his song “Mighty Healthy 16” to keep your eyes busy while your ears cruise. The video continues the love story between Stro and Krystal Bannatyne, who appeared in his video for “Ghetto Girls”. Stro is representing his hometown of Brooklyn as usual, and at the laundry mat he invites his love interest to a house party later that day. Throughout the video Stro reminds the listener of the skills that has made him the force to be reckoned with on the mic. Though he has been on talked of most recently for his Hot 97 interview where himself and the host Ebro debate over New York radio and it’s lack of support for local artist, Stro would prefer to let the music talk. I personally would prefer to listen to “Mighty Healthy 16” as well.



Audio: Pyramid Scheme & Ying Yang Twins – Thundercat

Last decade’s favorite southern set of twins are back with help from an EDM production team that shares the same hometown. The Ying Yang Twins and Pyramid Scheme bring you their new collab titled “Thundercat”. This would have been a groundbreaking collaboration a few years ago, but in 2015 a Hip-Hop/EDM pairing has become less of a surprise but entertaining none the less. The twins don’t veer from the style that made them famous, complementing the Pyramid Scheme’s up-tempo, thunderous EDM production very well throughout the track. I must say, it feels good to hear the duo again, so if you feel like you need a jolt of EDM-Crunk in your system then this is the record for you.

Follow Pyramid Scheme: SOUNDCLOUD || FACEBOOK || TWITTER ||
Follow Ying Yang Twins: FACEBOOK || TWITTER ||


Audio: Boss China – Betrayal Featuring J Marie

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 7.16.09 PMBrooklyn is always going to be a hotbed for rappers. Any block that you are walking on more than likely houses enough rappers to fill your iPod with, however one female rapper in particular is showing the potential of a stand out artist. Boss China has been compared to female rap legends such as Eve and Foxy brown for the “Beauty and Barz” style she represents. On her latest offering “Betrayal”, she shows that she can be vulnerable, yet strong enough to persevere. The track features a talented singer in J Marie on the chorus and she brings the feeling that could make this song an anthem for broken hearts everywhere. The song was produced by an in-house producer of the #718Headquarterz named oochiewally. “Betrayal” will appear on China’s upcoming mixtape Split Personality.



Music Video : Loyal Duce feat. Fameschool Telli – Finesse

unnamedThis new visual from Loyal Duce featuring the homie Fameschool Telli is the video for you if you are looking for a quick dose of finesse in your system. Representing Bed-Stuy, Loyal Duce is using his city for a back drop as well as his playground. Money, women, drinks, drugs are the tools of use you’ll see throughout the video as from shot to shot the finesse’n taking place never lacks. If you’re not too distracted by the party favors, you may notice a couple cameos such as Manolo Rose (Run Ricky Run) and another towards the video’s conclusion that I’ll let you find for yourself. With the backing of Fools Gold and his affiliations of the Fame School/ Concrete Rose camps, Loyal Duce could be a name we have to get used to seeing. If he keeps the finesse up, it’ll be great to watch. [LINKS] SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Audio: Doe Wright – Get Right

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.55.31 PMDoe Wright is a talented artist/producer coming out of Detroit with a new infectious single, and you can’t go wrong listening to “Get Right” right now. This track will have you grooving as soon as the beat (produced by Wright along with Andrew Morrison and Max Flex) enters your ears. Wright blesses the track with an effortless flow and nice tone to set the mood just “Wright” for the lady he’s telling to “not be shy”. Throughout the song Wright tells the lady he’s trying to enamor that she only needs him to “get right” and not the typical party favors of drugs and alcohol. The end of the song slows down and lets him get a little more personal, similar to Drake’s “0 to 100/The Catch Up”. Signed to FlightHouse records, Wright seems to have the team that will give his upcoming album titled Earth Tones the proper roll out and exposure it deserves. Stay tuned for more from this talented artist as he enters our speakers one party at a time.



Music Video: Solution – ROSE in the Rubble

Over the past couple of years we have seen an outbreak of Chicago rappers becoming household names in the world of Hip-Hop. Artist ranging from Chief Keef to Chance The Rapper turned their local buzz to worldwide appeal and this Chicago based emcee believes his time is now. Solution dropped his first visual for his upcoming EP due for release early this fall (no title as of now). The visual is for the track titled “ROSE in the Rubble” and the imagery stays true to the title, showing Solution holding a red rose in a world of black and white, portraying himself in the surroundings that he grew up on within the Southside of Chicago. Be on the lookout for this artist who has the talent and the spotlight on his city to his advantage.



Audio: Scotch Wonder -80’s Movie

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.00.54 PMHere is a rapper with an unorthodox flow but impressive all the same. Maneuvering his way through the beat, Scotch Wonder keeps the listener on their toes, as you never can find a pattern of flows, schemes, and cadences. The only constant in his track ‘80’s Movie” are the braggadocios lyrics on top of the solid self-production of the record. The song is a clever concept in of itself, referencing classic well known movies from the 80’s such as Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, New Jack City starring Wesley Snipes, Scarface starring Al Pacino and more. As a 21 year old rapper, producer, and visual designer, the potential is great for Scotch and his already impressive talents will only evolve and grow. Miami Gardens, Florida is just the beginning for Scotch Wonder. [LINKS] SOUNDCLOUD || TUMBLR ||


Audio: NoMBe – “Miss Mirage”

NoMBeIt is hard to clearly define the genre that NoMBe fits into, on his latest track “Miss Mirage”, he doesn’t make that task any easier but he pleases the ears nonetheless and that’s all that matters when you are making music. NoMBe is an artist in every sense of the word, producing, writing, mixing and mastering his latest soulful offering into the blogesphere. With a unique combination of electro soul, old school hip-hop and indie/pop, NoMBe will surely separate himself from the rest of your playlist with his sound. “Miss Mirage” is a smooth ride with enough up’s and down’s to keep you guessing while also enjoying the ride. The song has been featured on notable outlets such as HillyDilly and Billboard and with over 180,000 plays on Soundcloud it has grown and will probably continue to spread across the world. NoMBe is planning to release an EP titled Mood Indigo later this year, but for now listen to “Miss Mirage” on Soundcloud and enjoy the ride! [LINKS] WEBSITE || SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || FACEBOOK ||


Music Video: Trent Crews – Greedy Love

trent crewsThere is an R&B singer who calls Columbus, Ohio home with a hot new video for his summer record “Greedy Love”. Trent Crews is the name, and he isn’t bashful about “wanting it all” from his lover. Walking the streets of New York, Trent sees what he wants and takes it while he serenades his lady listeners. Times Square, Chinatown, and other dope locations provide the back drop and the choreography with his background dancers are on point. The video adds to his steady collection of quality visuals his latest leads the way for his EP which is expected to make its way to retailers in September! Trent Crews seems to be on his way to the top, and I wouldn’t bet against someone who “wants it all”.



Audio: Ethan Bence – I’ll Tell Ya

ethanbencePittsburgh, PA is the home of an artist with something to tell you, with a distinctive voice and the writing skills to make you want to listen. Ethan Bence is a business student at Carnegie Mellon University and his latest offering from is upcoming project Outspoken Introvert EP, “I’ll Tell Ya” will have your head bobbing almost instantly. The Nu Vintage Beat opens with a jazz sample that sets the overall feel of the record on a dope note. The boom-bap style beat and tempo complements Ethan Bence’s skills when it comes to crafting flows with witty lyricism. While the hooks may be what gets stuck in your head, the verses will keep you listening each time you put your headphones on. Ethan knows that he doesn’t embody the typical rap image and he plans to address that throughout Outspoken Introvert EP which was released on July 12th. You can also watch his visual for his single I’ll Tell Ya: