[BEAT TAPE REVIEW] Scott Verity – Committed To Consistency

[VERMONT] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Scout Verity a talented producer and creative. He’s bringing us today his beat tape Committed to Consistency. The three beat EP bringing you a mix of South and East Coast vibes. Not only does Scout Verity make some sweet beats, he is also a creative. By creating his own video blog series ‘What About Scout?’. You get a glimpse into his rural small-town lifestyle. And how he pursues his career to becoming a full-time producer and creating beats for his catalog. Scott Verity is dedicated to his journey and will be releasing a weekly offering from a visual to his blog and a beat tape to go with it. Expect the new-new every Friday. Take a look at Episode One: (This episode also inspired Committed to Consistency)

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-12-22-15-pm[MEAL TICKET] One thing I really like about this beat, is giving me the sense of old school O-Town vibes. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. I can see the likes of Curren$y rapping to this. This beat definitely has some good vibrations on this.

[TWO FORTY-ONE AM] This beat for some reason reminds me of the Dave Chapelle show. When he’ll walk out on stage… The beat provides those night time vibes, I can see Wiz Khalifa rapping to this one. I really like the sound of flute, gives it a bit of foreign style to it.

[WEAKEST LINK] This beat comes with the heavy bass and soft tones. It’s a beat thats bit on the slow paced. I found it hard to pick up who would fit great with this beat, but that doesn’t mean this beat wouldn’t fit anyone.

Committed to Consistency is available for download at www.scoutveritybeats.com/freebeattape. This concludes my review on Scott Verity’s Committed to Consistency Beat Tape. What would be your favorite beat off this beat tape? For me, my favorite has to be MEAL TICKET. If you’re liking what you’re hearing and interested in working with Scott Verity make sure you link up with him by following all his social media links below:

Twitter: @Scout_Verity
Instagram: @ScoutVerity
SnapChat: @ScoutVerity
Facebook: Scout Verity
Youtube: Scout Verity


Beat Tape: SgBlk – huez

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] For an artist it might be difficult to obtain your own beats to bring your words to life. So you gotta take matters into your own hands. For Sage BLOke, better known as SgBlk has embrace the production side to music and has created a beat tape entitled huez. The six track beat tape is definitely a piece of art. The vibes of the project presents itself, like the sounds are painting a vivid picture with various colors.

sgBLk sage bloke According to SgBLk “This project takes on the concept that music infects emotions, but in fact it can provide a gateway to images that normally can’t be seen in everyday life. Colors and music go hand and hand; they both express moods and give a sense of individuality“. He also added a sampled voice that makes his way through the tape and it really fits in, he says some pretty enlightening stuff. As vivid hue sounds it can keep your attention through it’s 11 minute 45 second journey of SgBLk perception of huez through sound.



BEAT TAPE: $outhern – Beats 4 Le$

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Transitioning from rapping to producer, $outhern brings us his debut Beat Tape called Beats 4 Le$. Inspired by the JetLife movement, $outhern produced these beats geared toward for use by artist Le$. In hopes of getting his attention by having his tape online and promoted through media outlets. We just have to wait and see if Le$ takes this. Beats 4 Le$ is meant to showcase the immaculate versatility of a very skilled southern artist, and provide Le$ with the ideal, smooth sounds he’s looking for. This is his short demo tape consisted with eight amazing beats. $outhern’s goal was to provide a style that blends well.



Beat Tape: Xia-Dawn | pisces.

xia_dawn[MIAMI, FLORIDA] MC/Producer Xia-Dawn released his second beat tape/instrumental project titled pisces. I love the overall jazzy hip-hop vibe of pisces.. Xia-Dawn was able to capture the feeling of a fleeing summer, and the chain between the mood and the tides. Very soulful, indeed. I feel the soulfulness of some of these tracks provides a story of life is love. Xia-Dawn has poured a lot of his heart and emotions into pisces. Favorite beats off this instrumental tape are Amnesia1, Say You’ll Love Me (And I Know You’re Lying), I’ll Always Miss Your Love [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || TUMBLR


Beat Tape: Jay Prod – (D)edicated Forever EP

10402894_732199483536829_3263188589098369089_n[MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA] For being 16, Jay Prod showcases some serious skills in production with his (D)edicated Forever EP. For the love of music, Jay Prod embraces it by creating the sound.. putting together a mixture of Soul and Jazz that were created from just how he was feeling. Eight really well produced beats and loops. If interested in working with Jay Prod you should most definitely hit him up through social media, this kid is ready to work. Don’t believe me? He already has another EP released entitled Lovely Vibes. [LINKS] TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD

Beat Tape: Schedule One – Existence (Instrumentals)


Check out 17 year old producer Schedule One with his exclusive multi-genre project featuring 10 hard hitting beats plus 5 bonus EDM tracks titled Existence Instrumentals. Schedule One has that Trap/Club feel to it. With them killer 808s! Definitely can see these tracks getting picked up by any artist. Existence features co-producers include Dizzy Wright’s Sub-Zer0 and South African producer Paapi Musik.

TRAP MUSIC incorporates a extensive use of multi-layered hard-lined and melodic synthesizers, crisp, grimy and rhythmic snares, deep 808 sub-bass kick drums, pitched down vocals, double-time, triple-time and similarly divided hi-hats, and a cinematic and symphonic utilization of string and keyboard instruments creating an overall dark, harsh, grim and bleak background feeling for the listener

IG: OfficialScheduleOne
Twitter: Schedule1Beats
Soundcloud: Schedule_1

#SmaktastikReview: Day X Presents 7: The Complete Beat Tape Collection

Whaddup Nikkiisiixxers!! Pedro here comin’ at you live and direct from the Miami streets! Literally…I’m writing this review in my car, on the road, and balls deep in that Miami 5 o’clock traffic.

So why not calm myself down with some music and write this review on my phone. I urge you all to try it. It’s perfectly safe. I text and drive all the time whilst blasting music in my car.

As I scroll through my email looking at these music review submissions, I see there’s a beat tape. I’m like “I feel like listening to a beat tape”. So I do…and here we are…jammin’ to some Day X beats!! Day X may have prevented a suicide in traffic today with his beat tape. Be proud man.

Day X has released his latest tape called “7”.  A project consisting of 21 beats with the duel intention of revealing the story of Day’s life and speaking to everyone who listens. There’s a mixture of jazz, electronic/synthpop and all kinds of Hip-Hop. Although there’s a variety here, this tape’s for the Hip-Hoppers. 90% of the beats are Hip Hop. Whether you like Boom Bap, South, 90s etc. there’s something here that’ll make you nod your head before you even realize it.

The production on the beat tape is very good. Day X is definitely a talented producer and like I said before, there’s something here for everybody. However, it’s extremely hard to keep the attention of the listener through 21 songs. Especially if they’re not a like-minded producer or composer. For the average listener who’s used to listening to music with vocals in them, it will probably be a little difficult to stay tuned in.

If you were to judge each beat individually, you would be crazy not to deem each a solid production. However, when looking at the project as a whole you notice by track 15 or 16 you get a bit ear fatigued. The samples are all amazing and on point but there’s not enough distinction in the drum patterns and overall mood of each track. Towards the end, I couldn’t discern one Southern drum pattern from the other, or likewise for the other sub genres of Hip-Hop. Even though there were other genres on the tape, there wasn’t enough to add change of pace or feeling to the project.

With all that being said though, I can’t take away from the brilliance and creativity put into Day X’s productions. You could literally hear how much of himself he put into each beat. If you’re an artist, I urge you to hit this producer up and cop a few beats for your next project. If you’re a producer, hit this producer up and give him some props. In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are. You should listen to what this producer has in his arsenal. You’re welcome.

Since there aren’t any verses in this project lol…I decided to hit you with that …

Smaktastik Beat!!

Track 3 – Your Everything 




Instrumental EP: ChristinΞ – Betty “Moe” Trezza


I would like to introduce ChristinΞ, a female producer from Miami. Who set out six months ago. On a journey to set sail on her dreams in finding herself. During this ChristinΞ went through depths of inspiration and solitary understanding. Relocated from Miami to Brooklyn, New York. Gaining so much with her experiences in a new city, ChristinΞ felt the best way to express her story was through her debut instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza. This five track EP is set to set the mood for you to create!

I love her experimentation with sounds, vibes, and you can feel the music. My favorite tracks off her Instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza would be FLYING, INVISIBLE SUNSHINE, and INFINITE SPACE.

“Hi, Betty “Moe” Trezza.”
I remember looking up once. I felt something I had never felt before. I think that for the first time in my life, I was Inspired by consistency. ‘Betty “Moe” Trezza’ manifested days after. artworks-000067792026-ebr2r5-t500x500I may never have a clear explanation as to why I decided to name my first instrumental project after my memory, but I can only hope once you’ve gotten lost in my progression, you understand. Feelings.
As an artist, writer, lover, daughter, friend; and through the frequencies of my (heart) beats, I wish you find yourself in love. My love is yours. I’m here for you, always. Thank you for your time.

Stay vibrant —Christine

PLEASE BE ADVISED: “These beats were created to help meditate. They were not created to be written over. They were created to inspire your writing. As is, close your eyes; Let’s get lost in the cosmos.”


Instrumental LP: Wishlade – You Don’t Care A Bit

you don't care a bit
This nostalgic trip South Florida Producer Wishlade takes us on through the You Don’t Care A Bit Instrumental LP. Just listening to the production alone was a journey of it’s own. Only can imagine what a talented artists can do with this. The title of this LP really puts you in that state of mind when you’re listening. Experience You Don’t Care A Bit by pressing PLAY!

For this album, I wanted to step out the shadows of the vocal artist and tell my own story through soundscapes & crazy drums. imageI feel like I needed to have full creative control and make something I felt proud of. The premise of the album is purity. Staying true to yourself and your art despite the distractions, vanity, and influences that tell you to run the rat race or put anything but the love of the culture at the forefront.

EMAIL: wishladeproductions@gmail.com / twitter.com/wishlade_ / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Beat Tape: IAMNOBODI – Elevated (Soulection) – Instrumental EP


From overseas, to be exact straight outta Düsseldorf/Germany. Producer IAMNOBODI released a ten track instrumental EP titled Elevated (Soulection). His music just rides out with a smooth up tempo beat. He takes us on a psychedelic trip. The beat Bubble Bath Dreams definitely has that R&B Soul to it. IAMNOBODI is diverse with his music, it demonstrates well on the EP.

If interested in working with IAMNOBODI you should look into his links below for the latest updates.


Beat Tape: Messy Beatz – Shocked Phuture Vol. 1


Check out the latest beat tape from producer Messy Beatz with Shocked Phuture Vol. 1 His official second release for 2013. These 7 beats go hard with Trap/EDM style that Messy Beatz brings out. Having hard kicks, quick snappy snares, and fast hi hats! I can see this definitely bringing inspiration to artists who would want to write to these beats. The presence of the track is some type of a dark trance, that will keep the listener hypnotize.

Equipment / Weapons Of Choice:
Logic 9, Akai MPC Ren, M-Audio Oxygen Midi Keyboard, Plug-ins, Turntable and stacks of vinyl.

Messy Beatz has been featured on NikkiSiixx.com before. With another beat tape titled Donkey Kong Project. You gotta check it out! A little bit about Messy Beatz, he was born and raised in South London, and has been influenced by Motown, Soul, Hip Hop & Dance / Club classics while growing up.