Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – “Kenny Loften” In Studio

photo(1)Charlie Domino takes us in the studio for his Kenny Loften freestyle. While chilling with the other members of The Los3rz, a hip-hop group that Charlie Domino is apart of. Living in NY and the rest of the group in Atlanta, Charlie decided to release his first solo mixtape project hosted by Mr. Pay Attention. This mixtape shows Charlie Domino’s going to be one of the hottest mixtapes of this summer called Slay Dat Beat Vol. 1. Charlie Domino discusses how working on making things happen in his career and managing a relationship. The difficulties in managing both. But you know Charlie gets through it since he stays working. Follow up with Charlie by his social media links : @Charlie_domino || YOUTUBE || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM


Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – Affirmative Action

For this Freestyle Friday Charlie Domino brings us another dope one. With Affirmitive Action; Harlem Native Charlie expresses the hustles of being an upcoming hip-hop artist. Working to get his name acknowledge and trying to keep his life in tack. Charlie Domino’s flow on this track is on point, and it shows Charlie can take on any beat. Press Play and enjoy Charlie Domino’s Freestyle for this Friday. Stay tuned for future freestyles & project Domino3ffect.



Freestyle Friday: Charlie Domino – 50 Young Niggaz

Upper West Side Harlem Artist Charlie Domino added with a dash of southern hospitality by living in Atlanta. Everyone has to deal with the struggles in life, but currently being a young black man has been extremely difficult. Due to high numbers of Police Brutality against them and feeling their backs up against the wall. Charlie Domino expresses his pain, love, and his stories throughout his music. This Freestyle Friday track we’re featuring is 50 YOUNG NIGGAZ by Charlie Domino. Currently, Charlie is in the works on his upcoming mixtape DominoEffect. Be on the look out for more music by Charlie Domino.

Talk to the mind, heart, and soul. Music Not always to turn up to, but to feel, smile, understand, relate to the struggle.


Freestyle Friday: Art Morera – Cali Dro

Tonight’s FREESTYLE FRIDAY feature is Miami Artist Art Morera freestyle CALI DRO over Ab-Soul’s “Black Lip Bastard (Remix). After releasing his debut album Around Midnight, releasing two visuals LOUD and BILLBOARD. Art Morera stays busy. Take a listen and ride out with Art Morera on this one. Be on the look out for some new stuff dropping soon.


Freestyle Friday: Rippa Da Kid- Draft Day

Rippa Da Kid of Miami, FL dropped off a freestyle over Drake’s “Draft Day” that packs some nice wordplay. He starts his first verse by saying “I’m so live like I would never die” which was a great attention grabber. He comes with some crazy punch lines like “Brought my dogs with me, these haters wishing to euthanize”. Continues throughout the entire first verse dropping quotable gems. The second verse comes with even more energy as he speeds up the flow. He’s mentions that he raps to save the art form.  After styling through the second verse he ends by saying he’s going to let  Lauryn take the wheel since the track samples Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing”. Check out the track after the jump and feel free to leave comments.

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Freestyle Friday: FloKid- Midnight Marauder

A while back we posted the track “Midnight Marauder” that North Miami Beach’s prodigy, FloKid, did over the song by Logic of the same name. Today he has graced us with a visual that is as smooth as the delivery he used on the track. He truly shows of Miami as you see him cruising the city which he calls home. Along with that he stands in the street kicking lyrics to the camera like a ninja in a strapback and rocksmith sweats. The video was a great representation of the subject matter of a young man that’s representing where he’s from while working his way to put his mother in a better position. Check it out below.

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Freestyle Friday: Ray Dawn – The Bar Exam Episode 1

The Bar Exam EP 1

Pittsburgh’s Ray Dawn decided to flex his freestyle muscles on episode 1 of his summer freestyle series The Bar Exam. On this episode he raps his way through Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Board”, Action Bronson’s “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” and Mac Miller’s “S.D.S”. beats. He does a great job on keeping a steady flow throughout the beat progressions. His delivery was impressive especially on “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” when he starts off by saying “Bronson couldn’t say it but this is strictly for my niggas”. DJ Nugget did a great job blending the tracks on the tracks together. I’m looking forward to hearing the next installments of The Bar Exam.


Freestyle Friday: Jeff Stones- Dreams Money Can Buy


Miami’s own Jeff Stones decided to deliver a freestyle over the beat of Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy”. He speaks on realistic topics throughout the track like how men will spend money that we truthfully don’t have trying to impress women that we honestly don’t need. He also speaks on what’s going on love in this generation. Jeff along with other things spoke on his steps to becoming a man. Not only is the message in the lyrics strong but he also has a delivery that is impressive. His delivery consist of singing like rhyme similar to that of what Bone Thugs did. The fact that this is a freestyle made me check out some of his written joints because he was very articulate on his freestyle.

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Freestyle Friday: K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz- Basquiat Bars Freestyle


When I saw the title of this song I automatically thought this must be a dope song with plenty of visual filled bars. Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of the first graffiti artists to transition into having artwork in gallery so by his name being used in the title this song had to be great. K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz certainly did not disappoint as they trade bars about their own form of art. K.ris put his bars together in a strategic matter like a rubix cube.

My favorite part of his verse was “flipping birds like magic, you fucking with David Blaine”. I pictured Magic Johnson and Larry Bird going at it in the 1980s, David Blaine doing a trick with birds and a witty way of saying he distributes kilos of coke. Street Inkz came with a mission starting his verse by saying “Lyric Picasso, paint pictures, my flow is art”. He continued touching on everything from how he was crafted into rhymer he is to the current molly epidemic.

They also made a video that is just as suiting as the song itself. Check it out below:

Connect with K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz online: KrisRapsBetterKrisRapsBetter.bandcamp.comVMSMusicreverbnation.com/vmsmusic

Freestyle Friday: Flo Kid- Unorthodox

flokid unorthodox

Miami’s lyrical child Flo Kid returns with a freestyle over the Joey Badass “Unorthodox” track. He expresses his thoughts, frustrations and current state of mind through witty punchlines and double entendres. The thing that stuck out the most was “going through cycles, them teachers they didn’t teach us/they us like we’re creatures,prison system meant to keep us”. Flo Kid continues to strengthen his writing techniques and delivery. Check out the freestyle below and leave comments 

Freestyle Friday: Art Morera – Amsterdam

Check out Art Morera’s freestyle over Rick Ross’ Amsterdam. I find his rendition to fit perfectly with the production. The video takes place with Art getting home and lighting it up! Listen up to what he has to say. Dope!

To hear Art’s music check it out on his BANDCAMP & don’t forget to follow him on TWITTER.

Directed & Shot by: @NikkiSiixx
Edited by: FLSP