[MUSIC VIDEO] Rosemarie – Backdown

[FLORIDA] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have femcee Rosemarie bringing her bars on her latest music video entitled BACKDOWN. This is actually her first single off of her debut mixtape Rose Culture. The visual demonstrates the darkness that the production illustrates in your mind. The video does have a lot of effects that can get a bit overwhelming but Rosemarie definitely stands out. She has some impressive lyrics and you really don’t want to get on her bad side. She has backup and they won’t BACKDOWN. Make sure you go like Rosemarie on FACEBOOK.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Ashley Sierra – OG featuring Chase Ultra

soupMaking her first appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, we have femcee from Baltimore Ashley Sierra with her latest music video OG. Featuring Chase Ultra on the second verse. He really brings his personality to life with the way his flow is and how he acts. Ashley Sierra is fierce with her lyrics when she presents us the dark truth about an epidemic consuming the youth, which is Vanity and Greed. OG is the lead single off her forthcoming project S.O.U.P (souledout&underpriced). The track maintains a hip-hop trap sound with a classic club style fusion, OG was produced by J8s and the video was Directed by Mike Jon. Ashley Sierra is profound with her lyrics that only can leave impactful first impression. Stay tuned from more from this young lyricists Ashley Sierra by getting updates from her website Ashleysierra.net

#LITR #LoveIsTheRevolution


[Music Video] Yung Snapp & A Dot – Lit

Chester, PA’s own Yung Snapp x A Dot take their hard earned money to a Philadelphia nightclub and deliver a visual for their latest collaboration “Lit.” Plenty of bottles of champagne to go around, the Mar Films directed video captures the lifestyle of Snapp & A. Thanks to the Beat Bully production “Lit” has plenty of knock for the club. Give this one a play and let us know what you think.



[Nikki Hears It First] Austin Fillmore – 5000 (Episode Three)

Here’s a new segment over here on my youtube channel. Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track or watching a music video from an indie artist. On our third episode of Nikki Hears It First, I’m watching Hip-Hop Artist Austin Fillmore with his visual to 5000. Produced by Snapbackondatrack. Take a look at what I thought about “5000” and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track/visual!


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[MUSIC VIDEO] Mz Mali – Can’t Get Enough

[UTAH] Making her first debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have femcee Mz Mali with her latest music video to her single CAN’T GET ENOUGH. The lyrical empress brings us a street no-holds-barred flowed track. You can find this track on Mz Mali’s latest album New World Order. The concept of the visual was Mz Mali invites her homies for a 4:20 Event. Mz Mali is considered a huge supporter of the legalization of marijuana. The Latina has a fast flow, would you be able to catch up?



[MUSIC VIDEO] Emile Danero – TELL ME PART 2 featuring Candice B

Making his first debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have a freestyle from Emile Danero, for TELL ME PART 2, which features Candice B on the track. This track is a remix of the popular 95′ hit “Tell Me” by Groove Theory. The visual to the track really brings that movie feel to it. The new video features cameo appearances from Omar Gooding, John Witherspoon, and Fonzworth Bentley. Make sure you stay in the loop for Emile Danero’s upcoming release by following him on Twitter at @EmileDanero


[VIDEO] Art Morera – Covert Loop$ Music Video Freestyles

Covert Loop$ Artwork[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Art Morera brings us his latest visual to his freestyle mix of 3 Curren$y songs entitled COVERT LOOP$. Listen to Art’s takes on Curren$y’s songs off of his project “Covert Coup” produced by The Alchemist. The video was filmed by Kimber Vasquez, Art Morera, and NikkiSiixx (yeah and I made a few cameos in the vid too). I love all the visuals that were added into the video that really brought Art Morera’s lyrics to life. B-Roll footage that captured Miami and San Francisco/Oakland scenes. Art’s flow can really adapt to different sounding beats. Be on the lookout for more content from Art Morera by following his social media links



[Nikki Hears It First] Ivy – IDK Music Video (Episode Two)

Here’s a new segment over here on my youtube channel. Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track or watching a music video from an indie artist. On our second episode of Nikki Hears It First, I’m watching South Florida Artist Ivy with his visual to IDK. Produced by Mac Bassick. Take a look at what I thought about “IDK” and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track/visual! I would also like to add the song has a cool, calm, collect feeling to it I forgot to mention that in the video.

IDK VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwRp2xOPI9U




[MUSIC VIDEO] Xkluesyve – Give It To ‘Em

[SOUTH CAROLINA] Femcee Xkluesyve brings us her music video to her previously featured single GIVE IT TO ‘EM! This track definitely falls under a certified street banger, produced by JS Beats. Xkluesyve brings her bars to the table on GIVE IT TO ‘EM, demonstrating how you don’t want to mess with her. Her lyrics are creative and catchy. Xkluesyve gets crown in this visual, while reciting her rhymes in an abandoned warehouse with her full support team. GIVE IT TO ‘EM was shot & Directed by GangstaGeak of Fleyes on the Wall. Make sure you follow Xkluesyve on Instagram and be on the look out for more content from the first Lady of LFMG!


[Music Video] King Cezar – Cold

Representing Milwaukee, WI, rapper King Cezar drops off the visual for his latest single “COLD.” Best describing his city, King Cezar paints a vivid picture over production by Lil Medic. Isolating himself far from his city is where he chooses to reflect on the past and present with hopes of having a bright future. Make sure you follow King Cezar on Twitter.


[MUSIC VIDEO] AMERICAN DILEMMA by Mack Warbuckz Featuring Tone Skee and C-Visionz

Mack Warbuckz makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with AMERICAN DILEMMA which features reoccurring artist Tone Skee. The single also features C-VISIONZ on the chorus. AMERICAN DILEMMA is the second single from Producer Franco’s upcoming project entitled AMOS WILSON BEAT TAPE, which should be dropping soon. As for Tone Skee he has recently dropped his Album D.N.D.C 3. Franco creates a smooth but yet hard hitting production where Mack Warbuckz, Tone Skee, and C-VISIONZ bring their emotions to life with this eye opening track. Telling their stories on how hard it is for a black man to live and strive in America. I really like the vibes the artist created on this track. Be on the lookout for more dope content from Mack Warbuckz, Tone Skee, and Producer Franco.

WEBSITE || TWITTER: @iamtoneskee @The_Imhotep || INSTAGRAM: @doctor_warbuckz @iamtoneskee


[MUSIC VIDEO] PJ – Gangster

unnamed[NC 336, ATL, LA] Making her debut on NikkiSiixx.com we have something different from the usual hip-hop videos, this is some R&B/Soul music. This time we have singer/lyricist PJ with her first single GANGSTER off her forthcoming RARE EP. PJ is an accomplished songwriter who has written hits for Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Meek Mill. PJ has been busy after her SXSW showcases and a National College Tour. GANGSTER was directed by Snow Beach and reminiscent of Alanis Morissette’s classic “Ironic” music video. PJ confronts her alter-ego and imagines what life would be like if she wasn’t so nice. Preorder her EP, Rare, on iTunes now! And stay in the loop with PJ by following her social media accounts below:



[MUSIC VIDEO] King Trill – Get This Money

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Texas Rapper King Trill brings us his latest visual to his newest single called GET THIS MONEY. In order to get this money you must know you need to work hard. According to King Trill “On Get This Money, King Trill tells the story of how he came up from the streets, created his own path in the rap game, and eventually got into Real Estate”. The track generates an energetic, heavy bass, and dope lyrics. GET THIS MONEY is produced by DJ Oreo. The song is available on iTunes and is the first release from King Trill’s debut album Real Estate.



[Music Video] Fairplay – Here

Coming from the west side of windy city Chicago, rapper Fairplay drops off a visual for his latest single “Here.” The song contains a sample from Alessia Cara’s hit single that goes by the same name. Fairplay teams up with videographer Lil E and gives us a gritty visual, spitting real life bars with his crew not far behind him. If you like what you see, you can stay up to date with Fairplay on Twitter.



[Minneapolis, Minnesota] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, C.M.J. brings us his latest music video A LIFE. This is actually the thirteen and final visual off C.M.J. CM COOL J Album. C.M.J. was set on a goal in completing the long set of video releases for every song on his album. The concept of the track A LIFE according to C.M.J. “its a contemplative track that explores what makes a life worth living and the internal struggles that can come with one’s day-to-day existence.” I really like the simplicity of the video and what really entertained me was the visuals created by EJ Films. Make sure you take a look at the rest of Christopher Michaels Jensen visuals and make sure you follow him on his social media links below:



[MUSIC VIDEO] Tone Famous – Chalk Talk

[BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com Tone Famous with his latest visual CHALK TALK. This track provides you the ode to Hip-Hop VS Bullshit. Tone Famous was influenced by different genres and always respected wordplay and relatable lyrics to the listener. I really like Tone Famous style and as you can see in the video, he has some moves too. The video provides you West Coast Vibes, while chilling with the homies. CHALK TALK produced by Dreamlife, recorded at Expressions, Emeryville and was Mixed and mastered by DopeDee.

According to Tone Famous: “Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Follow your instincts and live in the present because you can’t control anything other than what you’re doing right now. I lost sight of that but don’t regret the help I’ve given to my brothers. It helped me learn the intricacies and rollercoaster of an industry, preparing me for my own career. My music is honest to the core and I plan on making a huge impact in this game. What has Hip-Hop done for me? Man, it saved my life.”

Tone Famous is a Dad, Music Industry and Social Movement Entrepreneur, and a character on The Format Show. While maintaining a busy lifestyle Tone Famous still maintains a good mentality when it comes to his music. And his pick on the style of production which really embodies that old school vibe. If you’re feeling Tone Famous make sure you check him out all on his social media outlets below:



[MUSIC VIDEO] Tate Kobang – Ain’t A Damn Thing Change featuring Aaron LaCrate

Baltimore’s Tate Kobang is on a roll this year. After starting 2016 releasing “Oh My” as the follow up to his 2015 smash “Bankrolls” he went on to multiple successful sets at various SXSW showcases. Now he’s back with his latest visual featuring Aaron LaCrate for “Ain’t A Damn Thing Change”. Tate skated skated over the trip 808 heavy production in his normal fashion. The video has a slightly eerie feel that matches the feel of the production. Check it out below.

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[MUSIC VIDEO] C.I.T.Y. – Monv Lisv featuring Dave East

C.I.T.Y. (Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Young-Mind) presents a visual for his latest offering “Monv Lisv”. The record has C.I.T.Y delivering solid bars with his southern tone, explaining his vision and appreciating the beauty of it. The director (Kojo Films) uses the street of New York City as a back drop for C.I.T.Y to paint his picture. Adding to the track is New York’s own promising artist Dave East, who has risen to the top of the local music scene and appears to be destined for stardom under the tutelage of NAS. Be sure to follow both artist as they continue to release quality music.