Download: NikkiSiixx Presents NETWERK VOL TWO

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I would like to introduce my second project off of my NETWERK series. Volume TWO. The mixtape consist of 11 tracks. Featuring artist like MyVerse, Shakespeare, Art Morera, Anjuli Stars, Garcia, Serum & Manifesto, Salute, Melodik Flows, Shot1ne, Verbal Science, and Platini. A few tracks you might recognize but hey I still bump to it why not share it with you.

CONTEST for artist that are on NETWERK VOL TWO:
Once I receive 1,000 comments I will review who was most favored and that artist will win a video interview with me! (In-Depth Interview)

Good Luck Spread The Word!


Download: NikkiSiixx Presents NETWERK VOL ONE

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I am proud to present NETWERK VOL ONE. I’ve created a 8 track compilation album featuring local artist within the South Florida Region. Check out the tracklist below:

01. Art Morera – Dominate
02. Khalel ft Da Heist – The Answer
03. 8ch2owenz – O My God
04. The Benchwarmers Clique ft Llamabeats – SnapShot
05. J5 – Good VS Evil (Black Swan)
06. Jay Fresh – I Want It All
07. Shot 1ne – The Love Don’t Stop
08. The Geek Squad – The Other Guys

Please Enjoy the uniqueness this tape has acquired. The artist’s on NETWERK VOL ONE were challenged with a topic for their song submission. Thank you to all the artists who contributed!

This is VOL ONE of many others to come!! 🙂 I’ve networked my way into this project so I felt the title of the compilation series fits perfectly.

Spread the love <3