[GIG] Fun Socks Is Looking To Sponsor An Artist

FUN SOCKS, was created by Two Australian brothers who live in Sydney with an ambitious dream to become the words largest seller of unisex socks that are soft, colorful and comfortable. Their socks are made from combined cotton which had a premium thread count and are designed for the artistic individual.

Currently, FUN SOCKS is now looking for Artists who have >100,000 followers on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook who they can sponsor for 12 months. They want to choose sometime really soon!!

The sponsorship will include:
– Free Socks for 12 months
– A collaborative sock pack custom designed for the artist “Fun Socks X Artist”
– Artist used on marketing material

Email info@funsocks.me if interested in applying for this sponsorship gig brought to you by Fun Socks.
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NikkiSiixx Makes it to 1,000 Subscribers! THANK YOU! Includes Bonus Material

Its official my youtube channel has hit over 1,000 subscribers!! Thank you all of you for tuning in and supporting. On Oct 2015, I decided to venture in reaction videos for my favorite shows. I was already at 195 subscribers, and within 5 Months I was able to grow to 1,012! To show my appreciation to all my active subscribers, I decided to share with you a montage of scenes you missed, never before seen moments, my flash moments, a random video I edited, and the best/funniest comments! Did your comment make it in the montage?

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Culture Shock: Miami’s Indie Scene Looses Venue Support

For the last two years Miami’s Indie Scene has taken a toll on where or when a local hip-hop showcase will happen. One of the biggest concert venues GRAND CENTRAL in downtown Miami has announced they’ll be closing their doors on September 26. And before a mass amount of supportive venues have shut down as well: The Stage Miami, LMNT, Club Eve, The Nest, The Goose Lounge, and the list goes on and on. We may call this a local entertainment recession right now.
Here’s a bit more information on me and my experience with Miami’s Indie Scene. I’ve coordinated events in Miami and West Palm Beach areas since 2011-2014. With my accounted history I’ve coordinated about 50+ shows that were artist showcases, networking events, artist listening events, beat competitions, open mics, anniversary parties, The Walking Dead Viewing Party called iScream Sundays, and even a yearly event called Blogfest. I would say I was a lucky promoter guaranteeing venues at no cost because of the quality of the show I was providing. The bar will make their money off drinks and I’ll cover the events expenses with what I made off the door. As the years passed the harder it was to get a show booked, venues I previously worked with wanted to start charging me $1,500 to book a show on a Wednesday night, they would never give me weekends considering my crowds supported me more on the weekends. Also my budget wouldn’t allow me to cover these expenses which made it even harder to book shows.

IMG_0061For the last two months I’ve partnered up with PropsAndBonds who’ve coordinate monthly events within the Miami Scene and also coordinating Vice City Cypher’s Saturday Mic Live at Catalyst. From January-August I was living in California, I came to visit and was hoping to coordinate my sites 5 Year Anniversary show. I asked for their help and we’ve came up short. Every venue PropsAndBonds met with said they would love too but can’t since they’re going to be closing down due to higher rent costs within the Wynwood community. Which startles me because this is where the new Miami reached out to and helped grow from what it was. No one would have set foot in this area 10 years ago but now it’s the talk of the town. But will it still be considering now venues are no longer interested in working with the hip-hop community. Even though it’s been difficult we’re still working hard to make this event happen and give an amazing show with the best hip-hop artist we know.

The harder it is for a promoter to book shows will make it even harder for an upcoming artist to get some time on stage or be able to present a live show in-front of a real audience. As you see as artist you need to come up with creative ways to get your performance out there. There’s an artist who I know that goes out of his way and performs live on the street with a mic connected to a speaker. He’s name is Stide Prince and he calls these pop-up performances The FUCK YOUR VENUE TOUR. But there are issues with doing these type of shows you need a permit from the City of Miami. Or they will shut you down.

A video posted by Aristide Junior (@stideprince) on

I feel that we all need to come together in working to getting more shows coordinated and get more possibilities for the independent artists to perfect their craft. If you have any ideas or know any venues that will be interested in working with me contact me via Twitter at NikkiSiixx.


Recording Artist Fat Pimp Signs Multi-Year Recording Deal With California Based Dirty Water Music

Fat Pimp Signs[DALLAS, TEXAS] Fat Pimp has signed a multi-year recording deal with California based Dirty Water Music. One of the few independent artist to be blessed with a three week stint on the Billboard hip hop charts, multiple times. Fat Pimp released his latest single Hurt They Feelings earlier this year which quickly found its way to MTV Jams. Warner Bros missed out the opportunity back in 2008 when they had a chance to sign Fat Pimp. Looking towards new horizons, Fat Pimp and his management team went to Dallas, Texas to start the new endeavor with Dirty Water Music. Congratulations to Fat Pimp from the staff at NikkiSiixx.com and we can’t wait to hear your new content. But in the meantime, for our listeners to get a proper introduction we have Fat Pimp’s latest project HURT THEY FEELINGS.

“I’ve been through so many labels dropping me or simply not believing in me. All the years of making Billboard hits and working so hard, it feels good to have CKB Entertainment and Dirty Water believe in me to see my vision. Now its time to go platinum and sell out these arenas,” Fat Pimp stated after sealing the deal.



The 2nd of Three Artist & Speaker Announcements for A3C 2015 (October 7-11)

The second of three installments of A3C artists and speakers to participate at this years events, include: Taylor Gang & Wiz Khalifa, Pete Rock, Jungle Brothers, Beanie Sigel, Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds, Joe Budden, Awful Records & Father, Marc Lamont Hill, Karen Civil, Combat Jack, Sonny Digital, Sha Money XL, Tha Alkaholiks, Scotty ATL, Johnny Cinco, Tsu Surf, Silkk The Shocker, Mike Zombie, DC Young Fly & Stic of Dead Prez.

They will be joining our friends from our first announcement: De La Soul, Rakim, Cam’ron, Dame Dash, Just Blaze, Jet Life & Curren$y, Jean Grae, Cyhi the Prynce, Pharoahe Monch, Soulection, Kool Keith, PNB Rock & The Difference Machine.

The third and final announcement will drop in September. We still have dozens of events and hundreds of artists and speakers to announce, so stay tuned!

2015 A3C Line-Up & Schedule will be dropping in the next couple days so you can create your own personal A3C schedule and start planning for an amazing week! 2015 A3C App will be launching this month for iPhone & Android!


Charity Drive: Care for Crohns Foundation x 8and9 Presents #ThePurpleShoppingBag at The Showroom Miami

Care for Crohn’s Foundation in Collaboration with 8&9 MFG. Co. Presents The Purple Shopping Bag. Where the teens of His House Children’s Home will have the ultimate shopping experience. This is an amazing cause!

Please donate new or lightly worn clothing, shoes, and accessories by April 25th and let em know NikkiSiixx.com sent ya!

Drop Off Location:
8&9 Showroom
7814 NE 4th Ct.
Miami, FL 33138

Store Hours
M-F 11am-7pm

For more details on the event and/or how to get involved please email
care.apartofme@yahoo.com or visit careforcrohnsfoundation.com

Follow @CareForCrohns x @8and9



(MC) JUICE prepares to release his most in-depth music project to date. He also speaks about facing 10 years in prison, his father’s death and other recent life-changing events. –HELPMCJUICE.COM

The story behind MC JUICE current status is just a damn shame, considering how unfair the justice system is. But before we get into the topic. Here’s a bit more on Terry Parker, better known by his stage name Juice, is an American freestyle rapper from Chicago, United States. He beat Eminem in the semifinals at Scribble Jam in 1997, and ultimately won the competition. He was regarded in 2004 as one of finest freestyle rappers ever produced by Chicago. Things unfortunately turned for the worse when MC JUICE barely survived a car accident. Which left him with two broken bones in his neck that almost left him paralyze; It even caused him to lose his memory. This made it extremely difficult for him to work and perform to make money. And during this time, MC JUICE’s father got fatally ill with stage 4 Lung Cancer. He’s father understood JUICE’s dream of returning to California and getting back on track. He’s father passed away and left him a modest inheritance which gave him that push he needed to head to California. But during the drive to his destination he was pulled over by police and they confiscated over $20,000. ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF MONEY I can’t believe this. That this is an actual charge. Now Belle and JUICE are both facing 10 years in prison just for having cash. It costs money to win cases, so they’re reaching out on INDIEGOGO. Make you’re donations and help get JUICE the legal representation that he needs to not serve time for a crime he did not commit. They were both charged, so they both need to retain separate lawyers. The irony of it all is that it will take more money to exonerate them than what was actually seized. But at this point, it’s about their freedom that is at stake which is the main issue; not the money they lost.

Get familiar with his freestyle on the Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech as well as free styling at every performance as part of the act. VIA WICKEDHIPHOP.COM

One of his classic song “Sincerely”:

Top Ten Posts of 2013 via NikkiSiixx

photo-22013 has been a great year here at NikkiSiixx.com Our team grew stronger with new writers @drewtheloon, @cracccobbain, @thelovelyebanga and @PedroSmaktasktik. I was able to conclude iScreamSundays Season 3 Mid-Season Events from January 20th through April 21st, EVERY Sunday (Free Show No Cover) and we were able to watch The Walking Dead on a wall projector and flatscreen televisions throughout the venue. NikkiSiixx turned 26 and celebrated three years strong for NikkiSiixx.com at Propaganda, Lake Worth. Also, BLOGFEST 2013 was held at WakeUpStar Studios, and everyone is anticipating the next NikkiSiixx event. Throughout 2013 we also had some great articles related to music submissions, interviews, special downloads, and advice for artists. We’re going to go over this years top ten posts of 2013:

Download: NETWERK VOL EIGHT brought to you by NikkiSiixx.com and 8and9 Clothing
NikkiSiixx.com Presents NETWERK VOL EIGHT! Bringing you seventeen dope artist from all over. Sponsored by 8and9 Clothing Line. Stay tuned for our announcement on who’s going to perform, July 20th for NETWERK at 8and9 The Showroom…[READ MORE…]

Music Video: Que – OG Bobby Johnson
Atlanta’s own Que has a song that possibly could be the next big radio hit. I usually try to veer right from anything that sounds super radio friendly but “OG Bobby Johnson” has all of the components needed for a great song. First if you grew up in the 80s or 90s you’ve probably seen the movie South Central multiple times and know about OG Bobby Johnson…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: Submissions 101
From a bloggers perspective, submitting music should be something simple and easy to do. But sometimes the artist, manager, promotional agent, and friends don’t promote the content accurately and appropriately. I know the whole key is to have as many people listen to the content. But if they’re doing it with a wrong approach, it will lead your music to fall on deaf ears. If you don’t want this to happen you should definitely check out below my Do’s and Dont’s in SUBMISSIONS 101…[READ MORE…]

New Music: Rikki Blu – Jordan featuring Michael Da Vinci & Isaiah Rashad
Rikki Blu of Nashville, TN by way of Dallas, TX just released the first single for his debut project XXXIII. The song is an experience from the start when Michael Da Vinci starts off by saying “Y’all niggas talking that gangsta shit, none of y’all niggas near gangsterish” before spazzing out for the rest of his verse. The second verse was done by Isaiah Rashad, who was a featured act on the 2012 Smokers Club Tour put together by Jonny Shipes of Cinematic Music Group…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s & Don’ts: How To Approach A Female Promoter
As a promoter you are always communicating with the public either online or in person. Sometimes it can get a bit awkward due to the fact I am a women. They might find me attractive and this may lead them in the wrong direction. They sidetrack and will miss out an opportunity that will help out with their career. I created a Do’s & Don’t’s list to help the artists and managers. This will help you have a better relationship with the promoter which can guarantee you more features and possible performances…[READ MORE…]

Mixtape Review: ATM – Friday At The Currency Exchange
Photo Front
ATM is an artist representing Chicago to the fullest. He is set to release his upcoming mixtape Friday At The Currency Exchange. The date is still un-announced but NikkiSiixx brings you an exclusive listen.
Besides reviewing the album, I took a look into ATM’s bio, and I gotta say is wow! ATM has been through so much growing up…[READ MORE…]

Download: Kal-L – To Paris With Love
to paris with love front
Kal-L releases his EP To Paris With Love. The project is a collaboration with Parisian beat maker/producer Keor Meteor (except for track one). Kal-L is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Atlanta, GA…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx’s Do’s & Don’ts: Getting Booked For A Show

What’s up ya’ll? I’ve been asked non-stop from artist if they can perform at one of my shows or even advice of how to get booked. From the experienced I’ve gained from throwing shows for an entire year. Averaging from one to three even four showcases a month. These are my Do’s & Don’t of how to get booked for a show…[READ MORE…]

NikkiSiixx Do’s and Dont’s: How To Promote Your Music Through Social Media Outlets
Social Media has taken the internet by storm, it’s not the same as 10 years ago. Social Media outlets are websites that offer ways to interact with others, they might be friends or family and possibly with people you’ve never met.. The most popular out of these social outlets are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and the list goes on and on. I would like to go over the proper way to use Twitter and Facebook since these are the media outlets I use the most. I consider these more like guidelines…[READ MORE…]


Hippie Sabotage: VACANTS (Download/Listen)
Hippie Sabotage - VACANTS - cover
As electronic dance music, better known as EDM, is on the rise as a global phenomena. So is the fusion of trap music and such electronic music. These two California based brothers are Hippie Sabotage. VACANTS beat tape is their fourth release. This astoundingly perfect fusion of trap and…[READ MORE…]

I just really wanted to give you all a personal shoutout to who has supported me along the way. & providing us motivation through your inspirations. Leads us wanting to help more each day. 2014 is going to be a very productive year for NikkiSiixx and her staff. We’re ready for what’s next!

BLOGFEST 2013 – November 30th at WakeUpStar Studio

NikkiSiixx.com Presents BLOGFEST 2013

A DAY Event that is meant for Bloggers, Musicians, Producers, DJs, Clothing Lines, and Music Lovers . Come prepared and be ready to network with CDs and Business Cards!

Hosted By: NikkiSiixx & Special Guests

W* Studio
120 NW 25th Street Suite 301
Miami, FL

$10 Door Cover
Doors Open at 2PM
Show Starts 3PM-8PM

Silent Hand ENT
Ebanga The Songstress
Chyna J
Art Morera
Meyday Hansen
King Docious
Doobz Da Kidsta

Come Meet With Your Favorites!!!
BEZ Stylz
Valholla Entertainment

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact NikkiSiixx.

HELP THE CAUSE: Wreckshop Charity “Hoodies for The Homeless”

white and black hoodie
Winter is coming, the government is shut down and there are more homeless and unemployed than ever. That includes but is not limited to veterans, women, children and the mentally ill. November is also National Homeless Awareness month but we don’t have to wait til then to do something. To do our part to help out, here’s what we’re offering… When anyone buys a Wreck Shop hoodie another hoodie will be given to a homeless person. A majority of our outreach will be direct, in the streets and personal, and we’ll also drop some off at local shelters starting in Lynn then we will move to neighboring cities.
red and black hoodie
“Hoodies for the Homeless” will run straight through winter. We also encourage everyone supporting this initiative to educate themselves on homelessness. Check out info in your own town or city, watch some documentaries on youtube, take out some books at the library, volunteer at a local shelter or more importantly have a conversation with a homeless person. You’d be surprised at what you will learn and if you’ve ever experienced it then you know every little bit of help makes a difference.
green hoodie
How can you support this initiative? Order your own hoodie online via email or facebook to guarantee your size or see us at an event and check out what we have in stock. Any colored hoodie with a classic black or white logo is $45 plus shipping. Any colored hoodie with a logo color other than black or white will be $50 plus shipping.

We are accepting paypal, debit and credit. Email: wreckshop101@gmail.com or Facebook

If you would like to help us out on twitter that would be greatly appreciated. Follow us @wreckshop101 So far we’ve gotten re-tweets from Reef The Lost Cause, Hasan Salaam, Wise Intelligent, Wordsworth, B-girl Asia 1 and various online Hip Hop publications.

Here’s how you can help “Hoodies for The Homeless” on twitter:
1. Copy & paste the info below.
When someone buys a Wreck Shop hoodie another hoodie is given to a #homelessperson. #givingback thru #hiphop #charity

2. Tag someone well known to put this on their radar.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you for your time! Peace and respect!


NEWS: NikkiSiixx.com #CISPABLACKOUT April 22nd

cispablackout ad
NikkiSiixx.com joins the #CISPABLACKOUT this Monday, April 22nd. I will not post, tweet, share, update, or read. I feel like my absence for a day can show that without us there’s no internet. But if you do need to use the internet support the cause and tweet #CISPABLACKOUT.

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (or CISPA) is making its way through Congress, and it’s passed a House vote this past Thursday. Unlike SOPA, the failed legislative attempt last year to halt online piracy, large tech companies are supporting the efforts to get CISPA passed. At one time, Facebook and Microsoft had signed on to support CISPA, but now they are reportedly backing away. I don’t support the CISPA and it will effect on fourth amendment rights. The amendment reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

If you don’t remember we needed to do this at the beginning of the year and SOPA WEB STRIKE ON JAN 18. Luckily our efforts did put a stop to SOPA but it found it’s way through the CISPA.

“As it stands, CISPA is dangerously vague, and should not allow for any expansion of government powers through a series of poorly worded definitions. If the drafters intend to give new powers to the government’s already extensive capacity to examine your private information, they should propose clear and specific language so we can have a real debate,” -The Electronic Frontier Foundation said on its website.

DONATE: @IAMTHEMAYOR305 Christmas Toy Drive at Footsoldiers for Miami Children’s Hospital

@IAMTHEMAYOR305 will be having his 2nd annual Christmas Toy drive this year at Footsoldiers in Downtown Miami. Please make sure to swing by with a closed unwrapped present. All toys will be donated to the Miami Children’s Hospital. The toy drive will be taking place from December 1st through the 23rd. If you have any info or questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Please feel free to re-post the flyer on twitter, Facebook, blogs, Instagram or any social media.

Event: A3C Hip-Hop Festival & Why You Should Be There

I’ll never forget the day I got the call from my partner. It was early in the week, and I asked what we were going to do next. He mentioned possibly driving from Orlando to Atlanta for a hip-hop festival. I’d heard of music festivals before, but what he was suggesting was nearly a dream. Three days of all the dopeness of hip-hop? We were on the phone and hopped on line and did the research together.

It was early October, 2010. We decided days before the festival was to begin that we would make the drive. Plans were made, and hotel and tickets were purchased. We paid $25 for three day passes and there were over 200 acts scheduled to perform. Our plan was to network and spread the word about our artist, all while soaking in as much hip-hop as we could stand over the short time we were going to be there.

I decided to connect with other festival goers via Twitter to jumpstart the networking. I’m here to tell you I met most of these people and some of them have proved to be some of the most incredible folks I’ve met thus far in my lifetime. Real connections were made with real people, and the music was just incredible. As a fan, this is the ultimate experience to get up close and personal with some of your favorite artists as they roam through the venue without security and celebratory hoopla that generally surrounds them. As an aspiring *insert music professional title of your choice,* the same holds true. Get to Atlanta and jumpstart it all.

This year will be my third year attending and every year, I go on Twitter rants about why folks should be there. This year, I figured if I made a short list and shared it along with my personal story, I’d reach a few more people.

Here goes nothing:

– This year, the festival has expanded and will host six stages and will have over 300 artists performing throughout the city of Atlanta during the three days.

– 2 Wu-Tang members have been confirmed.

– As the festival is in Atlanta, the recent announcement of a Dungeon Family performance is pretty freaking epic.

– A extremely diverse pool of independent artists from all over the world is filling out the bill.

– All of this is happening, and you still won’t pay $100 at the door for the three day pass.

Aspiring artists, producers, journalists, publicists, promoters, etc. This part is for you:

– Come network with people who are or have been in your shoes.

– Potentially meet your future clients.

– Establish your identity in the industry.

– Gain new fans by sharing your story.

– See some of your inspirational mentors up close and personal.

9th Wonder was on hand for a question and answer session, debuted his documentary, then set the festival all the way off with his entire Jamla Records family and special guests tearing down the stage.

I hope I’ve inspired you to check the festival out. If you’re too far away to make it this year, though it is still more than a month away… plan for next year. If you’re attending, I’d love to meet you. Find me and tell me your story.

For more information about A3C visit the official website: www.a3cfestival.com

Learn more about the artists and specific shows via Facebook

Click the picture for tickets.

Artists, its not to late to submit for your chance to perform. Click here.

See you there!




NEWS: A Crash Course in Online Privacy

Remember back in November I was protesting about SOPA when they wanted to setup restrictions on the Internet. And then RIAA/MPAA when we figured out the intent of all these companies is to show you how they want to fu*k us over! If we never had access to these programs (file transferring) we would have never downloaded are favorite tracks, movies, and anything that was promoted to us by THEM!

After these claims and arguments here is something to really show you the benefits the entertainment companies are still making money off of Online Privacy.

Music, Movies, Programs & Piracy

Image Created by: OnlineGraduatePrograms.com


NEWS: Concentrated Bath Salts – Epidemic

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

After watching this video regarding the effects of concentrated bath salts, I really wanted to share this with you. Bath Salts are a new craze that ignorant people are trying out. It might also be the reasoning behind Rudy Eugene’s attack on Ronald Poppo, during Memorial Day Weekend in Miami.

Many are left devasted and confused to why this happened. Ronald was possibly overdosing on bath salts and attacked Poppo and ate 80% of his face. The images are graphic! I’m not sure what’s really going out there but always stay on the look out. Something out of a horror film.

Bath salts can be smoked, snorted, or injected. The initial symptoms are positive, including relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of warmth and wellbeing similar to the effects of Ecstasy. Sooner than later the worse symptoms begin such as body temperature rises, hallucinations, you lose control, and possible death. After these symptoms ware off you experience sudicial thoughts, disturbing visions, and you also begin to hear voices. Very disturbing.


Announcement: NikkiSiixx.com is making 2 years this saturday! 05.26.12

2 years already? I’ve grown so much over the past year it’s truly unbelieveable. I’ve worked so hard to show geniuine support towards local Underground Hip-Hop in my community and been able to help them in one way or another. I’ve had an opportunity to work with many talented artists, companies, internet radio stations, schools, etc. And I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for the following year. More events, more great artists, and contest!

I’m aiming to officialy brand the site and give it an updated look that will be the new look and new year of NikkiSiixx.com. Source for the Underground. Supported for locals by locals.

Check out what I have in store for you this saturday night May 26, 2012. I really wanted it on this date for the fact for the 26 it stands for 2-2 year anniversary of Nikki 6-Siixx. This night will mark the books. I have The Benchwarmers Clique, Tay-G, Art Morera, Educated Hustlers, Rich Kid Sound System, and 11 Lives. I have a mix of hip-hop, indie, & rock! I don’t just listen to hip-hop. I love music. Ones and Twos DJ RICDAROC We’re going to feature tracks off of the NETWERK series!

Shoutout to all my sponsors: MyHiddenEmpire, Womazing, GamerTagRadio, and Reflection Dynamiks Clothing.

Answer one of these questions on a comment below and enter a chance to Win 2 Tickets to come and celebrate my 2 year Anniversary! Dont forget to add your twitter so I’ll be able to contact you! Giveaway ends on Friday Night, May 25, 2012 at 11:55PM. Must be 18 and over. I’ll make the announcement via twitter! Make sure you follow me @NikkiSiixx

Let me know what you think so far?
Have I featured you before?
What’s your favorite post?
What do you want to see more?


Attention Artist: NETWERK VOL SEVEN Has Slots Available! Deadline: 06.30.12

NETWERK VOL SEVEN has slots available! I’m looking for the best to feature on this exclusive compilation mixtape, that I put together myself. I’ve been bringing you music from local artists from all over the United States. Tracks have been featured on online radio stations, websites, and downloaded from everywhere.

You’re interested in being apart of this collection? Hip-Hop Artist please follow below details to know how you can be apart of NETWERK VOL SEVEN

Send To: siixxnikki[a]gmail.com
Attach: One photo and MP3 SONG MUST BE CLEAN EDIT!
Send me your listings of projects, performances, features, and anything else you will like for me to know. All social media links; website, twitter, facebook, reverbnation, and soundcloud.

DEADLINE !! JUNE 30, 2012 11:59PM

BONUS Once the tape is released I will announce 5 of the artist from NETWERK VOL SEVEN, to be apart of an event that will be held in JULY 2012! Also, those featured artist will have they’re track played on FIU Radio!!
*If your an artist out of town and is chosen for the showcase you will have to fund your own expenses*