Tattoos Inspired By Music

I went on a search to find tattoos that were inspired by music. I found that many of you have at least one or more tattoos that relate to a musician, band, song, or lyric. Check out these testimonies.

@_eric_r the manager of The Geek Squad and other artist has the Wu-Tang symbol on his right biceps. Eric was influenced by Wu-Tang from listening to them while growing up. Wu-Tang was the key role for Eric falling in love with hip-hop. Another significance this tattoo holds is that Eric’s girlfriend has a matching one. Since tattoos are forever the Wu-Tang will be forever.

Check out the matching tattoo his girlfriend got. Amazing showing appreciation to the music, and the relationship <3

@WEST_COBB_SNOB grew up in the suburbs of Kennesaw, Georgia. Grace has always been in love with music, even her first love. While growing up she was sounded by Hip-Hop and by the time she was 14, she was introduced to ROCK! Her tattoo on top of her arm is the band’s name KORN. This represents her respect for their music which helped her in any situation if it was related to anything good or bad. At the age of 17, Grace moved out of the suburbs into an upper class neighborhood which made her feel different to the other kids. Korn was her passion and everyone knew this, this lead to everyone to nickname Grace as Korn. This gave her an identity in school and afterwards as well.

@MelodyLanoir has the numbers 46&2 tattooed on her right hip. If you ever heard the song 46&2 from the band Tool then you probably know the reason behind those numbers. It represents the number of chromosomes in the human body in the highest form of human evolution. Besides the meaning of the numbers to be breathtaking but the placing of the tattoo has a huge interpretation to it. By placing it on the right hip, spiritually it is believed that the woman carries their emotions in their hips. This is a reminder to Melody that she needs to let go of her negative energy and experience life to the fullest.

@KasisLike_ got her first tattoo of the two musical notes that convert into a heart. The other notes are a line from Erykah Badu song “Love of My Life”. This signifies to Kassandra that music is the love of her life and that she is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with music.

I hope you enjoy this segment of Tattoos Inspired. If your interested in submitting your photos and story to why music has inspired your tattoo/tattoos please send them to siixxnikki@gmail.com