[MUSIC VIDEO] BreeZie & Phranchize – Couldn’t Wait ft. Dubby of Team LOKO

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Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artists BreeZie & Phranchize with the first visual for their single COULDN’T WAIT featuring Philly’s own Dubby of Team Loko. The track becomes a feel-good anthem expressing getting through their struggles and enjoying life to the fullest. From the choices of locations of the video, it emphasizes the “from death to life” message and even “from struggle to success”. I find it to be more like “dealing with bad usually means something better will come along”. Visuals brought to you by Hued Productions. You can find COULDN’T WAIT on BreeZie & Phranchize EP entitled MixedTape. If you’re diggin the vibes on this one make sure you let em’ know.



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Project Preview: Lyric Le’Velle – Black-EP



[Fort Worth, Texas]

Lyric Le’Velle is an artist stuck with the tough task of putting on for a city not known for its hip hop output. By way of Fort Worth, he’s come to introduce us to a new sound on his Black-EP. The project is set to drop on September 1st so, in preparation, his single Proud has been getting some plays in order to see what kind of experience we’re going to have when the EP is finally out.

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New Music: Jeff Stones – City Lights


jeff stone photoMiami’s own Jeff Stones brings another smooth jam to our speakers with his new track “City Lights” One thing you can always expect from a Jeff Stones track is honesty, as such is the case in “City lights”. The verses offer a controlled aggression oozing confidence while the chorus reminds you that that he is capable of drooping a smooth harmony. Listening to “City Lights” takes you through a ride of his environment at night. He is reflecting on the days past with eyes on the days to come. His combination of flow and harmony along with his southern tone is a Big Krit and Kirko Bangs combination that any Hip-Hop fan can enjoy and vibe too. Jeff Stones has been making the airwaves on online radio stations and underground radio stations and with tracks like “City Lights”, it is not hard to see why.”City Lights” will be featured on his debut EP title “No Regrets” is due in Fall 2015. Master plan, master mind, tryna be rich forever. LINKS || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD ||


New Music: SEYI – Sippin Tea Ft Matt Patick

SEYI Sippin Tea Cover

61845501[FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK] Inspiring Hip-Hop artist SEYI brings us his latest track called SIPPIN TEA. The track also features fellow Farmingdale State College Student Matt Patick. SIPPIN TEA will be on SEYI next mixtape N>I>B. This track fits well with that summer time, all around good vibes. SIPPIN TEA is a popular reference of Kermit the Frog’s MEME of him sipping tea and looking in the other direction. It says But That’s None Of My Own Business. I feel that inspired the title to this song and also the attitude. SEYI see’s that if you’re not putting in work, his going to work even harder. Sweet beat produced by Amir S, all the way from Canada. Be on the look out for SEYI’s upcoming mixtape N>I>B and don’t forget to follow him on TWITTER.


New Music: Izz The Unknown | Pre – Crash Landing


Izz The Unknown photo[REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA] Izz The Unknown releases his latest track PRE – CRASH LANDING. Izz invokes the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, even though this was before he was born. Izz feels that he crash landed on this Earth as this life form. PRE – CRASH LANDING is the sequel track TIME TRAVEL, which is a blend of spacey gritty flow. The track was produced by MATRIX BEATS and it was mixed by Brandon.McFlight. Here’s an introduction to who he is with cocky punchlines. I like this new sound, what do you guys think about Izz The Unknown PRE – CRASH LANDING?



New Music: JAYOMEGA – It’s My Time


Jayomega Photo[BRONX, NEW YORK] JAYOMEGA releases his latest track IT’S MY TIME. Inspired by 2Chainz mixtape Tru REALigion, using the hook as inspiration from one of his songs on that tape. It’s pretty dope that JAYOMEGA has some lines referencing to Dragon Ball Z. IT’S MY TIME was produced by SYER. He’s pretty confident in his lyrics. He just wants to show the world of Hip-Hop that it’s his time to come. What do you think of his track?



Music Video: DKO x CEZ – Undisputed

Undisputed Screenshot Video

[BROCKTON, MA] Currently artist CEZ has been making moves with new alliance artist DKO. For the last three weeks they’ve been working on nothing but music. DKO x CEZ released their visual for UNDISPUTED. This visual also has a warning message regarding this video contains flashes that can trigger people who deal with epilepsy. Viewer Discretion is Advised. UNDISPUTED was Shot and Edited By IAMSTILLILL. UNDISPUTED was produced by DUBZ908. DKO x CEZ have another video released it’s called KILL THAT NOISE. Currently the video was placed on facebook and has received nothing but love and attention from their viewers. Be on the look out for more releases from this DKO x CEZ hip-hop duo from Massachusetts.


New Music: Brenton – Knock It Off ft Kris Kasanova [Produced By J57]

Brenton Knock It Off

Brenton Photo[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Hip-Hop Artist Brenton recently released his second single KNOCK IT OFF from his upcoming mixtape The One Who Knocks. This time featuring Kris Kasanova on the track and amazing production by J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. Really diggin’ this slow 90’s style to KNOCK IT OFF. Boom-bap heads out there can vibe out to this. Brenton takes the first verse as Kris Kasanova closes it off with the second. Don’t forget to Press Play & Enjoy!



New Music: Case Arnold – Be Yourself ft. Tim Gent

ft tim gent

[CLARKSVILLE, TN] Case Arnold just released this morning, his new track BE YOURSELF with fellow Experience The Culture emcee Tim Gent. Just another track, Case Arnold is busy working on consistent releases until his next full-length project. BE YOURSELF was produced by Ozhora Miyagi, love the overall jazzy sound. Really gives a feel of the night life, with that sultry trumpet on the beat. Case Arnold expresses all the time and efforts he does with his life. From his relationships, long late nights, and being able to provide. It made me feel that maintaining who you really are will be able to help proceed with life. The collaboration between Case and Tim Gent is dope! Both flows complement each other and the production. You can leave this on repeat, for awhile. TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || INSTAGRAM ||


New Music: Nia Dinero – Super Nia

Super Nia Dinero

Nia Dinero Super Nia[WOODBRIDGE, VA] Newly Released Single SUPER NIA is from upcoming female rapper/singer Nia Dinero. Bringing us a style of uniqueness, cunning, and clever at what she does best, and that is RAP. SUPER NIA can be considered under a new genre of Hip-Pop. Nia Dinero hopes to inspire her audiences with her unprecedented flow compared to the interest of those who take to the seamless blends of rapping and singing. Her sound is a combination of Fergie, TLC, Missy Elliot, and Nicki Minjai. Nia Dinero also released a visual to this track view on VEVO Now. I think she’s pretty dope, can’t wait to hear future releases.
“When people hear me I want them to hear an artist, whether I rap or they hear me vocally, I want them to hear music.” -Nia Dinero



New Music: Dubby of Team Loko – Money Pools Ft Wayne Chapo of FTR

Dubby Money Pools

Dubby of Team Loko Money Pools[PENNSYLVANIA] Check out the latest single from Dubby of Team Loko with MONEY POOLS featuring the Detroit native, Wayne Chapo of Full Time Real (FTR). Inspired by a trap production by Scott Supreme from the UK. Last time we featured Dubby of Team Loko was when I featured his visuals for WELCOME TO THE SHOW, fresh off his Corpus Callosum mixtape. The collaboration between Dubby and Wayne Chapo mend well together. The overall vibe is straight krunk. MONEY POOLS can definitely be played at a club or crazy house party. || TWITTER || SOUNDCLOUD || YOUTUBE || INSTAGRAM ||


New Music: Darius Heywood – Pay In Gold

Pay In Gold Darius Heywood

Darious Heywood Cropped Photo[BROCKTON, MA] Darius Heywood presents us his latest track called PAY IN GOLD. This track will be featured on his upcoming EP Black Diamond Project, it’s tentatively set to be release later this Fall/ Early Winter 2015. One thing I have to mention about this track, Darius sounds clear, tone on point with the beat, this track is world ready. Darius Heywood sounds super confident, especially in the hook “You Better Pay My Price In Gold“. I can catch myself bumpin’ this track in my car, riding around getting errands done. PAY IN GOLD has a real dope kick and bounce that gives it a wavy vibe that pockets well with the flow and hook. Production brought to you by Tucson Arizona producer R E T R O 1. Stay connected with Darius Heywood by following his social media accounts ||SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


New Music: Breeze Embalm – Los Muertos

Breeze Embalm

Los Muertos[BRONX, NEW YORK] Breeze Embalm is not your ordinary rapper from the Bronx. He won The John Lennon songwriting grand prize in the hip-hop category with lines like “Once you crumble paper it can never be perfect, but you can still draw something so beautiful”. Today, we share Breeze Embalms latest single LOS MUERTOS. Releasing his first solo project The Ceremony of Nadir EP that takes you on a lyrical adventure. Breeze Embalm was selected to play in Brooklyn’s Hip Hop festival sponsored by Yume. Red Bull soundstage has also taken notice as their expert Louis Vito selected him as one of his top hip hop artists on the entire site. He has also shared the stage with YC the Cynic, Chris Rivers, Dee-1, Kosha Dillz to name a few. LOS MUERTOS was produced by Joey Keaze. Just love that Latino production, really makes me feel I’m hanging out in the Caribbean drinking a Piña Colada on the beach. Amanda Maxine on the hook, she really gives that latina taste to it. Breeze Embalm has lately been receiving love from 2DopeBoyz, URB Magazing, AllHipHop, and Jack Thriller. Be on the look out for Embalms upcoming EP Embalming Fluid which is set to release August 17th. Special features From Blu, Dessy Hinds (Pro Era), Enonymous and Amanda Maxine. [LINKS] WEBSITE || TWITTER || FACEBOOK || YOUTUBE ||


New Music: Charlie Domino – Addicted To Life


photo[HARLEM, NEW YORK] Charlie Domino drops his latest single ADDICTED TO LIFE, off of his upcoming Domino3ffect mixtape. One thing I really like about the track is the production. Since it’s so mellow, Charlie Domino takes it easy and expresses himself with his verses. Catchy Hook: We’re Addicted To Life… That Kinda Life That Made That Man Cheat On His Wife, That Kinda Life That Everything Got A Fucking Price, That Kinda Life Where People Never Think Twice…” I feel this kind of lifestyle wouldn’t make you completely satisfied because of the stress you have to endure with the consequences of all three. I’m in love with the sample used in the middle of the track. I feel that if everyone was rich off life than everyone would live a happier one. Apart of the sample says “Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is life forever“. Be on the look out this [FREESTYLE FRIDAY], where we got another dope freestyle by Charlie Domino.


New Music: ER305 – In My Ride Featuring Chace Greene

er305 InMyRide

ER Chace Greene shoot[MIAMI, FLORIDA] ER305 has been releasing installments apart of his Any Given Sundays sessions, this time bringing us a track titled IN MY RIDE featuring Miami Artist Chace Greene. Bouncy, hard hitting beat self-produced by ER, you can play this in your whip. ER and Chace Greene go in on their love for whips and riding around in Miami. Especially what they like to do in them too. Expect more collaborations between ER305 and Chace Greene in the near future. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM


New Music: The Prestigious One – Forever

The Prestigious One -Fover (Cover)

The Prestigious OneLifestyles of The Not So Rich & Famous[HARDWARE CITY, CT] The Prestigious One releases his latest single FOREVER off of his upcoming EP How Are Things 2. Smooth production by Paperboy Fabe & Just Hustle. Prestigious One gives a unique perspective on being happy in a climate where happy is synonymous with having material things. Prestige dares you to look at happiness as a personal perspective. And by doing that happy gives you the confidence to take over the world. Keeping the positive vibes no matter how negative the situation can be. Be on the look out for The Prestigious One’s upcoming EP How Are Things 2. [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || WEBSITE || YOUTUBE


New Music: Case Arnold – Shia LeBeouf


[CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE] Case Arnold HeadshotDJ Booth yesterday premiered Case Arnold’s new track SHIA LEBEOUF. This is just another fire ass track from Case which was produced by ChiefUs. One thing I really like about Case Arnold’s music is that it always resembles that true sound of hip-hop. Besides his choice of production, he has a keen sense to his flow. He gets mean in this one, for sure. Naming his track after actor Shia LeBeouf, Case Arnold found inspiration from him when he released his Motivational Speech Video. Case Arnold is silently working on his next project, but stay in the loop with him for all updates.