New Music: JAYOMEGA – No F*cks Given

jayomegaHave you ever experienced a day that you really give no fucks. You’re just on your own lane and you just want to take that ride. Bronx Artist JAYOMEGA definitely showcases this on his new single NO F*CKS GIVEN. This is actually JAYOMEGA first single off of his upcoming but currently untitled EP, scheduled to drop late this year. Jayomega uses his versatile style and sound to express his feelings, especially when it’s flicking the middle finger. With this track I can see it getting played in the club and everyone is just not giving a fuck and joining JAYOMEGA on the hook. “I Walk In With Stacks All In My Pants… Middle Finger To The Skies Screaming I Don’t Give No Fucks”! Stay in the loop with JAYOMEGA on his social media links below.



New Music: Xali – FuckWitDaGawd

Recently, SoFloHipHop Artist Xali released this track called FUCKWITDAGAWD. This track unexpectedly dropped and caused ruckus. FUCKWITDAGAWD is the follow-up from his single “Still“. Xali brings the essence of old school boom-bap with a modern hip-hop production from Illlnstramentals. This will be included in the prelude to Xali’s upcoming album which is currently in the works. We can’t wait! From his previous project “The American House Slave” by the way, I still play it till this date. But anywho, back to FUCKWITDAGAWD. Xali touches subjects from hitting your lows, embracing yourself, and even touches topics of suicide. It can get deep for anyone dealing with life. Ranging from death, betrayal, and realization. Why wouldn’t you find this relevant. I’ve dealt with all of those subjects that were mentioned, so I completely feel for Xali. Life can be fucked up at times but you gotta get through it.

In #FuckWitTheGawd song you hear me address certain things that all derive from true experiences and thoughts, to give people a small insight of who I am on a daily. To conclude with a real question (non rhetorical) Do you want to fuxk with the gawd… Whether that be me or yourself.. Do you wanna tap into your source… The Consciousness We Fell From. -Xali

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New Music: VSTHEREAL – Took A Vow

First things first, I would like to introduce to you VSTHEREAL, an artist repping his city New York City. He recently released his first single TOOK A VOW, off of his upcoming mixtape R.O.M The Honeymoon VOL 2. I’ve listened in on TOOK A VOW and I have to say it’s very well put together! From the sweet production to VSTHEREAL’s flow on the track. The whole concept of making a promise to himself and becoming a better person and being more focused on what he wants with his life. Truly Motivational. Tracks hella dope too. R.O.M stands for Rest Of Me. The concept of the mixtape is about the promises VSTHEREAL made to himself and to be passionate about the ones involved in his life. His focus in now on putting himself first, family second, and his music third. After listening to the single, what type of promises you’ll like to make to yourself?

I owe nobody any explanations for my choices and expect no hand out to be given . I summed all that up in TOOK A VOW. – VSTHEREAL

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New Music: Bozé – Want

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.27.44 PMFirst official release from Bozé’s Extra Credit Mixtape with WANT. Produced by Extra Credit and Mixed by Messiah. Bozé currently resides in Las Vegas but has a heart of a New Yorker. His music style ranges from Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dub Step, and even a Rock essence. Bozé expresses himself how he feels about a woman of interest. Another dope track from the project is Don’t Stop. By the way the production was made by Extra Credit is sick! Currently Bozé has his Bozé, Rocka: The Album via soundcloud, you should definitely take a listen. And don’t forget to follow Bozé on his social media links below.



New Music: SEYI – Wanna Be

In Far Rockaway, you’ll find an inspiring hip-hop artist SEYI. Besides being a student at Farmingdale State College working on getting his pro-communications degree and is a host of his very own radio show on Ramnationradio.com or through mobile on the “tune in” app. MwvbBgdz SEYI is an active member of his fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. You would think he would have to much on his plate. But with good scheduling and understanding of his priorities, he still focus’ on his music. He’s been able to perform at Revolution and at Empirium (Long Islands Biggest Party). Currently SEYI is working on his second mixtape, which will be “N.I.B No In Between“. Releasing his single WANNA BE from his upcoming project. WANNA BE sets the tone right. SEYI keeps his flow and lyrics over Mr. Marx production calm, cool, and collect.

Honestly I believe what makes me different is the story I am telling and the perspective that I speak from because I feel that I’m expressing thoughts and emotions that aren’t heard often in hip-hop. – SEYI

Stayed tuned for N.I.B and anything else going on for SEYI! Tune in on Thursdays for his Used Too Thursdays show. Playing you’re favorite throwbacks.


New Music: Alex Wiley – Right Right featuring Kembe X

Premiering his track RIGHT RIGHT first with Complex, here at NikkiSiixx we would like to show you why they keep talking about Chicago Rapper Alex Wiley. Besides recently performing at Dope Entertainment’s ROLLING LOUD FESTIVAL in Miami and headlining his first show in NYC for SOBs. After that he heads out to Austin Texas for some performances at SXSW! This kid just doesn’t stop.
-6wt_W4zRIGHT RIGHT features Wiley’s fellow Village Crew member, Kembe X, and production from West Coast duo, Hippie Sabotage. Kembe X and Hippie Sabotage have been previously featured here on NikkiSiixx.com. Kembe X (New Music: Kembe X – “Hydrocodone” (Poker Face)) and Hippie Sabotage VACANTS (Download/Listen). Clearly Alex Wiley know’s who to work with when creating a dope song like RIGHT RIGHT. From his flow, delivery, and wordplay is on point. The chemistry amongst the talent really brings this track for an instant repeat. Well, it was more like 10 times. Be on the look out for Alex Wiley in a country near you since he’s going international with a few performances out of state. See below for Upcoming Tour Dates:
3/18-3/21 – SXSW – Austin
4/10 – Rust – Copenhagen
4/11 – Chesters – Berlin
4/14 – Birthdays – London
4/15 – Batofar – Paris
4/16 – Melkweg – Amsterdam
4/17 – Trix – Antwerp

“What I really want right now is to be the motherf**king drought 3 era mixtape Wayne of 2015 for my fans. I’m making music for people to wang in real life situations with their real life squad.” -Alex Wiley



New Music: Devon Culbert – Oh Lawd featuring Isaiah G

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.05.35 PMUp and coming hip-hop artist Devon Culbert from Tampa Florida, is apart of the youngest generation. Only being 16, Devon is able to maintain his own and was able within two years to come up with his concept and then about eight months on the actual project, Just For Practice EP. He recently released a track called OH LAWD featuring Chicago’s own Isaiah G. This was something “quick” cypher from Devon Culbert and Isaiah G. They were lucky to find this really laid-back beat from The Entreproducers that they could both vibe to and contrast with for full-effect OH LAWD. Song is straight BARS!! Stay tune for future features from Devon Culbert and follow him below on social media.



New Music: Gill Graff – Bad Girls featuring TAY

bad-girls1Miami Artist Gill Graff joins forces with Chi-Town’s TAY for BAD GIRLS. The track expresses their perspectives on women who use temptation as a weapon to create lust towards them. Can the boys resist the temptation in BAD GIRLS? Gill Graff linked up with Emilio Rojas and Vinny Cha$e on his latest mixtape Let Me Fail. Gill takes the first verse and Tay takes the second. Hope BAD GIRLS comes with the visual! You just need to stay tuned with Gill Graff’s social media to get updated on the latest!!

Cover Model: Shakira Hernandez (INSTAGRAM)
Art cover photo credit : @Ohrangutang



New Music: Ron Slyda – Going Hard

Check out the latest track from Miami’s own Ron Slyda with GOIND HARD. If you’re not too familiar with Ron Slyda, let me get you familiar!! He is filled with Southern Soul which is portrayed through he’s music especially with his Album BLUE SUMMER: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Which has been recently remastered by Valhalla Entertainment which you can get via iTunes. Besides the soul he also brings in the trap! With lyrics expressing drug raids, low self-esteem, and prevailing at the end. Insane production brought to you by George Seals. Feeling Ron Slyda? Don’t forget to follow him on social media to get all the latest: TWITTERINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE


New Music: 1Known – Vices

1Known goes on the defensive about a handful of his hobbies in his latest single “Vices”. His flow weaves through a hard-hitting, self-produced instrumental while explaining his reasoning for doing the things he does. The beat builds aggressively, allowing 1Known to bluntly shoot down any unrequested advice regarding “better” ways to pass time. This discussion is a matter of opinion, and sometimes people just like what they like. This is another hard hitting single from the artist as he continues to perfect his craft. My favorite part of this song was without a doubt “See me all I need is weed, women and corona” because he wasn’t afraid to admit exactly what he likes regardless of judgment being passed.

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New Music: Joe Sauseda- Radio

sausedaMany musicians dream of having their music on the radio for people to enjoy. This is true for Sauseda, however it’s not just enjoyable music that he’s concerned with. The message with “Radio” is to find something worth listening to, with truth that brings positivity to the listeners ears. The Waco, TX artist brings us just that in his single with lyrical content that can be played across all demographics. Sauseda did a great job of capturing the feel good chorus that radioheads enjoy along with delivering lyrics for the true hip-hop lovers. Check out the song below and feel free to leave comments.

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NEW MUSIC: L.atasha A.lcindor (L.A.) “Go Off (A Prelude to (R)evolution)”

I’m talkin’ if you gang affiliated you need to protect your block / I’m not talking about them niggas / I’m talking about a cop watch / We gotta go off

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 7.23.10 PMWith a vicious tongue and unapologetic stance, Brooklyn’s own L.atasha A.lcindor (L.A.) unleashes on gentrification, police brutality, poor education, the media and gang violence in her latest release from her refreshing Fantastic Planet series. On GO OFF, L.A. goes off, pointing intimidating fingers at the culprits — the system and its henchmen, the cops — without being preachy or predictable. She’s always been “ahead of the boys, running,” she says, but now is the time to stop running, speak up and demand change: We need to police our own communities; shit, we need revolution. We need to GO OFF! And from this record alone, L.A. has me convinced. Just listen to the anguish and passion in her voice, as she spits violently over a stripped down NYC beat, and you tell me you’re not ready to “set it off like Left Eye“.


L.A. lands at #9 on the #AWKWORDapproved Top 20 Female Rappers List and one of the #AWKWORDapproved Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2015



New Music: Awkword – Headlines

Activist. Sociologist. Gonzo Journalist, Rapper AWKWORD world premieres his single HEADLINES on HIPHOPDX. HEADLINES was also produced by Beyonce’s “7/11” (OG) Bobby Johnson. Very dope collaboration between the two. AWKWORD takes us on a look back on what he’s done in 2014. From selling his album, getting compensated for a track such as DEEP SEA for The Ocean Project, and being an active protestor. I really like AWKWORD’s flow and tone to his lyrics. By the end it leaves us to wonder will AWKWORD have something in store for 2015? We’ll just have to be on the look out for that. Don’t forget to follow his social media links to get updated on what’s going on with AWKWORD: TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE


New Music: YoAstrum – Megaman X

IMG_04452Check out the latest track from South Jersey Artist YoAstrum with MEGAMAN X. Front runner of Jersey based collective ZERO SAGA and a member of clique Organic Geniuses as well. YoAstrum is able to maintain his own lane with his music. Being able to produce, mix, engineer, and write… he is able to stand alone. ABJO killed this track with the Megaman infused beat. YoAstrum is a fan of art, anime, and anything that inspires him in his life in general. If you’re a MEGAMAN fan you’ll appreciated this track for it’s references and the amazing production. Don’t forget to press PLAY and follow YoAstrum on his social media links below:


New Music: Diverze – “Oh Lawd”

Diverse_OhLawdAs a student at Syracuse University, I have had the pleasure of being exposed to a lot of artist from Upstate New York. Diverze is one of those artists, that I have seen grow and continuously strive to make better music with every release. Hailing from Buffalo, New York , Diverze just released the first track off his upcoming The Mixtape B4 The Mixtape project, which we can expect in the near future. With the Nova produced “Oh Lawd,” Diverze is working to make “moves that’s out of this world.” Diverze has a unique flow that at times is reminiscent of legendary artists that to this day create music that people love to play in their whip, such as Big Boi. The song makes the scene pretty clear. Diverze is riding through the city of Buffalo with a lot on his mind, and of course, he’s dealing with doubters and women who are not quite sure whether to hop on the bandwagon just yet. If Diverze keeps grinding the way he has, the bandwagon may be full sooner than later. Once you start nodding to this cut, you’ll know what I mean. You can purchase “Oh Lawd” on iTunes here.



New Music: Jinxxx – Elevation

CMMztW4N_400x400After a hiatus, JINXXX released her track ELEVATION, right in time for halloween. But I finally was able to review the track today. And I got to say that this Baltimore Maryland Female Rapper, JINXXX… Is a pretty dope emcee. She goes hard on this track and it definitely compliments the production. While growing up Jinxxx was inspired by her brother’s freestyle abilities and couldn’t help but embrace the culture. By developing her own style and devotion in improving her craft, JINXXX was born.

I am a femcee that lyrically can give the beat a beating but also relate to the events and struggles of everyday people. I come off as a hard nose but really just a weirdo who is trying to make her way in the game being as authentic as possible. -Jinxxx

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New Music: KasFlow featuring Mal Pacino – Waiting 4 The Blow Up

#W4TBUKasFlow is a 20-year-old Atlanta MC that has never hesitated in telling his loyal listeners how he feels. Well, with his latest cut, “Waiting 4 The Blow Up,” Kas is fairly pissed but mostly focused and prepared. Standing in the forefront of his TNC (The Nayborhood Clubhouse) crew, the dread-headed artist probably faces a lot of pressure. He has had countless tracks with plenty of plays and receives good blog coverage. Of course there is much more to being an artist, but for the most part this kid is checking off all of the necessary boxes needed to actually “blow up.” Therefore, it makes sense that KasFlow addresses the fact that he hasn’t quite taken off in a slightly aggressive, but ironically patient manner. His new offering is produced by David Greene and features fellow TNC artist Mal Pacino. The two artists get a bit introspective as they discuss their come up, and keep the essence of hip-hop by spitting some braggadocios bars that will be sure to give you quote for you Twitter bio. Stream KasFlow’s dope new single below! theRUNNA mixtape is coming soon.

Twitte Accounts: @KasFlow@tncpacino@DGreene43


New Music: John Doe Featuring Redd – “Favorite Song”

19-year-old Florida rapper John Doe recently dropped some new heat, that just might become your favorite song. The cut, entitled “Favorite Song” has that down south bounce that will have listeners imagining John Doe swangin’ in a classic whip with his friends. John says the track is something fun he decided to throw out to see who is checking for his music. Well, I’m definitely excited for more music from this kid, especially if “Favorite Song” is a sample of what’s to come. John’s upbeat tone compliments the Redd production perfectly as he spits some care-free lyrics that essentially tell us to love this track as much as he does. Redd also contributes some vocals to record on the hook, singing “This right here your favorite song/Sum for you sing along.” The track ends with a much appropriate trippy, chopped and screwed John Doe; a final blow of extra southern flavor. Stream “Favorite Song” above!