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Video: Art Morera – 12:00AM Tour – Florida Recap “Midnight In A Perfect World” Freestyle

Recently, Art Morera was on his 12:00AM Promo Tour. Traveling from Miami to Lake Worth, Orlando, and Winterpark Florida. The video is a great way to showcase the tour where Art was performing and promoting himself. Passing out a PROJECT MIX and a 12:00AM Stickers. I find the visuals to be on point. Love the transitions from color to black and white. The shout out from Shorty at the beginning of the video was a great introduction to Art Morera’s freestyle over DJ Shadow’s Midnight In A Perfect World. His flow and switch-ups are impressive.

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New Music: Art Morera – Dominate (Miami Heat Anthem)

Dominate by Art Morera

NBA tips off season with five games on Christmas Day
By NBA official
Posted Dec 2 2011 1:42PM

NEW YORK — The NBA today announced that the league’s 66th season will tip off Christmas Day with a five-game slate, contingent on timely ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement.

What other way do you think it’s possible to celebrate the return of NBA? By introducing you to the Miami Heat’s Anthem Dominate by Art Morera, featured on his mixtape 12:00AM. Production on DOMINATE is from Alphabeat (Grammy-Nominated Multi-Platinum Engineer/Producer).

Art Morera truly brings the music to life with his inspirational, motivated, and basketball references. His word play is right on point and his vocals are fresh! Art brings up NBA legend Michael Jordan, with the 2-3 reference in the beginning of his third verse Who? ME! The equivalent to the 2 3. The one that can jump and dunk from where you shoot frees. Kept leaping ’til he grew wings, won the championship and came home with a new ring. Also, mentioning top NBA players like Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and even Kobe Bryant.

I can definitely see DOMINATE playing at The American Airlines Arena, when the Miami HEAT are minutes away, about to win The Finals. Even on EA sports, ESPN, in commercials, this song has endless possibilities.

Now, No one ever said It was going to be easy
No one ever said It was going to be easy
But when I make a move I’ma DOMINATE, Ima DOMINATE, Homie Ima DOMINATE [x2]

Let me know what you think?! Comment Below: Did Art Morera DOMINATE?


Mixtape Review: Art Morera – 12:00AM

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Miami’s artist Art Morera released his debut mixtape 12:00AM on June 3rd, 2011 and has been talked about on numerous sites. I wanted to share with you my mixtape review of 6 of my favorite tracks. This was a very hard decision because the entire tape is top quality and different. Combining Hip-Hop, Indie, Alternative, Rock, and having a really unique voice that has so much personality and with his lyricism.. it’s on point. Now let’s get this review started:

WAKE UP Has a great introduction to 12:00AM, it kinda felt like I was waking up with sun shinning on my face. Really. Art has a great flow that fits perfect with the beat. WAKE UP really. “I’m destined for greatness. I don’t say unless I’m mistaken”

AMBITIOUS FT. J5 This song is so much fun! This puts me in a really great mood, great song to vibe to. Jam out to Art Morera’s melodies and catchy chorus’ that stay playing in your head throughout your day =] @J5 joins the track and goes in, he even said “homie I aim high wine house smokin bud!” The track really relates to how the world is nowadays. The economy is terrible but this song really motivates you to keep going. “It’s kinda like all that we want is another paycheck, like it’s no tomorrow”

DOMINATE This would have been the perfect anthem when the Miami Heat where in the finals against the Mavericks this year. Maybe next year when the Heat win it and this song can really motivate them. The production on this track is amazing! @AlphaBeatMusic was behind this one! DOMINATE can also fit for EA sports, ESPN, commercials, this song has endless possibilities. “Who? ME! The equivalent to the 2 3. The one that can jump and dunk from where you shoot frees. Kept leaping ’til he grew wings, won the championship and came home with a new ring”

SPRAYPAINT AND INK PENS FREESTYLE This has to be one of my favorite freestyles over FORT MINOR spraypaint and ink pens Art’s flowed through that track easily! Art goes hard on this one and he just kills it. You can hear confidence through his tone. “Being the boss Hugo. The rest still got a long way to go, kinda like Tupac on rooftops who got the jugo? I do! you don’t”

MAN ON THE MOON FREESTYLE *Bonus* Right in the beginning you hear a voice… that voice is mine! “you gotta feel like your in space” Vibe out on Art’s take on Kid Cudi’s Man on The Moon. Describing a voyage for an alien who is trying to reach Earth but ends up getting stuck on the moon, while he observes Earth from above. Personally, I think Art did better than Cudi. “I fled from my home planet in an escape pod, and for that I thank God. Cause had I stayed it would of been a death of a star like Dark Vader”

U Shoulda Binaire This is a great example by Art how he can story-tell within his lyrics. When Art starts describing when he witness an argument of a couple. “Out of nowhere a Farrari stopped. A man arguing with his female she fell outta the car in shock, start bursting into tears from how hard she dropped, outta fear people near going to call the cops, she got up like what the fussing fighting and cussing, decided to hush, bitting her tongue, eyeing the blood that she wiped from her lip got inside his whip and they dipped. You shoulda been there” You can literally picture it happening in your head. Great format for a track. Makes the listener feel like they’re really there.

This concludes my mixtape review on Art Morera’s 12:00AM. Don’t forget to click the cover art for your exclusive download right to your computer. Art Morera will be performing at Club Eve July 28th for NETWERK presented by FLSP and I.



Download: Art Morera 12:00AM

Art Morera’s Debut Mixtape 12:00AM is finally here! Upload above. Great vibe for the entire tape! It rides out from beginning to end.

01. Wake Up
02. Ambitious Featuring J5
03. Jordan
04. Dominate
05. Technology Remix Featuring MAYDAY
06. SprayPaint And Ink Pens Freestyle
07. For Now
08. Man On The Moon Freestyle
09. Devil In A New Dress Freestyle
10. U Shoulda Binaire
11. Lockjaw Freestyle
12. The Movie Ends

If your really diggin’ the tape, please comment below with your feedback! πŸ™‚