Visual: Art Morera – 12:01 EP – Production By iLLMurray

What a way to illustrate an EP with a short candid film following a night in Art Morera’s life. By bringing us his EP 12:01. The thirteen minute visual takes you along with Art on a night to escape from reality. Playing out the five tracks from the EP. (TwentyFour) From hanging out with his friends in Coconut Grove to (Welcome Mat) daydreaming finding a bag of cash on his welcome mat, (Volume) then heading out to a hip-hop show. Then unwind at a lobby with beautiful b-roll of fish in an aquarium (Drown), and bringing a rose to his girl back home (Don’t Come Home).

Sick Production from iLLMurray (Mr.Nixon & Mydus) and what a great eye with direction from Kimber Vasquez behind the lens. Can’t wait for the EP’s official release on iTunes.

12:01 is a great listen! It’s hard to pick your ultimate favorite track, since all of the songs are unique, dope, brings a great vibe, and its different. iLLMurray brings out the best of Art Morera’s wordplay and confidence. From my favorite track to a little less favorite track will be Volume, Drown, TwentyFour, Don’t Come Home, and Welcome Mat. This order is still not right! Very hard to choose. Better yet why don’t you take a listen to Art Morera’s visual EP and don’t forget to HASHTAG #1200AM A THOUSAND TIMES!