Beat Tape: Xia-Dawn | pisces.

xia_dawn[MIAMI, FLORIDA] MC/Producer Xia-Dawn released his second beat tape/instrumental project titled pisces. I love the overall jazzy hip-hop vibe of pisces.. Xia-Dawn was able to capture the feeling of a fleeing summer, and the chain between the mood and the tides. Very soulful, indeed. I feel the soulfulness of some of these tracks provides a story of life is love. Xia-Dawn has poured a lot of his heart and emotions into pisces. Favorite beats off this instrumental tape are Amnesia1, Say You’ll Love Me (And I Know You’re Lying), I’ll Always Miss Your Love [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || TUMBLR

NikkiJoMazing – Season One Episode Four

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive episode recapping last week’s episode with QuESt but with Live footage from the show at Culture Room! Co-heading tour “While You Wait Tour” with Logic. Then a recap from Sunday’s Block Party Event brought to you by 8and9 x SAE x Becks Beer x Prez P x JNICS at The Showroom. Check out what events we’ll be attending to this week in Miami, FL… Thursday May 29th Blackbird Ordinary, Friday May 30th Moonchine. Stay tuned every Monday 4PM Eastern. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing and INSTAGRAM

BEAT ALERT: Nixon – Episode 1 Club 50 series


BEAT ALERT! Miami Producer Nixon releases his first beat in his Club 50 Series, to bring in the new year. The Club 50 Series every Friday Night Nixon will release another beat from his very diverse catalog. ‘EPISODE ONE’ gives me a vibe from Sleepy Hollow mixed with Final Fantasy VIII ODIN search scene. I can only image what a talented artist is going to do with this beat.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy New Year. Club 50 is a project I will be starting in 2014 where every Friday, I will drop a new beat on my soundcloud to showcase my diverse beat catalog. This being the first one I decided to make something special today and started with a sample I’ve had in my crates since the beginning of my musical journey some 7 years ago. I appreciate the time you took to listen to this and I hope you like it. Thank you and God Bless.


Interview: Just Visions LLC


For this weeks segment, I decided to show love to someone who works behind the scenes in the music industry rather than the forefront. I feel that music producers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, etc a lot of the times don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I asked myself,”Why not make this piece about someone who does it all”? I felt that Just Visions was the perfect candidate. But, instead of doing a write-up, I thought we’d all get to know Just Visions and his brand a little better in a brief Q&A. You can also checkout some of his work down below:

Q: What inspired you to pick up the camera?
A: My father took up photography as a hobby later on in life & left behind all his equipment & inspiration. So one day, I picked up his old Nikon D200 and was amazed how nice the pictures came out. A couple weeks went by, made some business cards and went to Club Living Room on South Beach when G Phill had that place on smash. I just took pictures of everyone, handed out my card, and posted them on Facebook. Next thing I know everyone was asking me, “How much”? It took off from there.

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: I mostly get inquires about photography (photo shoots, weddings, baby showers, kids events, club events) music videos, and V-logs. I don’t advertise but I also do graphic design and music production.

Q: Does Just Visions specialize in only music videos or can we expect a short film in the future?
A: I’m actually working on a featured film script to be shot in North Miami. I don’t really want to give to much away. We’re still putting the pieces together & building the right team in order to execute the vision.

Q: Where do you see Just Visions 5 years from now?
A: I hope I’m everywhere in 5 years! I would really like to expand Just Visions into a major production company based out of Miami, FL. I’d provide visual solutions from production to post production, high budget featured films, to working directly with major record labels shooting music videos.

Q: If you could summarize what Just Visions is all about in one sentence, what would it be?
A: Just Visions… It’s all on how you see it!





Music Video: Monk – Hustla’s Motive

Mirror Muzik’s very own Monk brings us his latest visual for his single “Hustla’s Motive” produced by Illegal Sounds.  A song that breaks down the do’s & dont’s of hustlin’.

Can you tell me what we hustlin for?
Nigga dont you ask no fucking questions dont get comfortable
And act as if you stackin for the winter through the summer fool

The visual shows you two different points of views. The legal hustle, the illegal hustle & their outcome. I love how Monk consistently releases great music that relates to any listener. He’s lyrical, with a message but can still get everyone hype at the same time. Ive been networking with Monk and his team for a couple years now & the growth in this young mans music is AMAZING! He’ll be releasing his, as of yet, untitled album in January. I definitely recommend everyone support him & his movement. You can also checkout his interview & freestyle on Sway in the morning below.


Music Video: Miss Angelina – Magic City

Check out the latest music video from Miss Angelina titled MAGIC CITY. Miss Angelina gives an ode to Miami lifestyle with this really dope track. This video shows exactly how beautiful Miami is. Bright colors and sunshine. Spots from South Beach, Little Havana, and Wynwood. So much life from skateboarders, graffiti artists, to people walking down the street. Miss Angelina is definitely talented! Rapping and Singing from English to Spanish. Love the diversity, which plays out Miami perfectly. Repping Boricua’s everywhere, Angelina has style, talent, and has been seen on American Latino, MTV, VH1, the CW, and more. Stay tuned for what’s in store for Miss Angelina. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Te Amo Tres Zero Cinco


Director: Miss Angelina & Evelyn Paniagua
Song Producer: DJ Sharpsound


New Music: Gill Graff – Champagne Shower featuring Anjuli Stars

Recent release from Miami artist Gill Graff titled Champagne Shower featuring the notorious Anjuli Stars. This is always a great duet to hear out. I feel their collaborations are always dope! The track is originally Big KRIT’s “Vent“, but I find this to relate since Gill Graff vent’s on this track. Going over the struggles in trying to get this money to help support his family and his career. “Walk with me but before you take my shoes, Be ready to endure every scrape every bruise.”

This track is featured on Gill Graff’s upcoming mixtape Therapeutic 2. If you’re not to familiar with Gill Graff you should definitely peep his previous projects: The Outlier and Therapeutic. View Below The Making of Champagne Shower. Gill Graff comes through to IV Studios to meet up with Anjuli Stars and get to work on their upcoming track Champagne Shower.

I Want The Money, Fame, Power. I Know The Game Is Ours. So Before We Hit The Bottoms Up I’m Ready For My Champagne Shower. Got Hennessy On Deck, Ciroc On Deck, & The Weed Smokin’ Getting Louder. So Before We Break It All Up I’m Ready For My Champagne Shower.

Gill Graff – @GillGraffWEBSITE
Anjuli Stars – @AnjuliStarsWEBSITE

Music Video: Anjuli Stars – It’s Yours

Starting this year right the lovely Anjuli Stars releases her first visual of the new year, IT’S YOURS. From Starvation Vol. 2, Anjuli takes us to her hometown of Miami, Florida. The video takes place when she’s chilling with her homegirls on the pourch. She letting us know how she feels about a special someone… Later on she’s with him baking goodies in the kitchen. The video was directed by Gil Videos.

I’m loving this song right now! In IT’S YOURS Anjuli demonstrates her talents when she sings a beautiful chorus and raps a dope verse. This song is definitely for the ladies who are in love.

‘Its Yours’ was written at a time where I was very much in love, so there’s a joy, a sweetness & an innocence throughout the entire video.” says Anjuli

After the release of IT’S YOURS, Anjuli is set to to kick off a series of music videos featuring her last two projects Starvation Vol. 1 & 2! Can’t wait to see what’s to come from Anjuli Stars.

written entirely by: Anjuli & Produced by: Low Key (GhostWiridah) with Co-Production from New York native: StayBent Krunkadelic



Music Video: Beautiful Struggle – Hometown

HOMETOWN is the latest music video from Beautiful Struggle, a hip-hop group coming from Miami, FL. The group consists of 4 members: A.L.I., T-Med, Don Woodz, and the last member is Chris Syms from Philadelphia, PA. I didn’t realize this track’s chorus was sampled from Adele’s Hometown Glory, but it was awesome that they added her visual of a live performance into the music video. HOMETOWN has also been featured on NikkiSiixx.com’s NETWERK VOL FIVE mixtape. During the video you can see some famous Miami Landmarks like The Airlines Arena, Wynwood Art Walls, Bayside, Miami Beach, Port of Miami, and more. They represent the true underground hip-hop. HOMETOWN is off of their upcoming project And Here We Stand Tall which will be releasing Mid January.



New Music: Anjuli Stars – Buss Shots

Buss Shots by anjulistars
Anjuli Stars released her single Buss Shots debuting her second project Starvation Vol 2! I’ve actually been waiting to hear any new updates about her upcoming project, and it’s finally here. The date of release — Christmas Day! But you can take a look at a previous review I did on Starvation Vol 1.

The record Buss Shots was produced by StayBent Krunkadelic & written by Anjuli Stars. The chorus is so catchy! I feel that this song is for the ladies! A women’s perspective that we’ve all been in a situation between a man you love but he has another, and won’t make up his mind. This track is a great introduction to what’s in store, when Anjuli releases Starvation VOL 2!

“The gun shots are a metaphor for expression. Buss Shots is about shooting down through lyrical expression. I’m not literally shooting anyone. Its not a violent record at all, I actually consider it a love song.” –Anjuli Stars



Music Video: Serum – Rebel Without Applause

This video is crazy! Serum released Rebel Without Applause his second single off his upcoming album P.C.P (Pre Campaign Propaganda). Serum really knows how to make a track sound dark which Mupalia Pictures were able to create a video to showcase it. Rebel Without Applause is a dope track and great production from Ozny. The Make-up in this video was on point and it really made the character look like a evil monster, shoutout to Morgan Chandler for the impressive work.



Mixtape Review: Anjuli Stars “Starvation Vol 1”

Click Image To Download
In September, Starvation: VOL 1 was titled “Mix-tape of The Month” on The305.com. Anjuli Stars kills this mix-tape. She provides the illest vocals, lyricism, and major swag. With her empowering voice and the delivery she has is ridiculous. I’ve been hearing nothing but awesome compliments from others, so I needed to take a listen… totally impressed!

Check out my review on Anjuli Star’s mix-tape Starvation: VOL 1. I’ll review 6 tracks out of 10. Enjoy!

[JUNGLE] Reggae influenced with a sense of dancehall. You just want to dance and jam to this joint. Her voice is so refreshing, haven’t heard vocals like hers in a minute. When she’s saying the verses, she goes hard. Fierce! And the lyrics.. Real.

[Rest Of Your Life Ft Lunch Money] The hook really won me over, it’s real catchy. Love jammin’ to it. She speaks on the behalf of any woman that feels like this for their man, they can agree with her. Real Dope! Not to mention the track features Lunch Money, which I found his verse to be real nice. A good addition to this track.

[The One] The chorus to this goes hard. I love it! I sing along all the time. This track gives you the vibe that your in a cafe lounge and watching Anjuli Stars performing on stage. Also, this track gives you a feel your listening to old school hip hop. Straight chilling in this one.

[Fish In The Water] This has to be one of my favorites! I can really relate to this track. The melodies in this are insane! It would be pretty awesome if this track can have it’s own music video. Possible suggestion?

[Cry Baby] You really need to hear this track. You can feel Anjuli’s passion through her voice. The beat is jammin’ and that reggae sense to it, her voice really goes well with that style of music. Take a good listen you might learn something.

[Wandering Eyes] Any woman will know exactly where Anjuli is coming with this track! You really letting him know what’s up and you don’t play games. Reggae influenced. The beat and her vocals fit perfectly together. “I need a man I don’t need a child”

I hope you enjoyed my review on Anjuli Stars mixtape “Starvation: VOL 1”. If you want more information on Anjuli check out the links below.