Fashion: DoeBotz Clothing Line

On this time on FASHION via I bring you a brand from Washington DC, a clothing line DOEBOTZ! I came across them via Instagram and I really like what they have going for themselves, their styles, and who doesn’t love robots?! Check out what they stand for and some new looks.

Doebotz are people who understand the true meaning and value of their lives, and refuse to be made into human ro(botz). Human ro(botz) that are programmed to do repetitive jobs day in & day out just for the compensation of money (doe). Doebotz have found creative ways to tap into their true desires. They are risk takers, creative, resilient, resourceful, & intelligent. They have decided, “That I will create my own path in this life, and my life will be driven by passion for the things I truly believe in.” Once that decision has been made and then followed up with a vision & hard-work you now hold the power to dictate your worth in this world! The world is yours & all of the beautiful things that come with it…

-Unplug Yourself & Join Us
-Doebotz Clothing Co.
-Washington D.C.
Doebotz specializes in the production of street influenced quality apparel and accessories; Their brand is built on passion, creativity, intellect, & freedom. This is why supports DoeBotz, we have similar beliefs. Don’t forget to follow the movement with their social media links below.

Twitter: @doebotz
Instagram: @doebotz
Facebook: /doebotz

Fashion: Random Star Couture


This week, I thought Id change it up a bit & write a piece about fashion. I thought, who better to start this segment off than Melissa & Andrea George, founders of Random Star Couture. These two talented sisters are slowly but surely taking the fashion industry by storm.
Not only do they design original garments & accessories for males & females but they also provide hair, make-up, & tailoring services as well. I like to call them the “One Stop Shop“.They’ve worked on set with big names such as Lebron James, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Zoe Saldana, & Fashion Guru June Ambrose for the 2006 Rocawear campaign.

They also designed custom pieces for Somaya Reece & Nisha Rockstarr. With many fashion shows, photoshoots, videos, and campaigns under their belt it seems that these two sisters have tunnel vision to the top. They plan on opening their own salon by next year specializing in every aspect of beauty & plan on selling their clothing line “Random Star Couture” as well. So ladies, if you need to get glammed up for your next event make sure you hit up The George Sisters. You can thank me later.




Fashion: KicDrum Products – Fresh Gear!

Came across KicDrum, a Music and Design Production Company from Philly. These guys have some really fresh gear and check out what else they offer from T-Shirts, Hats, Accessories, and Vinyl’s.

Love this shirt in red! Hip-Hop Origins from the Emcee with a mic & a ghetto blaster, Drummer with classic SP-1200, and a female tambourine dancer.

The hat is too dope! Limited edition Rainbow Six custom crafted five panel adjustable cap. You will need to get your Pre-Orders in! Don’t miss out.

Damn! This one is sold out! I love the color selection in the Guru’s photo transitions.

KicDrum Products combines street music and street fashion, creating BOOM BAP hip-hop for your head and gear to rock during your daily operations. Every piece of KicDrum clothing is carefully and uniquely designed to reflect KDP’s artistic and musical tastes. Every piece of music released is created to remind you that hard Hip-Hop lives.