FREESTYLE: Art Morera – Covert Loop$

Covert Loop$ Artwork

art-morera-afterglow-ep-cover-artAfter Art Morera dropped the Afterglow EP, during his campaign he released the Covert Loop$. This is where Art Morera freestyles over 3 instrumentals. The instrumentals can be found on Curren$y and Alchemist’s Covert Coup project. I really like how all three beats are all in one track. Art is one hell of a story-teller, and his lyrics come to life and play a movie in your head. Here’s where Art Morera demonstrates he can take over any beat. Follow his journey and make sure you download the Afterglow EP.



Download: Art Morera – Afterglow EP


IMG_0612[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After the success of his debut album Around Midnight, Art Morera has something ready for the listeners for the new year. And it’s the Afterglow EP, the nine track project solely produced by long time collaborator Nixon. Go on the journey with Art Morera, while he sets to motivate and inspire you to and make your own adventure. Check out the dope coverart of Art’s dog Morty who has his head out the window. This represents the joy you find whether you’re going through obstacles that happen to come your way. The Afterglow EP features Royce Rizzy from Privateclub and Miami Artist Ramon Revere. I’ll be reviewing Afterglow with a more in-depth in an upcoming EP Review, stay tuned and don’t forget to download!



Music Video: @RamonReVere – Ceviche featuring @ArtMorera [Extended Version]


[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Everyone has had to deal with situations that can be a bit Uncomfortable. Ramon ReVere is able to share some of his moments such as dealing with paranoia, ex-girlfriend issues, and even the peer pressure that comes from the street. Ramon ReVere just released his latest visuals from his up and coming project Uncomfortable with his new single CEVICHE. At the beginning of the video, it truly feels like a movie. Ramon ReVere makes a trip to Cali to meet up with Art Morera in California.

One thing I really like about the video is that with ReV’s lines he’s able to show it visually. Like the line with “Tattoo By DaVinci, Middle Finger Itchy, Girlfriend Bitchy” First it shows his dope tattoo on his inner forearm, and then he scratches his middle finger, then you see his girlfriend blow up! Art Morera takes over the second verse and brings in the bars. The collaboration between the two artist is dynamic. Be on the lookout for projects from Ramon ReVere with Uncomfortable EP, and Art Morera with AfterGlow EP.



Music Video: Art Morera – Momentum featuring Royce Rizzy


art-morera-poster-afterglow-ep[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Art Morera is starting the campaign for his upcoming EP AfterGlow, after releasing the first single JOB. He brings us the first visual with MOMENTUM with Private Club Artist Royce Rizzy. The two collaborated on MOMENTUM, taking it to the streets of FairFax Los Angeles. Lighting up L’s on top of rooftops and visiting Ducqets Store in San Diego, California. Impressive timelapse overlays on the video footage. Art Morera demonstrates on MOMENTUM that he’s willing to go the distance and showcases some melodic lyricism. Speaking from the heart, Art’s lyrics is something you can relate to. Production by @NixonOnTheTrack, I find myself having to press repeat. Also, Ramon ReVere makes a cameo during Art Morera’s smoke session. Stay in the loop for more upcoming releases by following Art Morera on all his social media accounts. And currently we’re waiting for a release date for his upcoming EP AfterGlow.

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Audio: Art Morera – Job


art-morera-8-and-9-san-francisco[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After the last time we saw Art Morera it was on his verse on Ramon ReVere’s R.I.C.O Freestyle. Art is ready to debut his highly anticipated first single JOB. Off his upcoming project titled Afterglow EP, which is set to release later this year. JOB was produced by Nixon, he provides the smooth and jazzy production. I feel that Art’s flow and style he presents on this track is overall flawless. For updates on new music and more from Art Morera follow he’s links below, you won’t regret it.



Freestyle: Ramon ReVere – R.I.C.O. featuring Art Morera

Ramon ReVere RICO Freestyle Photo

ReV and Art RICO Freestyle[NORTH CALIFORNIA] Inspired by Meek Mill’s R.I.C.O, Ramon ReVere and Art Morera take it on with their official freestyle music video for it. You catch Ramon ReVere smoking his joint while venting out what’s really getting to him and what he’s been up to lately. I really like how Ramon ReVere is so aggressive with the flow. Both ReV and Art make really good music together. I’ve heard them together on Art Morera’s Album Around Midnight, on the track BLURRY. Expect more collaborations from the two off their upcoming projects like Art Morera’s AfterGlow EP and Ramon ReVere’s Uncomfortable EP. The visual scenery takes us to the 101 Highway, A Pool Hall, and Inside a Hotel Room. What do you guys think of the visual for Ramon ReVere and Art Morera’s version of R.I.C.O? Leave a comment below [Ramon ReVere LINKS] INSTAGRAMTWITTERWEBSITEYOUTUBE