[AUDIO] Jared Xavier – Life We Choose featuring AJ Suede

[WILKES-BARRE, PA] Making his return to NikkiSiixx.com, Jared Xavier brings us his latest single LIFE WE CHOOSE. This time he features AJ SUEDE on the track. Jared Xavier lets out his feelings on making his own decisions in life. I’m obsessed with the hook! LIFE WE CHOOSE was produced by @tekdotlun. I’m really feelin’ the collaboration between Jared Xavier and AJ Suede. I would bump this at a house party for sure! If you like LIFE WE CHOOSE as much as I do make sure you support Jared Xavier by following him:


MUSIC VIDEO: AJ Suede – Wicked Witch (ft. Gerdie the Goddess)

AJ Suede has a certain ability to combine the absurd and honest to create something prolific time and time again. “Wicked Witch” was produced by the man himself, and like most of his self-produced tracks, the vibes are complete and organic in origin. With this track, Suede shows a softer side. A tender sweetness that is sometimes lost in the thuggish ruggish facade of hip hop. He takes time to bring romantic honesty to the forefront without compromising the ethereal rawness that has become his signature.

“Wicked Witch” isn’t all about Mr. Suede however. Gerdie the Goddess comes correct with her sensuous verse and lyrical companionship. The two of them seem to have an effortless chemistry throughout this track. Omar Jones holds down the visual aspect and adds another solid brick in his growing body of work. The FreeMinds Collective perpetuates quality. From front to back “Wicked Witch” is a quality offering. Suede does well to show the man behind the artist with his revealing honesty.

freemindscollective.com | @ajSUEDE | @damnGERDiehot

Music Video: Grandmilly – CUPS/UNTITLED (ft. AJ Suede)

This is a wrecking ball. This is Superman squared. This is the underground standing up. This is a duo worthy of lauding applause. Grandmilly and his creative team, +VisualAid, teamed with AJ Suede and his FreeMinds Collective to bless the population with visuals for “CUPS/UNTITLED” from his full length release BVNDVNVS II.

If you’ve been unconscious or unaware, Grandmilly and AJ Suede are independently rising to prominence amongst the underground. When they team up it’s a blessing to tired ears. In “CUPS/UNTITLED” Milly comes with his polished brand of cerebral gangster. He regularly gives introspection into the tribulations of the streets and wraps it all up in a uniquely raw New York fashion. Suede holds down his end of the collaboration with his astral intellect and signature off-kilter flow. More often than not, AJ Suede’s lyrics are a poignant combination of prophetic and prolific; they’re thought-provoking and illuminating to the thinking man.

“CUPS/UNTITLED” is as much a partnered rap sermon as a collaboration of keen talents. Grandmilly and AJ Suede move to their own respective drum’s and when they come into sync it’s lightening in a bottle for the listener. Each artist complements the other supremely and everything falls into place to make “CUPS/UNTITLED” a substantially quality offering. Stay up on these two, the rise will be meteoric.