[ALBUM REVIEW] AJB4 – Organic Growth

[CHATTANOOGA, TN] This will actually be AJB4 first official post on NikkiSiixx.com. He did make an appearance with his single I BE THAT, in a previous project review I did for Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. This time we have my review on his latest album Organic Growth. But before I get into the review, lets get to know him a bit better.

Growing up with the church and traveling all over the world due to his father love for God and his strength being a chaplain in the military. In 2008 his cousin and himself started to create rap songs that showed their devotion for the church. Which later turned into something greater, the love to becoming a musician and perfecting his craft. Lets look eight years down the line, here’s where AJB4 has released six projects and he’s received radio play from various online radio stations like K107FMJamz, GospelSynergy Radio and QSJRadio.

Throughout the ten track album, AJB4 presents us with solid work. The tracks I felt that really stood out to me were Loaded, Figure It Out, Its On Me, Spam Musubi, and You Don’t Know. Here’s what I thought are Organic Growth.

[02. LOADED] I really wish AJB4 started the album with this track. It really grabs my attention. AJB4 comes loaded and locked, with God by his side he feels there’s no room for error. He fights for what he believes in. Melodic harmonies in the hook, its hard not to recite it.

[03. FIGURE IT OUT] AJB4 opens up his heart, to the one that befriended him. Even though there was something more but it ended up in the trash. Growing up and becoming a man, AJB4 knows what he wants. And won’t let anyone hurt him when it comes to love. This tracks production makes me want to move back and forth. Even feels trance-like.

[05. ITS ON ME] I find this to be my favorite track off Organic Growth. Who hasn’t experience a relationship where the other half expect perfection from you. Causing stress and unnecessary pressure in not messing up. Or for some reason everything is your fault. AJB4 expresses his lyrics with a sense of wittiness. Even when breaking down the second verse and how she flipped so fast like he never existed and blocking him out of her life. At least AJB4 admits to his messes.

AJB4 - Organic Growth BACK

[08. SPAM MUSUBI] AJB4 talks about a girl of interest, that feels could be the one for him. Meeting her online, developing a dating relationship, talking all the time, and having something he thinks is real from afar. Kinda like it’s too good to be true, but that didn’t work out. Decides to make a move on someone but later found out she was in a relationship. AJB4 is looking for someone who’s real and not fake! I really like AJB4 flow on this one.

[10. YOU DON’T KNOW] AJB4 has been through a lot of struggles. But regardless he looks up to God and here’s where he can strive for greatness. Even have a close death experience it hit him like a ton of bricks. Feeling free and going down the right path. Talking about his story, he hopes you can learn from his mistakes.

AJB4 says his main goals are to make good positive music, praise God, keep it real, and share experiences in his life.

This concludes my album review of AJB4 Organic Growth, I broke down my favorite stand out tracks. Which tracks you felt were you’re favorite? Would love to hear what you have to say, just comment below or tweet me at @NikkiSiixx #OrganicGrowth !! And make sure you support AJB4 by listening to Organic Growth on Spotify, Purchase the album, and follow him on all his social media accounts. Let em know where you heard about him, right here on NikkiSiixx.com!



[ALBUM REVIEW] Dubby – Heart And Havoc

[SOUTH CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA]Today’s the day, where Hip-Hop Artist Dubby of Team Loko debuts his long awaited album Heart & Havoc. The nine track project takes us deep within Dubby’s life. With just the first listen you know this is definitely a solid project. Through the last few months, we’ve been featuring Dubby with collaborative projects and now we see him on his own. With a help with features from Cal Mobley, M. Maggie, Semmi, and Choo Jackson.

My favorite tracks off of Heart And Havoc are Brother, Leading The Lost, Chase, Time Machine, Oracle Arena, Lemmi Know, and Loosen Up My Tie. I will be reviewing my favorite tracks and why they really stand out to me.

[01. BROTHER] This might be the most intense song I’ve heard in awhile. Dubby opens up about his closest friend who he saw like he’s brother, dealing with mental issues. He felt more he’s brother was dealing with demons because of how crazy it was. You can hear Dubby’s passion with his demeanor on BROTHER. I can visualize what Dubby went through, he has a way with words and how can you not see it.

[02. LEADING THE LOST] Dubby can also get melodic, which is not a bad thing at all. The track also features Cal Mobley. I like when these artist collaborate with one another. I find them to make some pretty dope music together. The concept behind this track that if your actions inspire one to become more, you are a leader.

[03. CHASE] I can say this one has to be my favorite tracks off of Heart And Havoc. The overall ambience it brings is so majestic. But besides this song is epic, you have to see the visual to it. And here it is:

See more of what I thought about the visual with my reaction to watching Dubby’s music video to CHASE:

[05. TIME MACHINE] This is really another favorite off the album. The track also features singer M. Maggie. I really like the vibe to this one. Dubby explains the concept of this track “you can never truly hide from life’s demons. They live inside you. You must fight“.

[06. ORACLE ARENA] Dubby discusses his fight with demons. Doing things he’s not supposed to, lying, cheating, pretty much up to no good. The message behind this track is our envy lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. I really like his flow on this one.

[07. LEMMI KNOW] Featuring Semmi, this track would fit perfectly in a club/party scene. This track is filled with fast hard-hitting bars. The track embodies the If I Ride, We Ride.

[08. LOOSEN UP MY TIE] Times can get rough and you find yourself searching for an escape from reality. You might be able to get away for a little by finding the right outlet. This track features Choo Jackson. Here’s where Dubby’s lyrics brings us a visual to his story. And also the hook is catchy.

dubby of team loko“This is the first time I’ve sold my music in 8 years. The last time was when I was pushing my mixtape for $5 in my high school hall way. The growth of the sound and the hustle have really paved the way for the TLA movement and I’m extremely proud and excited to finally have a project the exemplifies that growth. It’s been a long time coming.” -DUBBY

This concludes my review on Team Loko’s Dubby latest album Heart And Havoc. If you’re diggin’ Dubby’s Heart And Havoc Album, then you should definitely support the artist by getting your copy or stream it on Spotify. Make sure to stay in the loop of everything Dubby by following him on all his social media links below.



[DOWNLOAD] Dezzy Yates – Tales From The Checkered Backpack

[COLUMBUS, GA] Making his very first appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, Christian Hip-Hop Artist Dezzy Yates brings us his album TALES FROM THE CHECKERED BACKPACK. The twelve track album brings you insight from a self proclaimed video gamer, Japanese comic, Pokemon, and Hip-Hop enthusiast. Dezzy Yates also wants to spread the word to “tell people about Jesus and share and create great music that people can relate to.”

Inspired by artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi as well as street dancers Salah, Mike “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers, and the Jabbawockeez, intertwined with his faith in Jesus Christ and his love for nerd “stuff”. Dezzy Yates gives the listener an honest, truthful, and fun experience. I really like the choice of production Dezzy Yates chose to represent his tales from the checkered backpack. Dezzy narrates his life from 2010-2013, here’s where he had many life changing events that led him to give his life for Jesus Christ. This album has its ups and its downs. And definitely has its fun songs filled with video game and Pokemon references.

dezzy yates photoCurrently, my favorite tracks from Dezzy Yates Album Tales From The Checkered Backpack are Tales, Pallet Town, Just Another Night, Step Daddys Altima, Sonic Boom, One Day, Kid In The Crowd, Temptation, Misguided, and INFTY & BYND. Not bad 10/12 tracks liked on this project. Dezzy Yates is able to capture my attention through his flows and the topics he’s talking about. Definitely providing a visual illustration in my mind.

Dezzy Yates states in the press release for his album “I tried for so long to be like everyone else, rap and dance like the “cool kids”, and fit in so bad. After giving my life to Christ and confronting the things I was dealing with, I felt compelled to write a project that documented everything. The whole point of this album: to reach those out there who are like me.” After listening to his project, I feel I can relate to Dezzy and I think everyone should listen to this project with open minds. Stay in the loop with Dezzy Yates and make sure you follow him on all his social media below.



[AUDIO] 40Groove – Too High featuring Mac Bizarre

[SEATTLE] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, hip-hop artist 40Groove brings us his latest single TOO HIGH featuring fellow Seattle artist Mac Bizarre. Perfect timing for summer time, this track can definitely be played on any Hip-Hop fan playlist. Providing smooth chill vibes produced by FonkFather Records
. Both artists are able to maintain a cool vibe with their flows, that really fit well with the production. 40Groove has stayed productive, this will be his third official release coming from his upcoming album “The Return of Saucy James”. Which is set to be release mid-July! Stay tuned from more from 40Groove and follow him on IG.



Audio: Taiyamo Denku – “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”

[Milwaukee, Wisconsin] Emcee Taiyamo Denku makes his Nikki Siixx debut with the nineties driven, ten song project, “What If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”. Nick Wiz is a seasoned New Jersey producer who dropped an instrumental project entitled “Unreleased 90’s Hip Hop Instrumentals”. IIDAAWNW is a by-product of that. All killer, no filler best explains things here, full of robust releases such as “SOS”, “FWYH” and “I’m Here To Stay”. An album Hip Hop heads will appreciate, here’s Taiyamo Denku‘s “If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz”, live on Nikki Siixx below.

[Links] Website | Twitter | Bandcamp

Listen to the album below:


Album Review: Pennjamin Bannekar – Paper Plane Pilots

[CHICAGO] Pennjamin Bannekar is an artist who’s looking to express himself through his music. Penn has with his album Paper Plane Pilots! The twleve track project is a story from start to finish. From being involved in the music scene, to working things out in a long relationship, dealing with heartbreak, and with life afterwards.

pennjamin bannekarThis is not your regular type of hip-hop sounding project, the Paper Plane Pilots is filled with melodic R&B flows and amazing production from Flawless Tracks, !llmind, SuperstaarBeats, Canis Major and celebrity Chicago producer The Fr3shmen (producers for Fabolous, Jeremih, Cassie, Raekwon, and Travis Parker among others).

My favorite tracks off Pennjamin Bannekar’s album are Word, Penn & Paper (featuring Taylor Mallory & Lokachiran), Kill Button, Bodies (featuring Dhniera Blu), Thief (featuring Felly The Voice), Like We’re Broken Up (featuring Jessica Louise & Runway Bella), Here’s What I Think About U, and Congratulations. I feel the project benefits both female and male audiences. For females because of the diversity with R&B singers on the project and for the fellas because of his descriptive lyrics.

When it comes to creating a visual to bring what you say to life. With Penn, he was able to by releasing so far his music videos WORD, THIEF (featuring Felly The Voice), and LIKES. You can only find these tracks off the Paper Plane Pilots; take a look!

One of my favorite tracks has to be LIKE WE’RE BROKEN UP. I really like the chemistry between Pennjamin Bannekar, Jessica Louise & Runway Bella. They give the track a bit of a spunkiness. The song also reminds me of a 90’s pop/hip-hop track. Paper Plane Pilots is definitely a project that’s worth a listen and is filled with really dope tracks.

This concludes my review on the album, but if you’re diggin’ Paper Plane Pilots by Pennjamin Bannekar, then you should support the artist and get it on either iTunes, Amazing, and Google Play.



Download: @SpeedOnTheBeat – Unhinged (The Case Study of Speed on The Beat) Album

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul in to music. This time around Speed on the Beat was dealing with the massive loss of his mother and this year would have been her 66th birthday. On November 11th, (In celebration of his mothers birthday) Speed on the Beat released his first solo album Unhinged (The Case Study of Speed on the Beat). The overall emotion gave Speed the drive to create 12 new songs that provided different style to different feelings. This is the perfect introduction to who Speed on the Beat really is. The project is kinda like his case study. Hear the project and get his story. Unhinged is a mixture of aggressive lyrics to Weeknd influenced vocals. Speed on the Beat’s group Team DAR makes an appearance on the album. My favorite tracks of Unhinged The Case Study of Speed On The Beat are The Waiting (Intro), Heartless, Flower Bed (Goodbye, Mother), No Hook, Remember The Name, and Promised Land.


Download: MyVerse – State of the Art Album


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.22.29 PMRock Steady Crew Member/Poet-MC/Queen of the Ring/Latina/Activist MyVerse is debuting the new year with her album State of the Art. The thirteen track album gives you a closer look into MyVerse’s Universe. Starting the project with her spoken word on P.O.E.T, in which she speaks so passionately. MyVerse is the essence of hip-hop. She portrays the style, vibe, and overall experience. Her track Vida Linda captures MyVerse hispanic roots (Puerto Rico/Panama) with her Spanish lyrics over this dope hip-hop beat produced by BaseCampBeats. She also rips it in SPANISH, on Orijen. She’s definitely on point over Butterscotch’s beatboxing.

What don’t you love about MyVerse? Not only she can rap and sing she can also direct and edit her own music videos. Check out these two off her State of the Art album with Vida Linda and Black Swan.

State of the Art; overall is a great listen definitely an 9/10. MyVerse gives her all throughout the creative process for this album. Amazing beat selection, insane lyrics, and some dope features from Jon Connor (Track 7 – Keep On) and Jonny Storm (Track 9 – Rosey). This is a must download! Don’t forget to click the cover art above to get the link via iTunes.



Download: Justin Felix – ART

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.12.39 PMBorn and Raised in Queens, New York and later down relocating to Atlanta, Georgia and now currently resides in the County of Dade. Up and coming artist Justin Felix releases an exclusive 5 track album for free for the listeners entitled ART. Justin Felix expresses himself through his lyrics on to smooth Hip-Hop and R&B production. This will be the first of many projects released by Justin Felix this year, he’s set to release a couple more. Word has it he’s even going to be heading on tour in 2015. Definitely be on the look out and don’t forget to follow his links below.


Download: ChristinΞ χ DGRZZL: EMINENCE

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetLast time we brought you ChristinΞ it was with her Instrumental EP Betty “Moe” Trezza. This time I’m bringing you a collaborating between ChristinΞ and DGRZZL titled EMINENCE. The 11 track album definitely is worth the listen. The chemistry between ChristinΞ and DGRZZL is enchanting. DGRZZL is a writer/MC from ATL, GA as ChristinΞ is the producer reppin’ Miami, New York, and Georgia. EMINENCE was mastered by Chip Williams from Miami Beat Wave. Love listening to this project, some of my favorite tracks are FORGET, BALANCE, LAST TIME, and TO KNOW YOU IS TO LOVE YOU. Really love ChristinΞ style with her beats still maintaining a hip-hop essence with some soul and jazz. Especially in the production for TO KNOW YOU IS TO LOVE YOU it’s beautiful! The violin gives it such purity. Also, with the track FORGET DGRZZL states these lines and I think their pretty dope “I don’t even smoke but I’ll roll one up and then regret it, we live and we learn and then we learn to forget it…learn to forget it” and KOI’s voice in the intro and throughout the track was just flawless. You have to take a listen to the entire project to truly appreciate it. Check it out now via the player above!

Together we are ChristinΞ χ DGRZZL

We have joined forces to try and breed a new sound, carrying uplifting vibes upon all, like healers. A mix of ambient, soul and experimental hip hop.

Music Videos: R.A. The Rugged Man – Still Get Through The Day (ft. Eamon)

R.A. The Rugged Man isn’t a household name, but he’s made his rounds and gained his clout in the hip hop community. Maybe he’s a bit too big to be considered underground, but I think this video needs to be watched. ‘Still Get Through The Day’ is heavily infused with soul, courtesy of Eamon and R.A.’s own struggles. The video is powerful and the story is heart wrenching; I can almost feel the violent twisting of my heart in my chest.  When an artist comes from a place of personal loss and tragedy it makes the art that much more touching, that much deeper. It’s easy to tell that R.A. has traveled his miles in life and carried his crosses, as painful as it is. While the stories he spins are tear-jerking, the bigger picture of the song is uplifting and laced with positive vibes. I think everyone could do well to learn from this track, myself included. If you enjoyed this song, this video, this message, be sure to take the time and cop R.A. The Rugged Man’s latest album “Legends Never Die”.


Review: AWKWORD – World View


AWKWORD has been releasing singles and promoting the release of his World View project for more than a while now with good results, but it’s the big picture that separates this LP from the pack. With this album he’s spearheading a global awareness campaign against injustice and corruption on a macro level. World View is the first 100% for-charity project of it’s kind; both in size and quality. The 19-track LP, hosted by DJBooth.net, boasts an impressive lists of features and production credits. When played from beginning to end, as intended, it is a smooth ride and AWKWORD’s vision for the project becomes clear.

The man behind the music comes across as a real patriot. A patriot that embodies the authentic American spirit with bravery and clarity. AWKWORD stands fearlessly against injustices across the board; he’s relentless in his attacks on the 1% and their corrupt, selfish practices. It’s rare to find an artist with his level of talent foregoing money and mainstream success to do right by his conscious. The world could do well to learn a thing or two from AWKWORD and his World View. Many props to this hip hop activist and his unwavering call for dignity and justice in a land that’s becoming barren of both.

From a hip hop perspective, World View is a progressive and modern project that stands on the cutting edge without sacrificing the fundamentals of quality hip hop. The production is Grade A from start to finish; the album is meant to be played from beginning to end and resonates best that way. AWKWORD’s progress has been palpable, building into the crescendo that is World View. Even purists can appreciate his polish and attention to detail. This album has become bigger than rap music. With his call for change and societal awareness AWKWORD stands head and shoulders above the rest of the underground as an artist and a revolutionary man.

LINKS: TwitterSoundcloudDJBooth awkwordrap.com

Download: Art Morera – Around Midnight

On January 12th Art Morera debuted his full length album Around Midnight. This twelve track journey really is synchronized perfectly throughout the entire project. Definitely has that replay value. All tracks are immediate favorites. The production alone is amazing overall. Featuring producers such as Nixon, Alphabeat, Mydus, The Jake, The Kno, and Art Morera himself.

Art creates life with his lyrics. Relevant material to anyone living life, working hard towards their dreams, smoking and drinking, and another who likes to vibe out this album is for you. Starting with tracks Around Midnight, The Allure, BillBoard, Beemer, Miami Vice, Loud, Nobody, Alright, Blurry, Waiting, Story of My Life, and Hollywood. The first eight tracks we’re getting to know Art and were smoking and drinking in the session. When you get to Blurry you feel a sense have I had too much Art Morera? Let’s unwind with this joint featuring Hip-Hop/House Electronic Artist Ramon Revere. unnamedIt’s a twisted track. I feel the most outstanding tracks on this album would be The Allure, Waiting, Story of My Life, Nobody, and LOUD. Art Morera has improved with his overall sound and presence from his previous projects 12:01AM EP & Morera EP. Everything he’s been working on throughout the years has been leading up to this album. Art Morera’s first single is going to be LOUD which its visual is currently in the works. You can listen to LOUD via Spotify and Don’t forget to Buy Around Midnight via BANDCAMP!

Vocals and Songs written by Art Morera
Guest Vocals by Ramon Revere on “Blurry
Additional Vocals: Venessa Renee on “Loud” and “Nobody

Produced by:
Alphabeat on “Around Midnight“, “The Allure” and “Story Of My Life
Nixon on “Billboard“, “Miami Vice“, “Loud“, “Nobody“, and “Blurry
The Jake on “Beemer
Mydus on “Alright
The Kno on “Waiting
and Art Morera on “Hollywood

Additional Music Composition by Gabriel “Q” Pelaez on “Waiting
Engineered by Art Morera and Nixon
Mixed and Mastered by Alphabeat
Executive Produced by Art Morera, Nixon and Alphabeat

Album Artwork by Andres Redondo
Layout and Design by NikkiSiixx


Visual: Art Morera Vlog – Cut & Scratch Live and Curren$y Show

UPDATE: On December 17th, 2013 he opened up for Curren$y at Grand Central, Downtown Miami. Prior to the show, Art was interviewed by DJ Radamas on the Cut & Scratch Live! Finale web-show. The song Art’s performing is called “ON DECK” you can find that track on his EP “Morera” via iTUNES.

Stayed tuned for Art Morera’s Upcoming Full Length ALBUM “Around Midnight” which will be available on 01/12/2014 via iTunes! Don’t miss out!


*NikkiSiixx.com was able to gain access to the Curren$y show and it was amazing. So many people came out to support the JetLife Movement*

New Music: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Faces On The Dollar


Producer Gensu Dean and the California microphone legend Planet Asia teamed up for the newly released Abrasions album. Here is Faces On The Dollar, the first official single from the collaboration. Let’s take it to the west coast one time and vibe to this funky greatness. The song is available for free download, support the album, on sale now.

Connect with Gensu Dean: @GensuDean | Facebook

Connect with Planet Asia: @PlanetAsia


NEWS: ¡Mayday! releases #TMTYL Album at Best Buy TODAY

¡Mayday! takes over Best Buy retail stores all over South Florida with TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. The boys are not done yet! Currently they are on The Hostile Takeover tour, in which ¡Mayday! is co-headlining alongside with Tech N9ne & Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). The tour is a record breaking 97 shows in 99 days! To view TOUR DATES. Also, wanted to share they first visual off of TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. – Badlands featuring Tech N9ne. So proud of them! Go and show your hometown support for ¡Mayday! by purchasing the album at your local Florida Best Buy store.


Music Video: Serum – Rebel Without Applause

This video is crazy! Serum released Rebel Without Applause his second single off his upcoming album P.C.P (Pre Campaign Propaganda). Serum really knows how to make a track sound dark which Mupalia Pictures were able to create a video to showcase it. Rebel Without Applause is a dope track and great production from Ozny. The Make-up in this video was on point and it really made the character look like a evil monster, shoutout to Morgan Chandler for the impressive work.



Album Review: Kap Kallous – I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

Click Image For Purchase
Kap Kallous recently release his album I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut which is available for purchase. The album consists of 11 tracks. The whole album was well put together, different styles of beats, and it’s full entertainment. I can’t write a full review because you need to peep this album for yourself. But I will review 6 of my favorite tracks off of I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut.

[01. HELLO]: The beat was influenced by some electric guitar funk with a little bit of rock. Which gives off a great vibe, the beats just rides. The hook very catchy. Kap’s flow is on point. Hello

[03. NOTHINGS FREE]: If you haven’t heard this track before it has been featured on my site for music video back in March CLICK HERE to view. This track is so well put together, I can play it on repeat for awhile. Also, it’s so true!

[05. SO PRETTY]: Conceited track, but I love it! So catchy! Had me singing along to it. The beat gets me hyped!

[06. LIKE I DO FT S.K.I.P.]: The slow melodies with that beat can put you in a trance. This track is executed perfectly!

[07. WHERE DID SHE GO FT BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR]: <- My top favorite track from the entire album. SO DOPE! Kap Kallous is the perfect story-teller. With his verses you can actually picture what his doing and what’s happening to him. This song really needs a music video to it, seriously. I can picture it in my head. I haven’t even started with the beat, this is not your traditional hip-hop, it’s a great twist! Love it. [08. SURVIVAL FT MAUI KAI]:This song fits perfectly with what everyone is trying to do in life, which is to survive. I can truly relate to the topic. Great Motivator.

“Try so damn hard To get it right
Everyday I keep fighting, fighting to survive
Try so damn hard To get it right
Everyday I keep fighting, fighting to survive”