[ALBUM REVIEW] 6 Cardinal – Flourish

Making his return on NikkiSiixx.com we have South Florida artist, 6 Cardinal. This time he brings us his latest album entitled FLOURISH. 6 Cardinal is not your ordinary artist, he also makes original beats and writes his own lyrics. During the creation of FLOURISH 6 Cardinal flew from South Florida to Brooklyn for a few days with hopes to capture New York City’s ambience and his creative chemistry with Ace in one collection of songs created from scratch. And after the first listen of FLOURISH you can definitely feel 6’s inspiration.

FLOURISH represents 6 Cardinal’s journey back to his musical roots. On the production side, FLOURISH forgoes the electronic-influenced production heard in his recent output in favor of the soulful and sample-heavy brand of production marking his earlier projects, which is provided by 6’s longtime friend, collaborator, and Brooklyn-based boom-bap maestro Ace Fayce.

For my review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite tracks. FLOURISH has a total of eight tracks. The ones that really stood out to me are The Name pt. IV, Ring The Alarm, Nine2Five, Royals, LuvJawn, and Outro. So let’s get this review underway.

6 cardinal 6[THE NAME PT. IV] Starting it out with straight BARS! 6 Cardinal keeps he’s lyrical content fresh! 6 stays on beat and really emphasizes old school hip-hop with his choice in production. Even though the track is only 2:32, it leaves the listener wanting more.

[RING THE ALARM] Word is bond! 6 Cardinal paints a vivid picture with his lyrics, line after line. You gotta nod your head to this one. One line that caught my attention was “Sicker than the flu, Ah-chu! You infected now“.

[NINE2FIVE] This is one of my favorite tracks off the album. How can you not relate? Working that 9 to 5 that drains you from what you really want to do. Its like you’re falling down a bottomless pit that same thing over and over, which sounds extremely exhausting. The production on this track is overall so beautiful. Very delicate, but still has the elements of a hip-hop track.

6 cardinal fl
[ROYALS] I find 6 Cardinal fits perfectly with old-school hip-hop production. He sounds on point and his flow is too. The subject of this track is drug use. And what a perfect display of it with his first music video from FLOURISH. The visual artwork and art direction was created by Sean Walton. Love the visual really puts you on a psychedelic trip. But I do have to say I feel this track was a bit short, so gives us more 6 Cardinal!

[LUVJAWN] 6 Cardinal opens up and talks about LOVE. He talks about all the little moments that he truly cherishes. He even touches base on some intimate moments as well. His hook was inspired by Lil Kim and Notorious B.I.G – Crush On You. But made it his own.

[OUTRO] The overall feeling on this track is so positive. From the production and 6 Cardinal realness, this track kinda gives me those summer time vibes. I really like the auto-tuned chipmunk voice for the hook. “Keep the mind so open“. Great way to end the project.

Flourish. Flourish in life; in love; and in spirit.

Flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds.” – Joseph Addison

This concludes my review on 6 Cardinal’s FLOURISH Album. Overall the project was a great listen. 6 Cardinal really embodies the roots of hip-hop with his stellar performance on FLOURISH. If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am. Make sure to let 6 Cardinal know! Show your support by following him on all his social media links below:



[ALBUM REVIEW] Marley Brooker – Oxys & Mamis (Deluxe Edition)

Making his return after a bit of a hiatus, hip-hop creative Marley Brooker releases his OXYS & MAMIS Album (Deluxe Edition). This is the second part of its official release, which includes seven new songs plus remixes/revisions. Embracing the trap genre for the first time, Marley Brooker embodies wavy melodies over hard-hitting bass.

A bit of background on Marley “Crookz” Brooker the founder of The Relentless Empire is a living example of the maxim “it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at”. The Miami-based musician, poet, producer and former University of Washington student has lived everywhere from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Dirty South. With family in the Bahamas and stints in Miami, New York, New Jersey, Boston and Seattle the cultural influences on the young entertainer have been varied and deep and show themselves in the flexibility and variety of his style.

OXYS & MAMIS definitely provides a unique sound with its high powered production. The sixteen track album gives you an underlining of consciousness through clever lyrics touching topics about Miami nights to the fullest. During the listen I found twelve of those tracks to be good listens but I found that six of those tracks really stood out to me. And they were The Eagle, Versace Shades II, Burn Wit’ Me (Señorita ’16), Tropicana, Fuel, and Purple Rain Part II.

[03. THE EAGLE] Over some smooth production (it kinda reminded me of some Kid Cudi). Marley Brooker expresses that whatever he’s interested in, he’s going in on what he wants. Regardless of what other people have to say, Marley Brooker is all about having a good time and experiencing Miami Night Life. During a night out Marley was able to lock down the digits. I find the hook to be extremely catchy.

[05. VERSACE SHADES II] Finding myself having this one on repeat. From Marley’s descriptive lyrics, expressive wordplay, and chill vibe. This track is actually a remix from the first part of OXYS & MAMIS. Marley talks about looking his best wherever he goes, working hard and finding his place. The female voice added on the track really gave a dash of dopeness to it.

[06. BURN WIT’ ME (SEñORITA ’16)] Marley Brooks takes us on a journey of love and lust. Even though the relationship can be rocky with arguments they find a moment where they can unwind and really enjoy the moment. And thats by lighting up one nice blunt. The melodies of the hook were inspired by Puff Daddy’s “Señorita”.


[07. TROPICANA] This track definitely provides that Miami Night Life sound. Marley Brooker talks about the different types of honeys. But he seems to like more the tropicana kind (hispanic). Explaining some of his experiences, and the things they’ll do. During the song Marley really gets melodic.

[08. FUEL] This song reminded me of a 90’s R&B with the sultry female vocals on the track, but Marley Brooks remains sincere on this track. Opening up about his feelings, mentioning someone he knew dying, and relationships.

[15. PURPLE RAIN – PART II] Marley Brooker hits it hard at the end with this heavy hitting club trap track. Getting extremely rowdy, Marley touches topics of using different drugs, listening to Prince, and real late nights in Miami, where your up to no good. The track also features artist SGAYOK.

Marley Brooker is also apart of a music group called Relentless Intent. They stand for bring awareness of issues facing everyday people in these crazy times. Making sure to check things off a list of goals in bringing society together and triumph over evil. According to Marley Brooker he explains, “There’s plenty of things going on that are unspoken that society as a whole turns a blind eye to and I feel like It’s my job to help people wake up, realize these things, and help them contribute to fixing issue’s plaguing society and humanity.” Raw. Riveting. Revolutionary. Are U Relentless?

This concludes my Album Review on Marley Brooker OXYS & MAMIS (DELUXE EDITION). I only mentioned the really stand out tracks but their were more dope tracks. The project was a good listen, make sure you light one up right before. If you’re digging OXYS & MAMIS make sure you support Marley Brooker by following all his links below.



[ALBUM REVIEW] AJB4 – Organic Growth

[CHATTANOOGA, TN] This will actually be AJB4 first official post on NikkiSiixx.com. He did make an appearance with his single I BE THAT, in a previous project review I did for Samurai Shin VS Xia-Dawn. This time we have my review on his latest album Organic Growth. But before I get into the review, lets get to know him a bit better.

Growing up with the church and traveling all over the world due to his father love for God and his strength being a chaplain in the military. In 2008 his cousin and himself started to create rap songs that showed their devotion for the church. Which later turned into something greater, the love to becoming a musician and perfecting his craft. Lets look eight years down the line, here’s where AJB4 has released six projects and he’s received radio play from various online radio stations like K107FMJamz, GospelSynergy Radio and QSJRadio.

Throughout the ten track album, AJB4 presents us with solid work. The tracks I felt that really stood out to me were Loaded, Figure It Out, Its On Me, Spam Musubi, and You Don’t Know. Here’s what I thought are Organic Growth.

[02. LOADED] I really wish AJB4 started the album with this track. It really grabs my attention. AJB4 comes loaded and locked, with God by his side he feels there’s no room for error. He fights for what he believes in. Melodic harmonies in the hook, its hard not to recite it.

[03. FIGURE IT OUT] AJB4 opens up his heart, to the one that befriended him. Even though there was something more but it ended up in the trash. Growing up and becoming a man, AJB4 knows what he wants. And won’t let anyone hurt him when it comes to love. This tracks production makes me want to move back and forth. Even feels trance-like.

[05. ITS ON ME] I find this to be my favorite track off Organic Growth. Who hasn’t experience a relationship where the other half expect perfection from you. Causing stress and unnecessary pressure in not messing up. Or for some reason everything is your fault. AJB4 expresses his lyrics with a sense of wittiness. Even when breaking down the second verse and how she flipped so fast like he never existed and blocking him out of her life. At least AJB4 admits to his messes.

AJB4 - Organic Growth BACK

[08. SPAM MUSUBI] AJB4 talks about a girl of interest, that feels could be the one for him. Meeting her online, developing a dating relationship, talking all the time, and having something he thinks is real from afar. Kinda like it’s too good to be true, but that didn’t work out. Decides to make a move on someone but later found out she was in a relationship. AJB4 is looking for someone who’s real and not fake! I really like AJB4 flow on this one.

[10. YOU DON’T KNOW] AJB4 has been through a lot of struggles. But regardless he looks up to God and here’s where he can strive for greatness. Even have a close death experience it hit him like a ton of bricks. Feeling free and going down the right path. Talking about his story, he hopes you can learn from his mistakes.

AJB4 says his main goals are to make good positive music, praise God, keep it real, and share experiences in his life.

This concludes my album review of AJB4 Organic Growth, I broke down my favorite stand out tracks. Which tracks you felt were you’re favorite? Would love to hear what you have to say, just comment below or tweet me at @NikkiSiixx #OrganicGrowth !! And make sure you support AJB4 by listening to Organic Growth on Spotify, Purchase the album, and follow him on all his social media accounts. Let em know where you heard about him, right here on NikkiSiixx.com!



[REVIEW] Austin Fillmore – Hear & Now EP

Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, Chicago native Austin Fillmore brings us his latest EP Hear & Now. The eight track project has some gems and I feel that Austin Fillmore is making his mark. Austin Fillmore grew an intense passion for music and once he hit 7th grade he embarked on developing and mastering his skill of rap. Once as an adult he began collaborating with long time friends and producers 12 tone and Hank Iving, later he dropped his debut LP Anglishh back in February 2014. The following year he released his sophmore project Sinful Nature in September 2015. And we have this year with his EP Hear & Now.

I’ll be reviewing my favorite tracks off Austin Fillmore EP Hear & Now. So far I like Good Times, 5000, Matrix, Me You And Trouble, P.V.O, and Running Sh%t. Here’s what I thought about the EP:

12670331_1035595663168802_4743312921333267569_n[01. GOOD TIMES] You know when you hear a single and you know it’s a hit? Well, I instantly felt this way when I heard GOOD TIMES by Austin Fillmore. Perfect choice to start off the EP. Austin has a positive aspect on life and it reflects itself in his music. From a dope flow and a catchy hook this one has to be a fan favorite.

[02. 5000] This track here is definitely the club banger! With heavy bass brought to you by the amazing production by Snapbackondatrack. Austin maintains his realness with his wholesomeness. All Austin wants everyone to be okay, no matter what they do or say.

[04. MATRIX] Here’s where Austin Fillmore and featured artist Joey G puts the listening in a trance, somewhat like the Matrix. Very powerful sounds by producer Hank Iving. I think its pretty unique to have a slow down trap vibe with a dash of pop to it. Not sure if I’m describing it accurately but that’s what I get from this track.

[05. ME, YOU, AND TROUBLE] Austin provides hypnotic melodies over the seductive production by Jasper MacRae. I’m debating wether of not the track is my favorite off the Hear & Now EP. Track for the hopeless romantic. In a relationship it may seem you have the world against you, but it doesn’t matter cause you have each other.

[06. P.V.O (Positive Vibes Only)] According to Austin Fillmore it’s all about the positive vibes. His flow is on point with the production by NobilityIam. I really like this hook, “Nothing in this life is free, I do this for you and me, It’s all real no make believe, I’m the only thing you need”. Austin Fillmore provides the right vibe on his Hear & Now EP.

[08. Running Sh%t (Owl Wanted)] On the last track Fillmore decided to show his rough side. Super tough on his lyrics and tone in his flow. You can say Austin was really confident on this track. I can see this being played in a club or house party setting. Like Let’s Get Crunk!

“I’m finally speaking on all the things in life that have meaning and furthermore, sometimes painful to express. – Austin Fillmore


This concludes my review of Hear & Now EP brought to you by Austin Fillmore. The overall vibe of this project is meant to put you in a good mood wether your at the club or chilling with your friends, or even having an intimate moment with your girl. Hear & Now is meant for the night owls. If you’re diggin’ Austin Fillmore’s EP as much as I am, make sure you show your support by following him on all his social media outlets below! Stay Connected:



[ALBUM REVIEW] Dez Nado – LaDolceVita

[JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have inspiring artist Dez Nado with his latest album LaDolceVita! Dez Nado was able to bring a unique, politically/social conscious rap. When I first listened to this album, I felt he was speaking for the people who have dealt with heinous acts of violence because the difference in their skin color. All these injustices that led to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

What I really like about Dez Nado as an artist, he doesn’t rap the false pretenses of a rapper’s lifestyle. He’s more about bringing the light to all the darkness that’s plaguing our country. What’s also unique about Dez Nado he produces and stars in his own locally air cable reality TV series called “Life & Grind: Duval” (airs Sundays at 8pm on Bounce Network – Comcast 225/Digital 17-2). This Tv Series shines the spotlight on local talent here in Jacksonville, including himself, in addition to producing his own music.

dez nado ladolcevita promoLaDolceVita was featured on 360Magazine, Thisis50, Hip Hop Reviews 4D, and DownSouthHipHop. This time I’m going to have an in-depth review of LaDolceVita. My favorite tracks from Dez Nado’s album are LaDolceVita, Prelude 2 Revolution, American Dream, Duele, Luv The Way U Do, Fed Up, Pain, More 2 Life, and Immigrant Story. Check out what I thought about Dez Nado’s LaDolceVita:

[01. LADOLCEVITA] – What a way to introduce you to Dez Nado, from the triumphant sounding production and vocals by Jermeka Monae. This track is meant for the ones who work for what they want. All about the hard hustle and getting the deserving accomplishments. Enjoying life to the fullest with what you got and being appreciated. Great and positive energy that pours through the speakers.

[03. PRELUDE 2 REVOLUTON] Dez Nado puts together an interlude that has actual audio clips from Tupac talking about the Panthers and the government. Then an activist who supports Black Lives Matter and how they’re reacting to the un-justice for all the lives lost, and a very extremely powerful poetic spoken-word speech regarding all the violence that has been occurring through police brutality and voicing her right for her anger.

[04. AMERICAN DREAM] Dez Nado expresses he’s thoughts on all the victims that have been happening due to police brutality. Unnecessary roughness that ended the lives of these innocent unarmed victims. All Dez Nado is asking for is peace and equality. The track also features Jermeka Monae with the vocals and Tyler Norris with the poetic speech at the end of the track.

[06. DUELE] How couldn’t post this track? Showing love for the Boriqua’s Dez Nado show’s his skills in rapping in Spanish and English. Love the production of this track! The song makes us visuals Dez Nado in Puerto Rico meeting a beautiful Puerto-Rican and she gives him a tour of the city. A mix of salsa, hip-hop, and R&B makes you want to dance to the beat. DUELE features Jermeka Monae, Gabriele and Twenty8.

dez nado[11. FED UP] It starts with a reality check, listen to what the voice has to say. The track really provides with the production a hard hitting bass with Royal Francis providing bars for the first verse. On the hook and second verse we got Dez Nado. He’s giving a word of an advice to not pay attention to the ones who don’t believe in you and you’re able to do what your heart wants.

[14. MORE 2 LIFE] Dez Nado gets mean on this one, how can you not! Getting frustrated with the system, and working hard and not getting the joys of life. The track features Meanz of Operation, I find their collaboration to be pretty dope. A lot of energy and emotion on this track.

[17. IMMIGRANT STORY] Dez Nado takes us on a journey like no other. An immigrant’s point of view of living in circumstances that are life threatening and what can happen to Syrian’s that are struggling to survive. It’s an amazing tale, so descriptive and Dez Nado is very passionate with this story. If you close your eyes you can watch the movie play. Take a listen you won’t regret it.

This concludes my album review of Dez Nado’s LADOLCEVITA. Conscious rapper from Jacksonville, Florida making a choice to talk about what’s really important over great production. Be on the look out for more content from Dez Nado coming soon.



Album Review: Jamal G – To Whom It May Concern 2 – Final Draft

[BALTIMORE CITY, MD] After Jamal G’s debut on NikkiSiixx when we played his track If You Need That, and when I had an exclusive interview with him. Currently, Jamal G has released his album To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft. The album is a fourteen track in-depth story of Jamal.

[SCATTEREDBRAINED] Jamal G really opens up on the first track on the album. One thing that really stands out to me is his flow, and the genuine soul expressing himself the best way he can. Through his music! Jamal G even touches topics like working hard in achieving his goals, passed relationships, and he even talks about watching his own mother Oding. This is a really dope track! Get to know Jamal G.

[THESE WINGS] In a previous interview with Jamal G, I asked him what inspired this track and he said “These Wings was just something inspired by the space I was in at the time. I didn’t have a real direction for the album but I knew I wanted to make a statement for my community. I sent it to Husky and he wrote the hook and it was just on from there“. This song has to be one of my favorites from the project. From the production, and Jamal’s flow, it leaves you wanting more. Good thing this is just the second song of the album, here we go!

p1777326067-6[ARIEL’S LIFE IN HELL] Jamal G is one hell of a story teller, this track is focused on meeting someone and wanting to get to know them more. Its pretty dope because Jamal G included a female vocal to give Ariel more life on this track. The chemistry between the two is hard not to deny it. And it’s a crazy twist to the story, you just got to hear it for yourself.

[LET IT BE ME] When investing in your time in someone who you feel everything could go right, but yet when you hear the other person’s true emotions can truly be heartbreaking. Jamal G expresses how he feels about someone who left him when he was completely unaware. Love can be blind at times, but hopefully going through with that, Jamal G can open his eyes and find true love.

[QUESTIONS 4 PAC] Have you ever felt compelled to ask questions or advice from people who are no longer here? This time Jamal G looks for more answers by asking Tupac some questions. Hopefully he’ll gain more knowledge on the experience. This track reminded me when Kendrick Lamar had an edited conversation with Tupac on his “To Pimp The Butterfly“. Who wouldn’t want to be able to ask questions to a legendary rapper who inspired so much with his music. Find out what Jamal G discovered with his talk.

[CELEBRATION] After everything Jamal G has gone through, its time to celebrate! Celebrate because we’re alive and we can always better ourselves. To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft was a way for Jamal G to get a lot of issues off his chest. I feel this track can be relevant to anyone who appreciates life and wants to keep living in a positive way.


Jamal G always felt he was never going to conform to the norm. Looking up to his siblings and loved ones as aspects to his outlook on society. Jamal cultivated a perspective that’s widely shared through his community. In 2010, Jamal released his first offering under his neighborhood alias, Blizz, entitled “To Whom It May Concern.” The project provided opportunities to open up for artist such as Marsha Ambrosius, Rick Ross, and a host of other artist.

Jamal G has a very mature tone over the entire project To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft. It’s been described as “Mood music for the long drive home.” Jamal recently finished touring around the world sharing the news about his new album, “I’ve never attempted to make music for self exemplification or popularity. Music is the most unselfish thing that I can offer to my people as a glimmer of some sort of hope. There’s pain, triumph, and faith all wrapped up in this new project, I just my generation take the time to live with it, so it can properly effect our lives.“.


“TWIMC2 is a picture of hope. It describes the mind of an emotionally suppressed man from the Y and millennial generation trying to figure it all out. This can potentially be one of the best independent releases this year. The message I want to get across is that, hope is better than defeat, pain doesn’t just expose you’re vulnerability but you’re humanity, and everything will ultimately work out for those who have Faith”. – JAMAL G

If you’re diggin’ To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft make sure you support Jamal G by purchasing the project via these platforms.



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LP Review: Chronicle – Bright Nights

[JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA] It’s been about two years since aspiring hip-hop artist Chronicle released DARK DAYS EP. But now for the end of 2015 Chronicle brings us his first LP entitled BRIGHT NIGHTS. Through his hiatus Chronicle was able to work on his craft and was able to find his place in music. With my LP Review I’ll be going over my favorite tracks off the Bright Nights (Deluxe Edition).

IMG_0409Even though the title of the LP “Bright Nights” maybe an oxymoron term but it definitely provides a positive through negative type of vibe. Chronicle remains with soulful sounds such as 90’s R&B, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. He was able to portray these vibes with the help from producers Taylor King, LB, Saul xo, Stevie Fanta, ghost/\/ghoul, Soul, and atlastheoverseer.

BRIGHT NIGHTS LP is a story reflecting on the struggle corcerning his family, relationship woes, insecurities, and a distaste for the current direction of the music scene. Regardless to all these issues/struggles Chronicle insist that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Anything you do, make sure it’s done with love.

CHILL ASS INTRO is a great way to show you a sense of what Chronicle is going through and how the vibe it’s setting itself. Right at the beginning you hear from his parents, loved ones, about when is he getting his music together? The intro also features Dezy.

NOSTALGIC kinda reminds me of Gangsta’s Pradise from Coolio. With that dark night/90’s hip-hop production. “Give my people something to live for, Give my people something to die for.” That hook is eternal! Throughout everyone struggle they need to see the light in order to have the reason to live and climb through any obstacles.

LET ME LIVE I feel that this track can definitely be played in a club setting. Especially with the chorus, I can see the crowd go through a trance. Chronicle speaks the truth from experience. Coming together with good people and celebrating with what life has to offer. And if anyone has an issue with that, then give them that middle finger.
POUR OUT YA SOUL really expresses how he feels about his family and how he is when it comes to certain situations. Chronicle also touches topics regarding how people are following trends and eve insecurities in relationships. During these tough times, Chronicle is compelled to search for hope from a higher power.

DO YOU LOVE ME, I feel this track is one of the strongest one on the Bright Nights LP. Discussing the problem he has regarding now a days with woman calling themselves bad bitches and not giving themselves enough dignity.

MIDNIGHT DRIVE is setting the mood for those late night drives with someone you’re interested in. This track is meant for that special lady in your life. Everything about this girl is something you can’t ignore. Chronicle expresses the intensity of attraction. With a minute left in the song you can hear how Chronicle embraces that R&B style he loves so much.

O.T.S is the track to help younger generations to realize things should be done when you’re truly ready such as having kids at a young age. Hoping that other parties will understand and respect your decision. Especially when it comes to letting certain people out of your lives. O.T.S features Vizzle.

This concludes my take on the Bright Nights LP brought to you by Jacksonville Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist Chronicle! If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am you need to go and support it now and purchase it via iTunes! By doing so you’ll be able to get the BONUS tracks too that include I’m Just Doing Me, Bright Nights, American Dream, and Do You Remember.



Audio: Mega Trife – Feelin’ U

Mega Trife - Gold Aint Found  Above Ground [ALBUM ART][BROCKTON, MASSACHUSETTS] Mega Trife releases another single off of his fourth studio album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, called FEELIN’ U. This song definitely took me on a loop. How descriptive Mega Trife’s lyrics puts me in the vision of his song. Initially the song gives me a vibe that this song is meant only for the ladies. Trife gets intimate with a woman he found irresistible. At the end of a track you get an unexpected surprise with a twist. FEELIN’ U is meant for the grown and sexy, produced by KHRYSIS. Interested on more content from Mega Trife? Here’s my Album Review on Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, and his last music video for BEAUTIFUL WEATHER. Be on the look out for more content from Mega Trife by following his social media links below!



Album Review: Mega Trife – Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground

Fresh off the presses!! It’s Mega Trife’s Fourth Studio Album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, debuting sixteen tracks inspired by the Brockton, Massachusetts Native. If you’re a fan of the sound of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, you have to get this album! Mega Trife embraces the culture. From the choices of which producers he worked with, to his flow and style of his raps. Mega has possibly one of the dopest projects I’ve heard this summer. Producers range from underground hip-hop’s most elite such as Statik Selektah, Khrysis, Rashid Hadee (Little Brother’s ‘Dreams’), and King Midas from Houston collective H.I.S.D. Not to forget Nonsense who’s been a long time producer from previous projects with Mega Trife.

When reviewing albums on NikkiSiixx.com I like to concentrate on my favorite tracks on the album. But for Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground, they’re were a lot of favorites but below you’ll see which ones really stood out to me.

AS MUCH AS I DO [PRODUCED BY: NAZO DA BEATSMITH] was the first official single and visual off the Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. Mega Trife in his music video takes us to his city of Boston. Chilling with a group of his closest affiliates. They show him support on the rooftop while Trife is slaying his lyrics. Really like how the visual embodies that throwback Golden Era style. Which is really well represented in the overall sound of this album.

mega trife photo THE GATHERING [PRODUCED BY: Statik Selektah] One thing that surprised me with this track, was how mellow temple it was. His featured artist Andre Depriest on the hook really changes up the vibe, even gives it a bit of R&B flavor. “I don’t want to be in the place, everyday it gets harder to survive” In the production of the track there’s a soft flute playing in the background and it reminds me of the Final Fantasy RPG games. That mystical feeling to the track. Mega Trife discusses some hard times growing up, but it shows how strong he is being able to survive.

GOLDEN TOUCH [PRODUCED BY: KING MIDAS] “Can’t Go Back I Never Left What The Fuck?” I just find this hook to be so catchy! It’s kinda reminds me of how people reference to bringing back hip-hop. Hip-Hop’s there, you just really gotta look for it. I really like how Mega Trife respects the culture by bringing light to the underground scene. Especially when naming his album Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. Think about it… But check it at the end of the track you hear Mega Trife having a conversation with a woman. In this phone call the woman is letting Trife know that even though other guys are trying to get her attention but the only person on her mind & heart is him. That conversation sets up the following song called THE GROUPIES.

BEAUTIFUL WEATHER [PRODUCED BY: RASHID HADEE] How can you not love this song? This track is filled with positivity about seeing the best things out of any situation whether good or bad. Really… this song should be played everywhere. Mega Trife just wishes the best for anyone. Perfect for the summer time.

megatrife photo 01FEELIN’ U [PRODUCED BY: KHRYSIS] This song definitely took me on a loop. How descriptive Mega Trife’s lyrics puts me in the vision of his song. Initially the song gives me a vibe that this song is meant only for the ladies. Trife gets intimate with a woman he found irresistible. At the end of a track you get an unexpected surprise with a twist.

ZONES [PRODUCED BY: NONSENSE] This also is a great track that is inspired by Golden Hip-Hop. I just love the samples used like Biggie Smalls saying It Was All A Dream I Used To Read Word Up Magazine, and of course the Dj scratches. In this track Mega Trife verses explains different dreams that feels so real. From an extraterrestrial experience to about almost kissing underwater goddesses.

SPACE TRAVELIN’ [PRODUCED BY: PHIL THE PAIN] – Second single (and visual) off the the Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. This track embodies how lyrical Mega Trife can be. As well as him speaking about the sonic journey he puts us through in this space-time continuum song. I can definitely vibe out to this one. This one is for the smokers and the one’s who are enlightened. Just love the space theme to the track as well with the music video. The graphics are so unique, I can’t help but keep pressing play as soon as it’s over. Super Fun Track.

By the end of the album, you feel like you’re withdrawing from this epic journey your mind just took. I liked a majority of the tracks on Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground. I really wanted to rate this project. I decided to do a percentage system. Out of how many songs I like out of the project. And I was able to obtain an approval percentage rate of 81.25% out of 100%!!
Don’t miss out with what Mega Trife has to offer when it comes to quality music.


Review: AWKWORD – World View


AWKWORD has been releasing singles and promoting the release of his World View project for more than a while now with good results, but it’s the big picture that separates this LP from the pack. With this album he’s spearheading a global awareness campaign against injustice and corruption on a macro level. World View is the first 100% for-charity project of it’s kind; both in size and quality. The 19-track LP, hosted by DJBooth.net, boasts an impressive lists of features and production credits. When played from beginning to end, as intended, it is a smooth ride and AWKWORD’s vision for the project becomes clear.

The man behind the music comes across as a real patriot. A patriot that embodies the authentic American spirit with bravery and clarity. AWKWORD stands fearlessly against injustices across the board; he’s relentless in his attacks on the 1% and their corrupt, selfish practices. It’s rare to find an artist with his level of talent foregoing money and mainstream success to do right by his conscious. The world could do well to learn a thing or two from AWKWORD and his World View. Many props to this hip hop activist and his unwavering call for dignity and justice in a land that’s becoming barren of both.

From a hip hop perspective, World View is a progressive and modern project that stands on the cutting edge without sacrificing the fundamentals of quality hip hop. The production is Grade A from start to finish; the album is meant to be played from beginning to end and resonates best that way. AWKWORD’s progress has been palpable, building into the crescendo that is World View. Even purists can appreciate his polish and attention to detail. This album has become bigger than rap music. With his call for change and societal awareness AWKWORD stands head and shoulders above the rest of the underground as an artist and a revolutionary man.

LINKS: TwitterSoundcloudDJBooth awkwordrap.com

Album Review: OB – Celestial Offerings


ce·les·tial of·fer·ings: A sacrifice, a bundle of all things human placed into a time capsule and given up to an entity greater than humanity. An admittance of both human limitation and potential.

OB recently released his latest album Celestial Offerings. Being apart of the Illustrious M.O.B.Stars movement in New Jersey. A hip-hop super group which stand for (M.O.B.Stars)— Maintaining Our Brot hers, Stayin’ Torally Alert Revolutionary Style. I’ve got to say this sixteen track project is a great listen and I really did enjoy the trip OB took me on. Throughout the session I found six tracks to really grasp my attention and I wanted to let you know what I felt about them. So here goes my review of OB’s Celestial Offerings.

02 YOU & I – Upcoming emcees O.B. and SaFE team up for this track. They expressed an aggressive perspective. But that’s not the vibe I get from the song. I feel that beat is so uplifting that that perspective doesn’t show, but when you read the lyrics you can see it. YOU & I was produced by Reese Jones. They also released a visual to this track too! Thought it was dope they had two girls jamming out to this song. While they start off their day in the morning.

04 LOST IN THOUGHT – “Je suis un millier de miles à la recherche de vous. Pour se render compte, que j’étais prêt à marcher un millier de miles plus” is stated on the soundcloud link to this track. Curious to know what this meant, Google translates: (I’m a thousand miles in search of you, to realize that I was ready to walk a thousand miles rained). OB takes us to a moment where he’s LOST IN THOUGHT. Produced by Nu Vintage.

Q @NikkiSiixx: What was the inspiration towards the concept of LOST IN THOUGHT?
A @OBKingofKings: With lost in thought I was hella intimidated by this verse I heard from SaFE on a song we did called Sunrise. It’s on our spring collection Vol.1 mixtape. It’s when I first felt safes potential and felt inspired and challenged at the same time. In reaction to that I wanted to take my time crafting the lost in thought jawn. I literally laid in my bed without food or water for three days in the heat of the summer staring at the ceiling fan and allowed myself to just drift into this world of pain and empathy. In a way I’m lost because I probably was hallucinating at that point but also I’m lost because it seems as if all of my love interests at the end of the day could be merged into the same person and all of our experiences could be the same failed romantic science experiment.

05 ROUND, SQUARE, BLOCK, CIRCLE – featuring Culture Kev. I thought this track was pretty dope. I love the fundamentals this track contains. Such as amazing production from Arkutec, and dope bars. The guys are extremely witty with their wordplay. Check out this hook, I find this to be catchy!

I take care of those kids/

I pay my own way/

so I can do whatever the fuck I want with my life/

now I done been, all around the world, which was just in every borough/

but I ain’t neva keep it nothing less than thorough/

I don’t take no bullshit/

no how no way/

so you best just the move the fuck on wit yo life/

now I done been, all around the world, which was just in every borough/

but I ain’t neva keep it nothing less than thorough/

OB08 STEADY SITTIN’ – OB’s presence on the track is strong and confident. He was inspired by Nat Turner’s rebellion. This was a slave rebellion that took place in Southampton County, Virginia, during August 1831. Led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves killed anywhere from 55 to 65 people, the highest number of fatalities caused by any slave uprising in the American South. STEADY SITTIN has some crazy production by QB Da Problem and Devious Sounds.

11 PARTY AND BULLSHIT – The track definitely gives off that club anthem sound provided by producer Bravestarr, the track also includes vocals from Culture Kev. Chrysanthemums on the grave of society. The track is based off a women who likes for a man to pay for the things she needs to get by. If not she’ll have to strip to make money for rent. They rather be partying and bullshittin’ instead of taking things seriously!

12 SUDDENLY – This track is meant for that special lady. We get to see the romantic side of OB. Story takes place when he first meets that one that he just can’t stop thinking about and wants to spend his time with her. How can a girl not like this song? Or how can a guy not feel this way about a certain women in his life. Amazing track!

Girl, you, make, my, heart, stop/

I’ve search the world for a girl like you/

And you got me open, I’m hoping/

That I’m the one your love has chosen/

Spend my time, in all of you/

They are two versions of this album available for purchase. A standard one represented by iTunes and SOUNDCLOUD and a special deluxe one represented by BANDCAMP which changes the last song on the album, to a track that features other M.O.B.Star members and Bretagne and it includes a shitload of goodies including a preview of SaFE’s music video. Which I already took a look at and I can’t wait for its official release.

“This piece presented before you was meant to be a sort of time capsule. Written during a week of one of my lowest points in life, I sought out to encapsulate my thoughts of escaping existence into musical form. If there is a higher being of life, or a God, then this is my offer. Our thoughts, our passions, our motivations, our souls, our dreams, our positives, our angst, our lives. I don’t believe in a monotheistic “god”, but I do believe in a spiritual force embedded in nature that connects all of us to one another. This force I refer to as “Allah”. Through Allah, indeed all things are possible and it’s the miracles he’s bestowed upon me that allowed for the conception of this album. -OB”

celestback1600x1600ALBUM DETAILS:
Executive Production: Culture Kev
Production: RaCharm, Arkutec, Bravestarr, Reese Jones, QB Da Problem, Kingshon, Nu Vintage
Mixed and Mastered By: DeWun Music
Guest Appearances By: Bretagne, Culture Kev, SaFE, J.Nolan
Recorded at M.O.B.Star Studios in Paterson, NJ
Empowered by: The Most High


Album Review: Ron Slyda – Blue Summer Recollections of a Poetic Drunk


NikkiSiixx.com Presents to you an exclusive review of Ron Slyda’s highly anticipated album BLUE SUMMER Recollection of a Poetic Drunk, before it’s release this Tuesday, November 19th. I’ll be reviewing the fifteen track album. Picking my favorite six tracks to review. What a journey! Ron Slyda has taken me through this session. Recollections of a Poetic Drunk is the point of view this tape explores.
BS_RonSlyda_FinalCover2BLUE SUMMER: Is an amazing track to get things started. With sultry harmonies and a fun ass beat by Trackology. The vibe definitely portrays a summertime vibe. The one thing I really like about Ron Slyda, is his realness with his lyrics. You understand where he comes from. You can relate to his struggle and can’t help but root for him to succeed. Dealing with haters and people who are not willing to network, Ron has to keep working hard towards his dreams. “Blue Summers Got Me Dreaming, Please Don’t Wake A N*gga Up, Living Life dew and leather, The Future In My Cup” Slyda wants us to live for the day.

FOCUS: Previously featured on NikkiSiixx.com. FOCUS is the latest track from Miami local artist Ron Slyda. This track is a preview to what Ron has in store for us with his upcoming project #BlueSummer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Production from Jay B. Ron Slyda’s vibe is laid back, filled with soul, and you definitely get a southern feel to it. You feel that same vibe when he performs too!

“FOCUS” title suits well with the concept of the track. Since Ron Slyda is trying to prevail from temptations that maybe good at the moment but once you take a second look it only caused you harm in someway or another. Dealing with being criticize from bloggers, and women dilemma’s. I also feel that since they added that Chopped & Screwed Voice effect at the end, it’s calling Ron and letting him know Don’t Let It Stop You.
“Keep My Mind On Money, Money On My Mind! Keep My Finga On The Trigger, N*gga Hand On My Nine”

FH/GM: You can feel that Ron Slyda cares about his listeners. By giving them positive advice and staying humble. Even though against the whole fucking hoes line, but damn it’s so catchy! “Fucking Hoes & Getting Money” on repeat! Slyda’s presence on the track goes strong. Staying on beat and creating a chill vibe. Dope track.

COME ON: Previously featured on NikkiSiixx.com – Check out the latest from Florida’s own Ron Slyda with his music video COME ON. Debuting song off his upcoming project BLUE SUMMER: Recollections Of A Poetic Drunk. I’m really diggin’ this video! Ron SLyda is chilling in his neighborhood with his boys. The concept of the video was portrayed through “The persuasion & deception Ron faces in his day to day life through stop motion photography and video”. Dealing with crooked cops, gold diggers and crackheads.
Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.27.07 PM
Video was produced by Young Wild Panda. If you’re not to familiar with this amazing producer.. you should see his other videos. Also, Young Wild Panda was the winner of our CONTEST: So You Think You Can Make Music Videos? Ron Slyda x S.M.G x 8and9 x NikkiSiixx.

The tale of a man on the verge of becoming everything he wants to be. His inner turmoil and demons pushing him relentlessly to be a man of no mercy.His loved ones urging him to grow into the beacon of hope they all need. A Poet by definition is someone who writes with beauty and grace. Slyda effortlessly spins tales of violence, promiscuity, intoxication, depression, lost, and love into poetic melodic rap verses with lyrics that entertain as well as intrigue…

MOVING ON: Ron Slyda expresses himself with losing close loved ones. Knowing how difficult it is dealing with it and trying to move on. From struggling with doing things you’re really not supposed to be doing, but doing it with good intentions. By making money and using it to help pay for food to feed his family. The song not only discusses losing someone but also making changes from negative to positive.

MERCY: Amazing production by MindLabs. What a beautiful sound in the far background, sounds like a symphony with soft violins and piano. The concept of the track is a conversation between Ron and his future child. Giving him advice of how to be strong and be smart and walk away. Learning right from wrong. The worst could happen from him growing up with the wrong people or die from a disease. At the end of the track you hear OG Bobby Johnson from South Central say “I told a man in prison, I would save my son’s life, even if it took my life. I’m willing to die here today Ray. For my boy, because I love him that much. Do you love him? All I want is to give him something you or I never had….”

OUTRO: The outro is dedicated to the true supporters of Ron Slyda from all over. Love all the love shown to Ron and his movement. Wish you nothing but the best. This concludes my album review of Ron Slyda’s BLUE SUMMER Recollections of a Poetic Drunk. Enjoy this amazing project and get it now.


Album Review: 85 – The Dive


85 is a band that consists of members; Devin Arne – Guitar / Synth – Alex Weiss – Percussion – Mike Cejas – Bass – La Guardia – Vocals. They released their album The Dive this passed July (2012). The boys put hard work into this project and it definitely showcases it when you take the journey with 85.

Usually for my reviews I like to pick six tracks from the project and give my intake on them. But since The Dive is on another level, I had to review the entire project as a whole. Because the album is a story from start to finish. I love the fusion of hip-hop, soul music, and electronic funk that’s put into play.

BEST YOU CAN – Funky Pop beat and a good vibe over all. To me this track is fun and I had to jam along. This song makes me feel like I’m apart of a celebration. In the hook “I’m the best you can do….And you’re most likely probably the best that I can do too” is not the same case.

TAKE IT ALL – This track is when the person your with wants to end their relationship with you and they want it all back. Even if that includes your heart. At the beginning of the track you hear La Guardia and his girl get in an argument and she just had enough. He thinks it’s gonna be okay within a few days, but in reality it’s over. “I’m sinking, I admit it…it hurts…let’s mend this. You know what, no…you took it all, so just keep it all and let’s end this

EVENT HORIZON – this :40 second skit gives me the chills. It’s a voice mail from a missed call received from your ex. A call that you wish you were able to receive. She’s letting you know.. she’s still tired and that she still…


FUNERAL – I love the slow introduction into the song. It’s mesmerizing, but yet so dark. Which fits perfectly with the title of the track. This track marks the beginning of the apocalypse. “Where everyday is a funeral“.

TRYING NOT TO DIE – “Don’t you want to forget? Don’t you want to black out? Let’s Dance Together & Figure It Out” the voice of his ex. It’s all about survival. Dealing with pressure and stress from the world you just trying not to die.

IM NOT ALIVE – Wow! This track has to be one of my favorites from The Dive. Even though you’ll living alone, your not alive because you’re not with that significant other that you need to be with. Something is missing. Going through a separation from a relationship that didn’t last, is a huge test. To show you what were your errors and giving you the time to see it through. You gotta learn the hard way. Making you feel like you’re not alive.

THE DIVE – Here it goes the final track on the album. It’s all or nothing. Nothing is going to stop La Guardia from trying to find out if she still here. Going to risk it all. Let’s fall into the abyss.

I’m standing on the edge, hands full of sweat, plans in effect
I’m trying to be calm, but I can’t cause I’m vexed
I’m commanding my courage to cancel my nervous and handle what’s next
All hands on deck
I just wanna hear you breath
I just wanna know you’re alright
I never wanna see you leave
Just hold tight…

I consider this to be one of the dopest albums I’ve heard so far this year. 85 gives you everything you need when it comes to feeling the music. From the diversity of sounds, instruments, and add-ons the music comes to life. You can get your own copy of The Dive when you purchase the album via BANDCAMP.

A cup of hip hop, a sprinkle of electrons, a dash of rock, a few pinches of soul and a light shake of anti-matter is what your ears can expect when listening to 85. -85

All music composed and produced by Devin Arne.
All lyrics written and performed by La Guardia Cross Jr.

www.85band.com | www.85band.bandcamp.com | @85band

Album Review: Lazare St James – Apocrypha


Lazare St James released his first album APOCRYPHA. The album is completely original, featuring it’s own production from SPK and J5. This project is nothing I’ve heard before from Lazare, which I hear a great sense of growth and potential. Through his journey on Apocrypha he shows us how he can be a serious rebel to having fun and keeping it cool. Thirteen amazing tracks from Lazare St James. I’m going to review my six favorite. Which are: Angel, Cali, Just Livin, Like A Cloud, Jump N Wave, and The Real.

Apocrypha: Various religious writings of uncertain origin regarded by some as inspired, but rejected by most authorities.

389878_246156952113670_102405004_nANGEL Lazare is looking for his angel. Looking for the support he needs to get it all together. Really feeling his flow and delivery on this one. Will he find her? Production by J5.

CALI I’ve never been to Cali, but one day I’ll be there bumpin’ this track. Love how the track rides in and Lazare starts to rip this one. “Cali-fornia on it, warn ya, up on the mornin’ writing some of these sing song emcees are biting, blasphemy.” Production by SPK.

JUST LIVIN features EMCEE/Producer J5. Even though we give a presence that we’re living a great life but actually we got to go through some rough times. We’re just trying to live. Lazare St James and J5 let us know what they’ve been through and what they’re doing now.

LIKE A CLOUD The production by J5 gives a feel we’re flying high through the clouds. Lazare St James released the music video for this track. Take a look below:

JUMP N WAVE This track is definitely a hype one! I just feel like jumping along to the hook. I can see this track to get the crowd to interact during a performance. JUMP N WAVE is a fun song.

THE REAL definitely makes the list since it was posted on NikkiSiixx.com. VIEW HERE
Lazare St James releases THE REAL from his upcoming project Apocrypha, featuring Malik Ferraud. Apocrypha is a various religious writings of uncertain origin regarded by some as inspired, but rejected by most authorities.

This concludes my album review on Lazare St James APOCRYPHA!! Download NOW!


Album Review: Petty – Short But Sweet


Nashville, TN upcoming artist Petty released his full length project Short But Sweet on the 26th of February. He starts the project on high note with his intro where he nonchalantly states “ecstasy, you could get sexed to sleep”. The second track “Realer with Design” allows petty to show off his smooth wordplay over a beat that’s as hot as krispy kreme when the lights on. “Morning Prayer” is only 1:10 long, short but sweet I suppose, but he gets his point across in it. The song “Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up” has an early morning inspirational message to it somewhat like that of outkast’s “git up git out” or kanye’s “good morning”. Track five “Hustlers” is my type of song, willie hutch-like production with get what you need done mentality. My favorite line of “Hustlers” was definitely “you niggas too weak (two week), that’s a paycheck”. On “Run On” he paints a Van Gogh like picture about lyrics that mimic true life.

Petty showed his southern roots heavily on “Wish I Had A Cadillac” where he raps about wanting an old school caddy since we was a child. This was my favorite on the project due to my own love for General Motors cars although I’m more into chevrolets. Track eight “Short But Cool” is that song when Petty addresses women from the aspect of pimping to the anatomy of woman. “Let Your Hair Down (Foxxxy)” has a more positive approach to a woman and her anatomy. I felt like Petty was living out a fantasy of having sex with Pam Grier’s most popular character on that joint, I dig it jack. “Love Good Morning” is that song you play for your woman before an early morning sheet wrestling match and he captured it well.

Every project now needs a good song you can smoke and get head to, well “Blow Sum” is that song. I love how he took a Big K.R.I.T like flow but sped up enough to make it original. “Drinking with the old heads” is the record you can play with your dad, grandfather and son in the car and all four of you can enjoy the knowledge waiting to be soaked up from it. Petty curved the album slightly left with “Get Over You’ which seems like a sad song about losing a loved one which most can find to a relative topic. The next track “2nd Time around” is like when you get back with your ex expecting but results but it ends the same way. “Murder On My Mind” brings the tempo up the project back up while he talks about thoughts of wanting the murder vagina and the music scene from the underground. Petty finishes the project with his song “Other Side of the Game” which speaks on learn what it’s like for a man to be played by a woman after playing multiple women. The entire project was produced by The Stuyvesants of Brooklyn. Overall this a solid project that I recommend you download.

Connect with Petty online