Mixtape Review: Noah – Progressive Mindstate



Noah is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas. While growing up he wished for better days. During middle school Noah decided to pick up a pen and embrace his craft of being able to write rhymes. During this phrase Noah is influence by many artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Bone Thugs, and Chamillionaire. Getting ready to step foot in the music scene Noah decided to join a hip-hop group but after a few attempts its destined to be for Noah that he stands best on his own when it comes to his music. Noah even bought his own studio equipment and began the process to his first debut mixtape Progressive Mindstate. For the fifteen track mixtape Noah was able to demonstrate his lyricism and presence on it. I will go over a review on six of my favorite tracks off Progressive Mindstate.

[01] INTRO: It starts off softly “Don’t fuck with me, Don’t fuck with me” then Noah goes in on his verse. His flow and presence are clear and persistent. “…But y’all know the name of the tape it’s all about progression, left that bitch in the past, learned a valuable lesson” I really like he was able to bring the concept of his project in that line.

[03] REMEMBER MY NAME: I feel that Noah is having fun on this track, that was produced by ALLROUNDA. Taking his listeners on a trip through his mind state. How he would handle situations related to striving for the best. Even though he might not have that BLING he’ll still shine on! That’s a really dope concept considering now a days, more people are materialistic (being obsessed over material things) but with that positive perspective of still shining without the ‘bling’. Shows how life can be better just being that way.

[07] DEEPER: What I really like about this track that it features a sample from Barry White’s song Deeper. Really provides a soulful essence to it. Definitely, a track meant for the ladies. Noah describes that moment between him and that special lady. The passions they share and the love they have can make a half an hour feel like eternity.

_mg_0082_jpg-1Progressive Mindstate represents perseverance. Ultimately I feel music should inspire and be a reflection of life. To remind who ever is listening that their human like everyone else and have their share of ups and downs and my music does just that.

Check out this video Noah took during a promo run at SXSW 2014! Pretty dope Noah was able to have his physical cd’s at local shops and interact with music lovers and other artists along the way.

NIKKISIIXX: Are we expecting any visuals for the Progressive Mindstate? If so, which tracks are we expected to see come to life?
NOAH: As of right now I’m still working on that, it’ll probably be in the distant future if anything.

[10] LORD KNOWS: During the process of creating a song you need to find that “topic” or inspiration that can generate a relevant concept for the listener. LORD KNOWS definitely gives you that experience of trying to get that perfect topic. From listening to other known rappers, should I be rapping about things (ex: Wale on his fly shit, Kanye with his diamonds). But instead rapping about things like that. Noah goes in on his hard work ethnic and believes that he’ll be able to accomplish his dreams becoming a successful artist.

Lord Knows recognition is something I really do strive for,
so its them late nights just letting my pen go,
to work and believe me brother results will show,
that these other artists aint fucking with my flow,
sorry girl right now I cant give the time that ya need,
just know that all of this hard work that you see me putting out,
believe gone get me out,
them hard times and into the life that I dream about.

NIKKISIIXX: In the track ‘Lord Knows’ you stated you’re working into accomplishing you’re dreams. What are your dreams exactly?
NOAH: To see my family comfortable. To become an established artist and use that as a stepping stone to venture out into other things such as clothing line, club owner etc.

[13] LOCKED N GONE: This track goes out to anyone who was either incarcerated in jail or will be. Noah expresses how he would never want to experience a life behind bars. This song leaves the specific listener in a positive state of mind. Especially, if they’re leaving from jail/prison soon. Really like the hook on this one:
“For Anybody That Is Or Ever Locked Up And Gone, Stay Strong, Counting The Days Till You Come Home, You Better Know The Bottles Poppin’, Cause Believe Me It’s On”.

[15] STORY BEING TOLD: Noah shows off his storytelling skills with this one. The visuals he puts in your head is intense. You wouldn’t want to experience the things that are mentioned. When greed interferes with your work ethnic you start to make decision for all the wrong seasons. Check out how the story escalates… but you gotta listen for yourself.

NIKKISIIXX: Any upcoming projects in the works?
NOAH: Within a few months me and another artist young haze will release a collar mixtape entitled “Great Minds Think Alike” to follow up our individual projects. Also, I plan on getting some shirts made for the clothing line in the next few months.

This concludes my mixtape review of Noah’s Progressive Mindstate. If you’re diggin’ the tape as much as I am you must definitely click on the cover art above to get you’re free download via datpiff.com. & don’t forget to follow him on his social media outlets to get future updates on Noah’s journey.