[COMICS] Samurai Shin First Motion Sketch Trailer

UPDATE: Samurai Shin has been pushed back till further notice, while you wait here’s a sketch trailer for an upcoming animated visual for the comic book and soundtrack! It’s extremely short but definitely builds up your anticipation for the upcoming animation and for the first issue of Samurai Shin. Get updated by following SShinComics Links below:




Videogames: Mirrors Edge 2 – Catalyst Trailer Premiered at E3 2015

icFAVp8uCDw0ZMirror’s Edge Catalyst is the official title of Mirrors Edge 2 and, surprise, it’s not a straight sequel but instead a prequel that tells Faith’s origin story. This is it! When I played the first part of Mirror’s Edge I was in love with this game. The way they programmed it to make it seem like you’re the one doing all the parkour stuff. I was able to complete the game and was pretty stoked to hear it’s making a comeback next year February 23rd! In the trailer we see what appears to be government take over and it’s all up to Faith to save the world. Voice narrates: “Personal Freedom Comes At A Price. Be wary of policy brokers in our mist…” Can she do it? Electronic Arts (EA) later confirmed that the game will be on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ll have fluid movements & combat in first person. You’re able to go all over the city, instead of sticking to paths and an in-depth look to Faith’s Origin Story. This is going to be insane.