[GAMING] Pokémon Go And It’s Unbelievable Amount of Success

Last year when the official trailer release for an app that will allow you to capture Pokémon in the real world called, Pokémon Go. I released an article regarding the possibility the app will be overshooting it’s capabilities. What I should of focused on was the real capability of this app’s full potential on impacting the world.

IMG_5878If you’re playing Pokémon Go you know exactly what I’m talking about. This app hits right in the heart of a 90’s kid. The nostalgia this game created by bringing back the original 150 Pokémon search is a great moment. Bringing gamers who would usually stay inside the majority of their days are now walking miles in search and the ability to say you caught them all. Uniting people who would of never talked in the first place to long chats about Pokémon, where they found their rarest ones, and just funny stories or sharing memes. Also allowing people to conquer social anxieties when talking to new people and now being able to communicate face to face instead online in a chat room.
IMG_5808But sometimes there are downsides to great things, where there’s light there will always be darkness. People have been using this to lure people in traps getting robbed at Pokéstops. So it’s really about not going at 2AM in an area you’ve never been before. Because you’re only looking for trouble. Explore the world during the day AND REALLY BE AWARE OF YOURE SOUNDINGS AND DONT BE OBNOXIOUS TO OTHERS WHILE SEARCHING FOR POKéMON. SUCH AS LIKE ENTERING PRIVATE PROPERTY, AND STOPING YOUR CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC RISKING AN ACCIDENT.

Back to the good news, after about three weeks of a majority of the world playing this app Nintendo doubles in it’s Nintendo Stock. Increasing the value and impact the app has acquired. As we wait patiently for weekly updates, we can’t wait for the chance to start trading Pokémon with other Pokémon Trainers. But in the mist of it all, I’ve met a bunch of people who have the same love for Pokémon as I. Last weekend, I attended a #PokéWalkMiami and for about 3-4 hours a bunch of us went on a search for Pokémon. Setting up lures and owning Wynwood! Shoutout to @NormaNow & @See_Fig!

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What do you guys think about Pokémon Go?!
Are you playing?
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Videogames: Pokémon Go App Overshooting It’s Capabilities?

inline-576x240After watching this incredible commercial on what the Pokémon GO experience is in the real world. But in reality, this is not how the experience is going to be when you do play it. As you see the photo above, it’s going to be you, yourself searching for imaginary Pokémon. In random locations near you or to location you’ll travel to. At least it’s going to make people go outside and want to look around for them. And then you can even trade and battle with other Pokémon trainers. In the video we see how the trainers are looking out to see the Pokémon there, like if it was a hologram. Making the game seem more realistic. This would totally make me get one if it was like that, but it’s not. I’ll just wait for an advance version in the near future. But the App will be available in 2016 on iPhone and Android devices. Pokémon GO will use real location information to allow players to experience catching, trading, and battling Pokémon. Niantic, Inc., The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo Co., Ltd., will all contribute to the Pokémon GO project. Visit they’re site for more information. What are your intakes on Pokémon Go? Are you getting it? Or you think it’s getting high expectations? Here’s an image at 2:58 of the visual of the actual gameplay on the iPhone:
Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.08.32 PM

App of the week: Into the Dead by PikPok

I just recently downloaded Into the Dead app and this is one of the most intense zombie games/app I’ve played for a while. The app was created by PikPok. You are about to be surrounded by the living dead and your only option is to run, run for your life! You dodge through endless numbers of zombies.

You really feel like your there, running through different scenaries such as plain fields, corn fields, woods, and other locations I still haven’t been able to get to. The whole purpose and your goal is to survive as long as you can. You also get a chance to defend yourself once you find crates with weapons such as a gun, chainsaw, or more ammo. The zombies will eventually get you, you wish they didn’t.

Another great thing about this game? FREE DOWNLOAD – iTUNES

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


App of The Week (iPhone4): Instagram

I downloaded this free App from iTunes called Instagramit’s an online photo profile gallery with a photo editor that allows you to alter the different looks, with a twitter aspect of following other users and having people follow you. Every photo you edit will be placed on your profile and allow you to share it with your followers. I think its a great that your followers can comment on your image or mark a <3 if they like the image. The app also features when you’re done editing the photo the new image is also saved into your phone. Its a lot of fun and very creative! I’ve set up my account you can follow me my username is Nikkisiixx.