Freestyle: Ramon ReVere – R.I.C.O. featuring Art Morera

ReV and Art RICO Freestyle[NORTH CALIFORNIA] Inspired by Meek Mill’s R.I.C.O, Ramon ReVere and Art Morera take it on with their official freestyle music video for it. You catch Ramon ReVere smoking his joint while venting out what’s really getting to him and what he’s been up to lately. I really like how Ramon ReVere is so aggressive with the flow. Both ReV and Art make really good music together. I’ve heard them together on Art Morera’s Album Around Midnight, on the track BLURRY. Expect more collaborations from the two off their upcoming projects like Art Morera’s AfterGlow EP and Ramon ReVere’s Uncomfortable EP. The visual scenery takes us to the 101 Highway, A Pool Hall, and Inside a Hotel Room. What do you guys think of the visual for Ramon ReVere and Art Morera’s version of R.I.C.O? Leave a comment below [Ramon ReVere LINKS] INSTAGRAMTWITTERWEBSITEYOUTUBE


Music Video: Art Morera – Miami Vice

artmorera-miamiviceArt Morera is taking over Miami with his latest single off of his Around Midnight album Miami Vice. The music video was premiered via DJBOOTH.NET. Once you hit play you feel like you went back in time. Nixon was able to capture the true essence of MIAMI VICE with this one. With Art Morera’s lyrics being so descriptive that will leave you with the images playing a movie in your mind. The video was brought to life by Kimber Vasquez, with his keen-eye in capturing the perfect moments. The visual also gives off a movie feel. When Art gets a call if he has that new shit? What could this new shit be? You’ll find out at the end of this video! Peep that new shit that Art Morera is bringing you with his MIAMI VICE. Don’t forget to get his Around Midnight Album via iTunes.


Music Video: Art Morera – Waiting

Check out the latest visual off of Art Morera’s album Around Midnight with WAITING. What a stunnin’ music video. Art Morera finds himself embracing Earth’s beautiful scene in California. Up in the woods/mountains. Breath-taking visuals. WAITING is a track for any inspiring musician who’s working hard in making their goals/dreams come true. Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.19.59 PMArt is waiting on the listener to come across his music. Super down to earth just like his melodies in the chorus. “All Night Ive been hopping trains, loosing track of the time. What we have, Here and Now, I’ll be Waiting All My Life, Waiting For, Waiting For, Waiting For You..” The track was produced by THE KNO (which is a collaboration between NIXON and Art Morera himself). Stay tuned for more releases from Art Morera through his social media outlets below.

Music Video: Art Morera – Billboard

Check out the second visual off of Art Morera’s album Around Midnight, the official music video for BILLBOARD. What an amazing track! The lyrics, the production, and the overall performance by Art Morera really demonstrates how he is so diverse with his overall sound and appeal with his music. This has to be one of my favorites off this album. Art Morera takes us on a journey through an independent artist view on how he’s trying to bring his music to the world.

BILLBOARD was filmed by Kimber Vasquez, he was able to capture so many candid moments. Video locations range from Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California. Art Morera brings life to Nixon’s amazing production. Throughout the video you see Art’s street-team making rounds and promoting Art’s music. On one occasion Art’s cd was thrown away from someone who wasn’t interested. They left the cd on the floor and at another point someone notices the cd and picks it up, then gives it a listen. Which goes to show you when you give an honest listen you might come across some gems.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.57.14 PM BILLBOARD is one of those gems, consider the entire Around Midnight album a treasure chest with dope tracks such as LOUD, Story of My Life, The Allure, Blurry and Alright! If you’re not familiar with these tracks take a listen and download the album on iTunes, or listen to entire discography via Spotify. If you’re the type of person who prefers to watch visuals than listen to the music. I would suggest for you to view Art Morera’s YOUTUBE Channel for everything you need in a music videos, visual EPs (Extended Play), films, documentaries, and recaps. Also, he was recently just interviewed by NikkiJoMazing. BILLBOARD‘s hook is just impressive. Catchy… if not take a look for yourself:

You bumpin’ my cd, watch me on tv, see me around you think I’m famous. Look up cause you need me not cause you’re beneath me. It’s just that I’m on my way up on a BILLBOARD. Yeah, Maybe you love me? Maybe then you’ll love me.”


NikkiJoMazing – Season One Episode Five

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive episode interviewing Art Morera. We discuss his first poem, his debut album Around Midnight, take a look at his latest music video LOUD produced by NIXON, and MERCH ALERT Art Morera Watches & beanies are for sale!! Stay tuned every Monday 4PM Eastern. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing

Art Morera- Loud (Official Music Video)

Art Morera has been pretty busy over the past few months. In December, he dropped 12:01 Visual EP, days before Beyonce dropped hers with the same concept but with her LP. However, Morera did not stop there, he followed up 12:01 with his first LP entitled Around Midnight where you can purchased at iTUNES. Now Art Morera has delivered the first visual from Around Midnight and it’s for the song “Loud”. The visual mimics the vocals perfectly and fits the chilled smoker vibe that is set in the track. The song was already a stoned masterpiece produced by Mr. Nixon yet Kimber Vasquez, NikkiSiixx and YoungWildPanda perfected that with the video that resulted from it. Take a look at the video and if you haven’t already purchase Around Midnight, your ears will thank you. 

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Download: Art Morera – Around Midnight

On January 12th Art Morera debuted his full length album Around Midnight. This twelve track journey really is synchronized perfectly throughout the entire project. Definitely has that replay value. All tracks are immediate favorites. The production alone is amazing overall. Featuring producers such as Nixon, Alphabeat, Mydus, The Jake, The Kno, and Art Morera himself.

Art creates life with his lyrics. Relevant material to anyone living life, working hard towards their dreams, smoking and drinking, and another who likes to vibe out this album is for you. Starting with tracks Around Midnight, The Allure, BillBoard, Beemer, Miami Vice, Loud, Nobody, Alright, Blurry, Waiting, Story of My Life, and Hollywood. The first eight tracks we’re getting to know Art and were smoking and drinking in the session. When you get to Blurry you feel a sense have I had too much Art Morera? Let’s unwind with this joint featuring Hip-Hop/House Electronic Artist Ramon Revere. unnamedIt’s a twisted track. I feel the most outstanding tracks on this album would be The Allure, Waiting, Story of My Life, Nobody, and LOUD. Art Morera has improved with his overall sound and presence from his previous projects 12:01AM EP & Morera EP. Everything he’s been working on throughout the years has been leading up to this album. Art Morera’s first single is going to be LOUD which its visual is currently in the works. You can listen to LOUD via Spotify and Don’t forget to Buy Around Midnight via BANDCAMP!

Vocals and Songs written by Art Morera
Guest Vocals by Ramon Revere on “Blurry
Additional Vocals: Venessa Renee on “Loud” and “Nobody

Produced by:
Alphabeat on “Around Midnight“, “The Allure” and “Story Of My Life
Nixon on “Billboard“, “Miami Vice“, “Loud“, “Nobody“, and “Blurry
The Jake on “Beemer
Mydus on “Alright
The Kno on “Waiting
and Art Morera on “Hollywood

Additional Music Composition by Gabriel “Q” Pelaez on “Waiting
Engineered by Art Morera and Nixon
Mixed and Mastered by Alphabeat
Executive Produced by Art Morera, Nixon and Alphabeat

Album Artwork by Andres Redondo
Layout and Design by NikkiSiixx


Visual: Art Morera Vlog – Cut & Scratch Live and Curren$y Show

UPDATE: On December 17th, 2013 he opened up for Curren$y at Grand Central, Downtown Miami. Prior to the show, Art was interviewed by DJ Radamas on the Cut & Scratch Live! Finale web-show. The song Art’s performing is called “ON DECK” you can find that track on his EP “Morera” via iTUNES.

Stayed tuned for Art Morera’s Upcoming Full Length ALBUM “Around Midnight” which will be available on 01/12/2014 via iTunes! Don’t miss out!


*NikkiSiixx.com was able to gain access to the Curren$y show and it was amazing. So many people came out to support the JetLife Movement*

New Music: Art Morera – “FOUR”

four 2

Florida Hip-Hop artist Art Morera, released last night at 12:01am a track called “FOUR”. The track gives his fans the taste of the process of recording his full length album Around Midnight. Adventuring out at 4 in the morning to pick up a mini-dutch from the 24 hour gas station. Art Morera’s delivery is on point and his presence is uncanny. Sick Production from DJ Tr3s.

Looking for more from Art Morera? Check out the links below for new updates regarding New Music, Music Videos, and Around Midnight.

Video: Art Morera – 12:00AM Tour – Florida Recap “Midnight In A Perfect World” Freestyle

Recently, Art Morera was on his 12:00AM Promo Tour. Traveling from Miami to Lake Worth, Orlando, and Winterpark Florida. The video is a great way to showcase the tour where Art was performing and promoting himself. Passing out a PROJECT MIX and a 12:00AM Stickers. I find the visuals to be on point. Love the transitions from color to black and white. The shout out from Shorty at the beginning of the video was a great introduction to Art Morera’s freestyle over DJ Shadow’s Midnight In A Perfect World. His flow and switch-ups are impressive.

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