Catch Up With The Artist Series: Rob Regis at NETWERK

Rob Regis Icon CUWTASNikkiSiixx took the time and caught up with Rob Regis at her NETWERK Event back in August 2014 at Propaganda Lake Worth, FL. Stay tuned for upcoming new music, a collaboration project, and more dope artwork by Faded Art Lordxx.


Music Video: Doobz of FAM – Enlightened Wealth

Doobz of FAM released his latest visual ENLIGHTENED WEALTH. I found the video to be very dope. B-roll of murals they captured featuring artwork, graffiti, and stickers. OneTwoMedia really did a great job with the swift transitions. ENLIGHTENED WEALTH goes hard. I really enjoyed Doobz verse. He had a lot of great things to say when it comes to putting in real work. This song is definitely on repeat!

I’ve been paying my dues
I even kept receipts.
To show ya’ll the costs of success is not cheap.

B.E.Z Stylz x OneTwoMedia got together to present Doobz of FAM’s video.


NikkiSiixx Artwork: Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh

I’m a huge fan of The Batman series. And for some strange reason I keep creating art work involving The Joker. My latest piece is titled Lego Joker ‘s Last Laugh. Finally The Joker was able to accomplish the unthinkable and poison Batman & Robin with his infamous laughing gas.

[x] First off I free hand the sketch. First I started with The Joker then out of no where I decided to add Batman & Robin into the bunch. Felt The Joker was a little bit too lonely on the canvas.

[x] Next off I painted the light colors, once dried I started with the dark colors. Luckily I had all the colors needed.

[x] Didn’t know where I was going with this but I decided to add the backdrop with the green mist from The Laughing Gas. Started it light.

[x] I added a darker green color to give a mist feel when you look to The Jokers right hand there’s the green mist overlapping it.

[x] My favorite part! The outlining. I use a thin point fabric paint to create the lining. Also when it dries up it gives a 3D feel to it. Check out the detailing on Batman & Robin.

[x] Joker’s last laugh won’t be complete until I added the HA HA HA everywhere. It’s everywhere because they can’t control their laughter. It’s unstoppable.

If you’re interested in purchasing Lego Joker’s Last Laugh hit me up on Twitter @NikkiSiixx


NikkiSiixx Artwork: Super Mario & Princess Peach’s First Kiss

I recycled some white boards that came from used x-ray boxes and then I turned them into my canvas’. I had fun painting this one. Luckily I had all the right colors to match the characters, perfectly! Very proud of my work.

I used Acrylic Paint for the colors, and the black was made with permanent marker. Which gives it a clean look. Yup it took all these colors to finish up the artwork. Too cute!