[MUSIC VIDEO] Fusway Jones – Out Da Way

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have rap artist Fusway Jones bringing us his latest music video OUT DA WAY. This track is perfect for a club setting, with hard hitting bass and auto-toned catchy hooks. Fusway Jones stands out throughout the scenes. Rocking a red adidas suit and eye catching backdrops. Filled with supporters and having a good time. OUT DA WAY was produced by London On Da Track. If you’re diggin’ Fusway Jones latest visual make sure you show support and follow him below:



[AUDIO] Capo K – Do Not Disturb featuring Yung Banz

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have rap artist Capo K with his single DO NOT DISTURB featuring South Carolina artist Yung Banz. DO NOT DISTURB is his latest track from his upcoming EP entitled One Day, which is set to release September 30th. With that night trap vibes brought to you by Atlanta Producer DNA Keyzz. Capo K and Yung Banz make a great collaborative track. If you’re diggin’ DO NOT DISTURB, make sure you follow Capo K and let em’ know.



[Audio] Zone 6 Sosa – Saran Wrap (Prod. Train808 & TalibanJu808)

You’re going to feel like you’re in the middle of Atlanta when you listen to this one. Artist and producer, Zone 6 Sosa, drops off his latest single “Saran Wrap” which features production from Train808 & TalibanJu808. The ATL homie comes through with a tough joint for the hood. A lot of hometown slang and slick talk, Sosa keeps it extra gutter. Make sure you go to Twitter and follow Zone 6 Sosa, Train808 & TalibanJu808


[UPCOMING EVENT] April 15th – Hustler Spirit Magazine Artist Showcase – Atlanta, GA

Hustler Spirit Magazine are excited about their upcoming Artist Showcase 4/15/2016 in Atlanta, GA. This event continues to get larger and larger by the day! Hope you have received all the necessary information and documents to secure your slot in the showcase. We have already confirmed 3 media outlets, 2 radio stations, and one television show to be in attendance at the showcase. We also will have multiple industry execs, A&R’s, radio reps, producers, investors, brand ambassadors, managers, promoters, bloggers, magazines, videographers, photographers, and other independent artist. As well, we have legendary songwriter and international artist Robin S.

4807 Old National Highway
College Park, GA

Kevin Fox
Serina McDonald
Tanya Elsheimi

Doors will open at 9PM, all performing artist must check in by 10:30PM [failure to check in by time frame will disqualify act from any prizes], the freestyle cipher will start promptly at 11PM, showcase at 11:30PM. There will be a total of 15 performing acts and 10 freestyle emcees.

The freestyle cipher/battle will consist of 3 rounds. That will be broken up during the live performances. The live performances will be broken up in sets of 5 (3 groups).
Once the judges have tallied up their votes we will take the final 5 acts from the “live performance” sets and have a “clap-off” by the audience to see who will win all the prizes for the showcase.

MI$TA 420

If you have any additional questions or need more information
feel free to contact 678-509-4296


[Audio] Nessly – Vogue (Prod. 16 yr old & Clibbo)

If you don’t already know who Nessly is,  I suggest you get familiar. This 21 year old hip-hop recording artist from Atlanta, GA has been picking up a lot of steam on the underground scene lately. I’ve been following his music for a few months now and he continues to put in work while rapidly growing his fan base. While Nessly prepares for the release of his new music project that is yet to be titled, he drops off his new single “Vogue.” This catchy tune is produced by 16 yr old & Clibbo. Make sure you follow Nessly on Twitter.


[VIDEO] MastaMinD – Supernova Freestyle

[ATLANTA, GA] Upcoming artist MastaminD has been influence by music at a very young age. Even rapping at the age of six. This time MastaminD makes his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his SUPERNOVA FREESTYLE Visual. While he walks the streets he preaches with his rhyme flow. MastaminD has always had a clear message of promoting individuality. “I can be your worst enemy or your tutor.” This quote illustrates MastaminD as an artist. He is influenced by artist like Outkast, Kilo Ali, Goodie Mob, 36 Mafia, and Dirty Boys. MastaminD makes a point to make music he finds can be relevant to modern day listeners. In SUPERNOVA FREESTYLE MastaMinD Freestyles in preparation of his Super NoVA Mixtape that is set to release soon. In order to find out when please follow MastaminD on his social media links below:



[AUDIO] Ro$hi – Pleasant Hill Rd.

[NAWF, ATLANTA] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, one member by the name of Ro$hi from ‘The Regime’ hip-hop group. Currently, Ro$hi is gearing up for his second project release, MetaCooler Mixtape. After releasing his first single Tsunami, Ro$hi continues to deliver with his latest single PLEASANT HILL RD.

PLEASANT HILL RD. is a track that resembles what your up to at night, “boy I’m ridin’ around on some cruisin’ shit”. Stays in your mind, what a catchy hook. See what Ro$hi is up to on his late night tip. Make sure you stay in the loop and follow Ro$hi on his Twitter @jiveahhroshi.


Audio: Kris J – One Time

kris jKris J decided to end 2015 with the feel good record “One Time” produced by his in-house engineer, Avery Mcrae. The Atlanta based artist is currently preparing to release his forthcoming album The A.R.T Project (All Real Thoughts) and will be releasing a single every monday until then. This song has Kris J rapping while melodically harmonizing in the background. He talks about coming up as artist to being able to slide in your girl. I enjoyed the braggadocios lyrics that he used to express himself on this joint and look forward to hearing more.



Music Video: ER305 – Back Door

er305-back-door[MIAMI, FLORIDA] ER305 expresses how he’s going to take over the rap scene and regardless of previous fallouts, he’s working hard on a different approach. Hard Crunk Music brought to you by Metro Boomin Producer. I feel ER305 is mean on this one. BACK DOOR serves as either a good introduction to anyone not familiar with ER’s music. The music video takes us to when ER305 was in Atlanta during A3C Festival and he decided to take advantage and film his visual to BACK DOOR. Even though this track wasn’t on ER305 project Tunnel Vision, it was debuted on his Any Given Sundays Campaign. Pat Fagan of Fresh Start Productions/Freeband Filmz to film the video and was able to catch ER305 pulling up to a car wash station. What is he really up to? Be on the look out for more content from ER305 by following him on his social media outlets.



Beat Tape: SgBlk – huez

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] For an artist it might be difficult to obtain your own beats to bring your words to life. So you gotta take matters into your own hands. For Sage BLOke, better known as SgBlk has embrace the production side to music and has created a beat tape entitled huez. The six track beat tape is definitely a piece of art. The vibes of the project presents itself, like the sounds are painting a vivid picture with various colors.

sgBLk sage bloke According to SgBLk “This project takes on the concept that music infects emotions, but in fact it can provide a gateway to images that normally can’t be seen in everyday life. Colors and music go hand and hand; they both express moods and give a sense of individuality“. He also added a sampled voice that makes his way through the tape and it really fits in, he says some pretty enlightening stuff. As vivid hue sounds it can keep your attention through it’s 11 minute 45 second journey of SgBLk perception of huez through sound.



Music Video: Tommy Swisher – Aggressive

tommy swisher[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Tommy Swisher is back at it again with another visual entitled AGGRESSIVE. The video takes us on Tommy Swishers journey of a routine of waking up. Fighting with an opponent that gets in his way from indulging himself with more liquor. Check out the retro gaming style and watch out for Tommy Swisher’s 10 hit combo! I really like how the video was shot and edited, shout to Relifecreations. AGGRESSIVE is the song to help motivate you to really go all in with what you want. If you’re diggin’ the track as much as I am, you need to cop Tommy Swisher latest project “Its About Time”.



Audio: KASH – Mr. Popular

[MIAMI, FLORIDA] KASH is an upcoming artist who has combined the sounds of Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and EDM. With his latest track MR. POPULAR, you can definitely sense that. Smooth and catchy, KASH is also able to demonstrate his adaptation to these genres. MR. POPULAR can find it on his debut EP The Takeover. The Takeover is a five track EP that includes production from nationally recognized producer @GoGrizzly from APG/ Warner Chappell and more. MR. POPULAR was produced by Atlanta producer, Ducko McFli (Drake, 2 Chainz, Migos, A$AP Rocky & YG). Be on the lookout for more content from KASH.



Interview: Blizzi Boi

NikkiSiixx from NikkiSiixx.com sits down with Miami Up and Coming Artist Blizzi Boi and we discuss his genre of Oceanic Music such as his track AQUAFINA. His Approach to Trolling Videos when he added himself to an announcement video from Lil Wayne, and a glimpse into his free project “Purity Rang“. We also discussed his old track Sanctuary which was featured on my poll Who sampled it best! Be on the lookout for more content from Blizzi Boi and don’t forget to check out his youtube channel.

Artist: @BlizziBoi
Cameraman: @iamrickybanks


Audio: Josh Arthur – Psalm 151

What’s great, Audio Junkies?

Today’s Audio Fix comes courtesy of The Arven Group’s Josh Arthur, with “Psalm 151”; a gritty, tongue-in-cheek testimony-slash-apppeal to the man above for clemency from the daily trials and tribulations of existence.

Preceded by hip-hop producer Penacho’s airy pads and theremin-inspired lead synth, Arthur wastes no time – foregoing any introductions and diving immediately into a fervent plea to “the man upstairs”.

Over rapid-fire hi-hats, a darting snare and seering kick drum, the artist’s vocal stylings toggle between a weary and restless appeal for leniency to a manic and aggressive petition for power, as Arthur makes the obfuscatory sermon that is to be expected from a hymn bearing the title “Psalm 151”:

“You know the best version of me; can I have that? Oh please, oh please – can I be what you want me to be? Can I dream what you want me to dream? Can I see what you want me to see?”

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.23.07 PMWithout use of profanity or much reference to violence or criminality, Josh Arthur’s almost stream of consciousness poetry is at times hard to decipher – is this is a plea for redemption or a request for favor amongst the other contestants on the battlefield? This duality delivers a soliloquy that on one hand resembles a church-pew testimony and on another is eerily reminiscent of every street hustler’s late night prayer for reprieve from the everyday struggle:


“I’m ‘bout that life, I’m ’bout that life, Lord – if it means I can be like you.”

“I don’t wanna do this no mo’. Living this life in slo mo; coming up short like Romo – thought I’d wanna bounce like pogos.”

This track should definitely keep you Audio Junkies wired until the next fix:
As always… I’m your friendly neighborhood pusher @Legasey – see you next Audio Fix!



Music Video: New Breed Nye – Stop Me

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] With his latest visual STOP ME, New Breed Nye shows his not stopping by getting ready for his new project “Sorry You Doubted Me“. The project is set to premiere later this fall. New Breed Nye takes over the mall hitting up Toys R Us and Clothing/Furniture Store. New Breed Nye is outrageous and nothing can stop him. From riding bikes in Toys R US and then ending up in a baby’s crib? New Breed Nye brings a bunch of energy with this catchy track, how can you not press play. Be on the look out for more updates and new music from New Breed Nye.



Audio: Yourz Truly – Going In For Life

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Rapper/Singer-Songwriter Yourz Truly, started out as an R&B Artist that later adapted the hip-hop flows since he became a freestyle battle rapper. But concentrating more on the musical route, Yourz Truly releases his overall positive track GOING IN FOR LIFE that showcases a true uplifting feeling. Regardless of how hard the world can be, you just gotta put your all in order to take full control of your life. FALL 2015 Yourz Truly is set to release his debut EP First Impression. Be on the lookout from more from Yourz Truly and check out his website: yourztrulyyt.com


Audio: Charlie Domino – Sunshine

[HARLEM, NEW YORK] After a bit of a hiatus, Charlie Domino makes his return on NikkiSiixx with his single SUNSHINE. Spending his life in the inner city of New York, you just look for better days until you hear them gun shots. SUNSHINE definitely provides hope through a terrible situation. Charlie Domino had spent some time in Atlanta and as an artist and as a person he was able to reconnect with his soul. After debuting his first solo project Slay Dat Beat Vol.1, Charlie is working hard in finalizing his second project entitled Domino3ffect. The hook is crazy and insanely catchy. You can hear through Charlie Domino’s voice he’s speaking from the heart. And listen to his story through SUNSHINE.



Audio: Maui Max – YOU

maui max you[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Maui Max continues to drop tracks for his #MauiMondays series and this time around he brings a song dedicated to his female following, with YOU. YOU generates that romantic jazzy sound with the saxophone brought to you by amazing production by LaCoMusic. Maui Max definitely maintains a kick back vibe with his music, providing a laid back flow. Be on the look out for some more releases by Maui Max.