NikkiJoMazing: Season One Episode Eight – YoungMcFly

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New Music: SiR B – What You Want

Sir B Cover

Audio Engineer SiR B from California is also a hip-hop artist. His released this track called WHAT YOU WANT It’s metaphoric lyricism about situations with women, their relationships and dealing with life as an aspiring artist. “Late nights with the ladies got me thinkin bout my latest Bih/ Monsters I’ve created and the creatures I’ve debated with/” WHAT YOU WANT has a club vibe to it, definitely a dope track.

Sir B one day dreams of branching off of his music and building an artistic brand of his own benefitting artist who aren’t fortunate enough to be acknowledged due to life’s circumstances. He believes in challenging mediocrity. He believes in thinking differently. He believes in creativity beyond the social and current cliché’s.