[Project Review] That Man Santiago – Nightlife Fifty-Five

that man santiago 1[CHICAGO, IL] After working over a year to finalize, That Man Santiago has recorded and mixed his latest project Nightlife Fifty-Five at Soundscape Studios. Embracing his environment, the inspiring upcoming artist from Chicago created an honest project on a person’s thoughts before and after hitting the night life in their city. The ambience of Nightlife Fifty-Five definitely provides those night vibes.

According to That Man Santiago “During the length of the tape I travel between thoughts of “turning up” and not worrying about the consequences, to thinking about the repercussions of my actions. The tape touches upon the idea that we are all filled with contradictions; however those contradictions are what help us learn and grow as people.” Now let’s take a chill pill and ride out with my review on That Man Santiago’s project Nightlife Fifty-Five. I’ll be discussing my favorites off the eleven track project. Which are:

that man santiago[NIGHTLIFE] Where we start off with this track, if feels like you’ve been dancing at the club, already about 2:30am. The music sets a seductive vibe while That Man Santiago sets the mood for his club banger, while he’s talking to the girl he wants to take home.

[SNOW TRACKS] At the beginning of the track we get the weather news report that discuss the heavy snow that we’ll be arriving throughout the night, expected 10 feet of snow. Too cold to go outside and too much snow to deal with. That Man Santiago lets you know what he’s up to on this winter track.

[WHAT DO YOU KNOW] On this track That Man Santiago gets a bit rough when he finds out someone’s talking when they don’t know nothing about him. He’ll laugh it off at the beginning but if it persists he’s going to have to handle his.

[SOME DAYS] I feel that if you’re dealing with a relationship that you find yourself wanting to leave them, fix things, walk away, or stay forever. The emotions of trying to get yourself together and your significant other trying to do the same, but yet the balance may not be right. It’s either work things out or have it all come to an end, but will that day be today?

[OCARINA] At times it feels best to get with the past, with something that’s ocarina-of-time-linkfamiliar. But according to time you just can’t. It’s all about moving forward and staying focus. But it seems to be That Man Santiago is getting distracted by Ocarina. I really felt as if she was real, so I had to ask and look what I found out:

NikkiSiixx: Who’s Ocarina?
That Man Santiago: Ocarina is more of a metaphore than a person. Its based of the game “Ocarina of Time” from Zelda lol. In the game, the Ocarina was a flute that could make a person travel through time. In the song, “Ocarina” stands for me wanting to go back in time and fix things I’ve done. But towards the end of the song, during the second verse, I realize that you can’t move forward when you’re chasing the past.

[REASON (BONUS)] This track actually surprised me considering the overall sound from the previous songs. Surprised me in a very good way. I like how diverse That Man Santiago demonstrates he’s styles and how melodic he can become. And what a romantic! This track is meant for the ladies. This would have to be my favorite track off the entire project.

This concludes my project review on Nightlife Fifty-Five with hip-hop artist That Man Santiago. The project exhibits feelings of emotions when it comes to some affairs that take place at night. It’s kinda like people get influence by the night life and dealing with those problems in the morning. I find the project to have a great story to tell and great listens.

If you’re diggin’ the project as much as I am, please download your copy at THATMANSANTIAGO.COM all you need to do is provide your email address and the tape is yours. Also, follow That Man Santiago on his social media outlets to get an update on what’s coming up next.



Download: Brenton – The One Who Knocks Mixtape

brenton im cool photo[MIAMI, FLORIDA] Hip-Hop Artist Brenton recently released his official mixtape release for “The One Who Knocks“. The fifteen track mixtape is inspired by Oddisee, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist and others, as well as original production from J57, PCP Beatz and Elite Producers. And how about Breaking Bad? Right at the beginning in The One Who Knocks Intro you hear Walter White telling his wife Skylar that he’s danger and throughout the mixtape you hear snippets from the show. For this track: KNOCK IT OFF featuring Kris Kasanova on the track and amazing production by J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. Really diggin’ this slow 90’s style to KNOCK IT OFF. Boom-bap heads out there can vibe out to this. Brenton takes the first verse as Kris Kasanova closes it off with the second. Some of my favorite tracks we’re: I’M COOL (Inspired By 9th Wonder), FEELIN IT (Inspired By Jay-Z), LET THE BEAT DROP featuring Phil The Thrill (Inspired By Xaphoon Jones), and THE L-O-V-E Song (Inspired By Oddisee). This Brooklyn Native shows his roots by choosing tracks inspired by artist from that state. Don’t forget to download THE ONE WHO KNOCKS by Brenton and follow him on social media.



Download: SIN – Dark Waters EP

[SOUTH FLORIDA] After releasing his track Tiffany / Kiss The Ring, SIN has been getting nothing but love from NikkiSiixx readers. This track definitely built anticipation for SIN’s upcoming Dark Waters EP. Premiering exclusively through DJ.Booth.net. My favorite tracks off Dark Waters is 100MPH, Tiffany / Kiss The Ring, Shakedown, 16jabs, For The Homies, Vibe and Fork In The Road. Basically, the whole project is a favorite. SIN Photo

I wanted to fully capture the organic hip-hop feel and blend it with my own sound. [The EP] has a dark undertone, but the presence of a giant bully.” -SIN

The project rides through eight tracks. The producers who were involved were able to grasp that overall dark undertone that SIN needed to express making a triumph over his bully. Producers were: Rojas On The Beat, Nick Leon, Scottzilla, Nuez, The Pyrvmids, Anthology, and Dark Night. SIN only had one feature and that was with REKS on the Shakedown track. Dope collaboration between the two.

Press Play, Take A Listen, & Let Us Know What You Think About SIN – Dark Waters EP!?


Beat Tape: Schedule One – Existence (Instrumentals)


Check out 17 year old producer Schedule One with his exclusive multi-genre project featuring 10 hard hitting beats plus 5 bonus EDM tracks titled Existence Instrumentals. Schedule One has that Trap/Club feel to it. With them killer 808s! Definitely can see these tracks getting picked up by any artist. Existence features co-producers include Dizzy Wright’s Sub-Zer0 and South African producer Paapi Musik.

TRAP MUSIC incorporates a extensive use of multi-layered hard-lined and melodic synthesizers, crisp, grimy and rhythmic snares, deep 808 sub-bass kick drums, pitched down vocals, double-time, triple-time and similarly divided hi-hats, and a cinematic and symphonic utilization of string and keyboard instruments creating an overall dark, harsh, grim and bleak background feeling for the listener

IG: OfficialScheduleOne
Twitter: Schedule1Beats
Soundcloud: Schedule_1

AUDIO: Webbz – Make A Way Featuring Cam’ron


On September 11, South Florida Hip-Hop Artist Webbz released his album The Pursuit Of Happiness: A Black Man In AmeriKKKa. One of the tracks from the album MAKE A WAY featuring Cam’ron. Produced by Young McFly! I really like the vibe the track gives off. I find the concept to be so relevant, to anyone who is working hard to support themselves and they’re families. Life in generally is hard but you just gotta keep at it regardless of your lows. Keep Pushing AND MAKE WAY!


Download: J NICS – ThreeSixtyFive EP


Miami Hip-Hop Artist J NICS releases ThreeSixtyFive EP. This seven track EP is a great project. Also, includes 3 *Bonus* Tracks when you download. You can listen through this EP & still want more. Better yet press replay! My favorite tracks off the EP are 24/7 (Production Danny Dee & Nuez), MIGHT BE ME (Production Numonics), SEASON (Production Square Boogie), EVERYDAY! (Production Rah), DAZIN (Production Square Boogie), BEHIND THE CURTAIN (Production Mr.Maneuvers & Jayjohero), and ANNA (Production Mr.Maneuvers). Click the cover art above to get your free download of ThreeSixtyFive EP!

ThreeSixtyFive is a free EP I wanted to put together for the fans who have been supporting from the beginning of my career and beyond. After talking a brief hiatus from making music I wanted to reveal a new sound and show my growth as a songwriter and MC. I’ve grown a stronger inspiration and hunger, that will show believers and non believers that I’m here to stay from now till forever. 365 days of the year. – J NICS


New Music: Curtessy – Memory Lane Featuring AWKWORD


It’s always a blessing when the homie AWKWORD hits my email with a new track. This song is a recent drop by up-and-comer Curtessy, with AWKWORD holding down the tail end of the track. ‘Memory Lane’ is a solid listen; a fundamentally sound song laced with throwback hip-hop vibes. I’m beginning to expect the consistent quality that is associated with any music AWKWORD co-signs. Curtessy leads off with the realness; he spins stories of his upbringing. Tales of a youth struggling painted with a optimistic brush, Curtessy shows that there’s more than negativity that come from rough younger days.

AWKWORD stands as an inspiration in the rap game. He’s more than just a spitter, although he’s head and shoulders above most in that regard, he’s a philanthropist and visionary; a pioneer in his own right. His forthcoming project is a DJ Booth hosted, 100% for-charity, album that’s slated to change the game up. It’s rare to find an artist who actually embraces empathy, one who actually cares enough to work towards a change. Even outside of hip-hop, outside of music entirely, it’s hard to find individuals willing to dedicate themselves to the betterment of others. Hat’s off to AWKWORD.