New Music: AYNT – Calm Before The Storm ft Ari B

Check out the latest track CALM BEFORE THE STORM from Fountain Bleau’s own AYNT. The track starts off with that swag-swerve type of feel and then once Ari B’s harmonic voice kicks it, it definitely sets the mood right. CALM BEFORE THE STORM was produced by AYNT himself. The track is showing a side of an artist who is working hard on his craft and expressing himself through his music. Take a listen and enjoy. I feel with this track AYNT has grown with his flows and sound. The overall quality of this track is dope and can’t wait to listen to future tracks from AYNT.

If you missed on the interview we did back in 2012 with AYNT, watch it below!


New Music: Xali – tHE ill wILL (Produced By AYNT)

Check out the latest from XALI! With tHE ill wILL! What a track! I love the collaboration with Xali and Miami Producer AYNT. Xali represents the SoFlo Movement. From Xali’s BoomBap Style with his righteous lyricism, and AYNT crazy production! Super fun track. You just got to vibe out and enjoy. The sample is from the hit series on Adult Swim called The Boondocks! You can hear Huey and Riley throughout the track. tHE iLL wILL is a lyrical track in preparation for Xali’s upcoming mixtape TheGeneraShun. What a way to bring in a new upcoming project by releasing this really dope track.