Music Video: Neak x The Renegades x Brass Knuckles – Bad Habits

This video caught my attention from the beginning based on the old 1980s video games sound at the beginning of the track. The “Bad Habits” beat definitely has a feel that’s a mix between trance and euro-house. That didn’t stop Neak from spitting his bars over it though. He has a flow that it started to come back to the forefront of rap, where seems like you’re spitting your lyrics to yourself almost. As he stands in the grass maneuvering through his verse at a speed that well matches the 115+ bpm speed of the track he seems to spaz in a natural manner.

The dope part is he has true lyrical content all through the song “you will never get by, you will never get on, don’t quit that job”. Neak even went as far as to mention Genghis Khan. He’s currently working on his new project “Paura/Amore” which is due out before the end of 2013. Check out the video for “Bad Habits” below:

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