[GAMING] HailHavoc.net Plays – Gears of War 4 Beta

J_dB9BMmCheck it out our homie over at HailHavoc.net brings us his latest Let’s Play Episode with the recent Gears of War 4 BETA. He brings us his live multiplayer DEATHMATCH. Also, they’re taking a minor break from their Dead Space series. Watch how many enemies Havoc takes out! Great gameplay and dope narration, he makes you feel you’re both chilling on the couch taking turns on GOW4B.



Audio: Xkluesyve – Give It To ‘Em

[SOUTH CAROLINA] Femcee Xkluesyve debuts her latest single GIVE IT TO ‘EM. This track definitely falls under a certified street banger, produced by JS Beats. Xklueyve brings her bars to the table on GIVE IT TO ‘EM, demonstrating how you don’t want to mess with her. Her lyrics are creative and catchy. Make sure you follow Xkluesyve on Instagram and be on the look out for her mixtape First Round, set to release in April of 2016.


Music Video: KB The Boo Bonic – BAT SH!T

kb the boo bonic [AUSTIN, TEXAS] KB The Boo Bonic makes her debut on NikkiSiixx.com, with her music video for her catchy track BAT SH!T. KB The Boo Bonic is a female emcee that’s pretty badass, reciting her lyrics through golds on the bottom, dark shades, and rocking a pair of bat socks. Love the effects added to the video, which was shot and edited by The Moon Guys. You can catch BAT SH!T on KB The Boo Bonic official mixtape which is set to release early 2016. Be on the look out from more content from KB The Boo Bonic. TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM ||