An emcee born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides in Orlando, FL. We have a rap artist by the name of A.C.T, making his solo debut mixtape appearance with STAGE 4 on NikkiSiixx.com. He already carryies four solo mixtapes under his belt. A.C.T is also a part of Hip-Hop Group The Innovators. A.C.T has been working on STAGE 4 since late 2014, and we’re glad it’s finally out. He brings a look into a life when trying to graduate school and dealing with several hurdles that he needed to go over. Touches on challenges like developing himself as an artist, school issues, challenges with finding a job, relationships with women, getting a deeper understanding of God, fighting against the temptation of sexual lust and so much more.

STAGE 4 provides a mix of 90’s boom-bap and modern trap music. Gives a refreshing feel to the new and old. Somewhat like paying tribute. A.C.T is constantly working on creating music that everyone can relate to. With my mixtape review, I’ll be breaking down my favorite tracks. And the ones I find to really be stand out songs. My favorite tracks off of STAGE 4 are Intro, Loving It, Two Step, Chillin, Mic Flow, and Beauty And The Swamp.

[INTRO] Besides it being an actually introduction to A.C.T, he gives you a few facts about him. A.C.T daydreams about when he’ll bless Sway In The Morning with a dope freestyle. I thought this was a unique way to start the mixtape. Begins with great vibes and sure it will continue.

[LOVING IT] Bringing back those old school 90’s hip-hop vibes with this one. A.C.T emphasizes all the tough times he went through that helped him to really appreciate the good things in life. On this track we have the sultry songstress Jazzette making her vocals known throughout it.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-4-26-03-pm[TWO STEP] A.C.T embraces his confidence. Through his flow, lyrics, and story-telling. When he’s out with the boys and someone catches his attention. No matter the situation he still gets what he’s after. This track also features Innovator member Dez The Navigator.

[CHILLIN] Love the production on this song! Smooth and hard-hitting. Reminds me of cyphers back at Catalyst. You got to nod your head to this one. A.C.T’s flow is captivating, really stays strong and has BARS!

[MIC FLOW] You can tell A.C.T has a sense of humor, you can tell by the way he starts this track with a skit. What STAGE 4 really persist of are good vibes and enlighten lyrics. This track also features Cam Johnson on the second verse. So say if this was a battle, I would prefer A.C.T’s verse on this track.

[BEAUTY AND THE SWAMP] What a pleasant surprise! On this track, A.C.T has femcee Nikki G coming in with the first verse. I love her flow-etry. And with A.C.T’s tone in the second verse makes him sound like a beast. If you pick up on his wordplay, it’s hella witty. Great chemistry between the two, hope to hear more collars in the near future.

This concludes my mixtape review on A.C.T latest mixtape STAGE 4. Don’t think it was only six tracks that made the cut, there were couple other tracks that caught my attention. Especially, his track called How I Feel Part 2. Overall great vibes, revisiting 90’s boom-bap and modern hip-hop flows. A.C.T definitely presents promise with his lyrics and with his music you can relate too. Stay in the loop for more content from A.C.T by staying connected with his social media.

“First of all Big ups to God for being everything I need in my life. If it was not for him, I would not be here and I would not be able to make the music that he has blessed me to do. I would to send a special thank you to Rob Beatz for recording all of Stage 4 for me. I appreciate it big time!!!! Big ups to my producer Dez the Navigator, the best producer in the world all up in your DM’s lol. Big ups to, my engineer Pjizzle a.k.a Peej on the boardz. Shoutout to MagicxBeats, JBird, Mr. Troy and Tyrezz for all producing tracks for the mixtape as well. Big ups to all of those who were featured on the mixtape. Jazette, Dez the Navigator, Juwan, Nikki G, Cam Johnson, Chin and Christian Gray. Shoutout to my music group The Innovators. Shoutout to my alma-mater Bethune-Cookman University! Big ups to my hometown Baltimore a.k.a Charm City. I never thought I would reach the day I could say that I have a 4th mixtape of material that God has blessed me with to spread love to the world with. Much love to all my family and friends that have been rocking off with me all these years. Remember this if nothing else. Be all that God wants you to be and let no one stop you!!! R.I.P to my friends/classmates Charisma Bush and Korryn Gaines. City 4 ever!



[AUDIO] Speed on the Beat – The Revolution’s Coming

[BALTIMORE-BORN, COLLEGE PARK-raised] Making his return to NikkiSiixx.com, We have Rapper, Engineer, Writer Speed on the Beat with his latest single THE REVOLUTION’S COMING. Speed on the Beat’s flow is definitely different, from other artists I’ve heard recently. Speed decides to talk about what really matters and that’s the discrimination this nation does for people who are different in color.

Now in his late twenties, Speed is both willing to retire from music at any moment and able to go into any project with no regrets on how he’s done…but not before he shows why he’s The Sorest Loser. His writing can be found sites such as Boi-1da.com, EyesontheRing.com, a wrestling-centric site, DefineARevolution.com, the homepage for the Team DAR movement he represents, and his own site, SpeedontheBeat.com. I seriously don’t know how he finds the time to contribute to all of these outlets but I’m glad he does. Besides being a lyricist he knows how to portray he’s words in any format. Weither it’s from his lyrics, to the beat production, and by writing out the story for you to see visually. Make sure you follow the talented Speed on the beat!


My personal thoughts: We must all understand we’re not apart different races (Black, White, Hispanic, and Native American) but as one race and that is the human race! We must treat everyone as our equal and generate as much positive energy so the world can finally find peace.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Ashley Sierra – OG featuring Chase Ultra

soupMaking her first appearance on NikkiSiixx.com, we have femcee from Baltimore Ashley Sierra with her latest music video OG. Featuring Chase Ultra on the second verse. He really brings his personality to life with the way his flow is and how he acts. Ashley Sierra is fierce with her lyrics when she presents us the dark truth about an epidemic consuming the youth, which is Vanity and Greed. OG is the lead single off her forthcoming project S.O.U.P (souledout&underpriced). The track maintains a hip-hop trap sound with a classic club style fusion, OG was produced by J8s and the video was Directed by Mike Jon. Ashley Sierra is profound with her lyrics that only can leave impactful first impression. Stay tuned from more from this young lyricists Ashley Sierra by getting updates from her website Ashleysierra.net

#LITR #LoveIsTheRevolution


[MUSIC VIDEO] Tate Kobang – Ain’t A Damn Thing Change featuring Aaron LaCrate

Baltimore’s Tate Kobang is on a roll this year. After starting 2016 releasing “Oh My” as the follow up to his 2015 smash “Bankrolls” he went on to multiple successful sets at various SXSW showcases. Now he’s back with his latest visual featuring Aaron LaCrate for “Ain’t A Damn Thing Change”. Tate skated skated over the trip 808 heavy production in his normal fashion. The video has a slightly eerie feel that matches the feel of the production. Check it out below.

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Album Review: Jamal G – To Whom It May Concern 2 – Final Draft

[BALTIMORE CITY, MD] After Jamal G’s debut on NikkiSiixx when we played his track If You Need That, and when I had an exclusive interview with him. Currently, Jamal G has released his album To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft. The album is a fourteen track in-depth story of Jamal.

[SCATTEREDBRAINED] Jamal G really opens up on the first track on the album. One thing that really stands out to me is his flow, and the genuine soul expressing himself the best way he can. Through his music! Jamal G even touches topics like working hard in achieving his goals, passed relationships, and he even talks about watching his own mother Oding. This is a really dope track! Get to know Jamal G.

[THESE WINGS] In a previous interview with Jamal G, I asked him what inspired this track and he said “These Wings was just something inspired by the space I was in at the time. I didn’t have a real direction for the album but I knew I wanted to make a statement for my community. I sent it to Husky and he wrote the hook and it was just on from there“. This song has to be one of my favorites from the project. From the production, and Jamal’s flow, it leaves you wanting more. Good thing this is just the second song of the album, here we go!

p1777326067-6[ARIEL’S LIFE IN HELL] Jamal G is one hell of a story teller, this track is focused on meeting someone and wanting to get to know them more. Its pretty dope because Jamal G included a female vocal to give Ariel more life on this track. The chemistry between the two is hard not to deny it. And it’s a crazy twist to the story, you just got to hear it for yourself.

[LET IT BE ME] When investing in your time in someone who you feel everything could go right, but yet when you hear the other person’s true emotions can truly be heartbreaking. Jamal G expresses how he feels about someone who left him when he was completely unaware. Love can be blind at times, but hopefully going through with that, Jamal G can open his eyes and find true love.

[QUESTIONS 4 PAC] Have you ever felt compelled to ask questions or advice from people who are no longer here? This time Jamal G looks for more answers by asking Tupac some questions. Hopefully he’ll gain more knowledge on the experience. This track reminded me when Kendrick Lamar had an edited conversation with Tupac on his “To Pimp The Butterfly“. Who wouldn’t want to be able to ask questions to a legendary rapper who inspired so much with his music. Find out what Jamal G discovered with his talk.

[CELEBRATION] After everything Jamal G has gone through, its time to celebrate! Celebrate because we’re alive and we can always better ourselves. To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft was a way for Jamal G to get a lot of issues off his chest. I feel this track can be relevant to anyone who appreciates life and wants to keep living in a positive way.


Jamal G always felt he was never going to conform to the norm. Looking up to his siblings and loved ones as aspects to his outlook on society. Jamal cultivated a perspective that’s widely shared through his community. In 2010, Jamal released his first offering under his neighborhood alias, Blizz, entitled “To Whom It May Concern.” The project provided opportunities to open up for artist such as Marsha Ambrosius, Rick Ross, and a host of other artist.

Jamal G has a very mature tone over the entire project To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft. It’s been described as “Mood music for the long drive home.” Jamal recently finished touring around the world sharing the news about his new album, “I’ve never attempted to make music for self exemplification or popularity. Music is the most unselfish thing that I can offer to my people as a glimmer of some sort of hope. There’s pain, triumph, and faith all wrapped up in this new project, I just my generation take the time to live with it, so it can properly effect our lives.“.


“TWIMC2 is a picture of hope. It describes the mind of an emotionally suppressed man from the Y and millennial generation trying to figure it all out. This can potentially be one of the best independent releases this year. The message I want to get across is that, hope is better than defeat, pain doesn’t just expose you’re vulnerability but you’re humanity, and everything will ultimately work out for those who have Faith”. – JAMAL G

If you’re diggin’ To Whom It May Concern 2: Final Draft make sure you support Jamal G by purchasing the project via these platforms.



Music Video: Ms.D’z – Flight 69

FullSizeRender-3Check out the latest visual from Baltimore Maryland female emcee Ms.D’z with FLIGHT 69. Ms.D’z takes us through an encounter she had with another woman and how she wants to take flight with her. As you can see in the visual a woman’s silhouette behind her. Ms.D’z has completely reinvented her brand and image by publicly coming out about her sexuality in her music and standing out with her many tattoos and piercings. Even though she makes her sexuality clear through her music, the men can’t help but listen because they either agree with what she’s saying or because they are fascinated by her whole demeanor. The music video is directed by Gearie “The Grench” Bowman and the insane production by Real Talk Beats. Love how the video was shot in Black and White, really gives the visual a dramatic scene. I like Ms. D’z flow and her charisma. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for her future releases! And don’t forget to watch FLIGHT 69 and Follow Ms. D’z social media accounts to get updated!



New Music: Jinxxx – Elevation

CMMztW4N_400x400After a hiatus, JINXXX released her track ELEVATION, right in time for halloween. But I finally was able to review the track today. And I got to say that this Baltimore Maryland Female Rapper, JINXXX… Is a pretty dope emcee. She goes hard on this track and it definitely compliments the production. While growing up Jinxxx was inspired by her brother’s freestyle abilities and couldn’t help but embrace the culture. By developing her own style and devotion in improving her craft, JINXXX was born.

I am a femcee that lyrically can give the beat a beating but also relate to the events and struggles of everyday people. I come off as a hard nose but really just a weirdo who is trying to make her way in the game being as authentic as possible. -Jinxxx

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Music Video: eMeX – Eyes Low (Prod. 4:AM)

It’s good to see the Baltimore kid eMeX come back strong with another visual offering after a brief hiatus. He picked up where he left off with strong lyrical content and polished flow. “Eyes Low” is more than the weed head track the title would imply; this one is a mission statement meant to affirm his intentions and work ethic.

With “Eyes Low” the Howard University student shows that he hasn’t lost the juice that made his music so captivating in the first place. eMeX uses his education and intelligence to speak well on his ambitions and motives, dreams and considerations. With lines like “only thing I’m afraid of is not getting it by any means/dying at the hands of my enemies/beware of fifty-fifty tendencies” it’s clear that his auditory aspirations have not faded and his quest for legitimacy is only deepening. Be on the lookout for a so-far untitled full length project set to release this summer from eMeX.

LINKS: @eMeXSoundcloud


MUSIC VIDEO: The Holy Karon – Life’s Grim

The Holy Karon is a name that’s gaining some clout out of the perpetually underrated Baltimore hip-hop scene. He comes with a unique style and voice that grabs the listeners attention by the throat and doesn’t let go. “Life’s Grim” isn’t an exception. Directed by Desean Ragland, the premier videographer in the Baltimore underground scene, the video gives the ominous vibes one comes to expect from the evil one.

At first, and sometimes second glance, The Holy Karon is just a shock value rapper. It would seem that he relies on his murderous verbal images and satanic aura to remain relevant in the constantly shifting world of internet-based rap. But dig a little deeper, I implore you. He comes with a commentary that is veiled by his imagery and persona. Often, The Holy Karon isn’t speaking on fake devils and childish 666 shit, but he’s telling a story about the human condition. Karon’s music comes from a place of thinking, almost a place of compassion for the down-and-outs and the disenfranchised. If you’re still not convinced, listen to the a capella at the end of ‘Life’s Grim’. When you’re chills subside, you’ll realize The Holy Karon is much, much more than a shock rapper.


New Music: eMeX – No Love

no love

If you haven’t gotten aware of the eMeX wave, then you’re slipping. The Baltimore-based rapper is quickly gaining traction along the current of the underground. In the last year he saw the potential of his come up being to be realized; eMeX worked with names like A$AP ANT and Slim K, along with a host of other underground entities. ‘No Love’ is a Just Treats produced single from his upcoming mixtape, to this point unnamed. It’s easy to see the clout coming for eM, this track has over 1,100 plays in just six days, and that’s without being featured on the best underground hip-hop blog on the internet (this one, of course).

The production is infectiously ambient, providing eMeX with a soft, pulsing canvas for his verses. ‘No Love’ is crafted on a personal note, with soul. eMeX uses this track as a declaration of himself, his independence, struggles, strengths, drive and purpose. You get the sense that he’s tired of waiting to be put on and he’s beginning to take what’s his. There’s no doubt he has the talent, the skill, and is on his way to having the following to create something for himself if he continues to be slept on. His forthcoming project should be nothing short of phenomenal, a come up is imminent.

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New Music: Witty Rock and JuegoTheNinety – Ounce

This track is coming from Baltimore young guns JuegoTheNinety and Witty Rock out of the 90’s B.M.C. clique. Young guns isn’t a slight, these guys are years ahead of themselves with talent and productivity. ‘Ounce’ is a Ralph French produced jawn off the forthcoming 90’s B.M.C. project titled “Camp”. The production is bass-heavy and infectious with an overload of decibels.

Witty and Juego work well together from jump on ‘Ounce’. The ad-libs and two-man mob-chant hook give the song a heavy cypher feel and makes it easy to vibe heavy. I’m honestly getting a little buck in my chair listening to this joint on repeat. Juego is riding the wave from his recent release “Opium Float” and working hard towards the “Camp” drop. The mastermind behind the 90’s B.M.C. movement is setting the stage for a come-up.

Soundcloud@JuegoTheNinety @witty_rock @ralph_french