EP Review: GiZMO TAiLz – Mugiwara

gizmo tailz[MIAMI, FLORIDA] After making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com with his music video DON’T TURN AROUND, GiZMO TAiLz brings us his first solo project MuGiWara EP.

If you’re not to familiar with what a Mugiwara is, it’s actually means Straw hat. GiZMO TAiLz is an artist, director, editor, producer, and engineer. He’s even 1/2 Member of The Creative Duo RASKLz [PIZZV.LORDz]. This is not just your regular thirteen track EP. It would be safe to say it’s more like a dark experiment with house/techno with a dash of some hip-hop. You can say it’s an unfound sound in today’s music. For my review I’m going to break down my favorite tracks off the MugiWara EP, which are MuGiWara Awaken, UV RAY, Take Control, Don’t Turn Around, 6GOLDZ, Su​-​Zen​-​B [Heal], and Voyage [Filler].

UV RAY // MuGiWara Awaken have a visual along side the tracks. The tracks are really an introduction to thus the style and vibe GiZMO TAiLz demonstrates. In the Music Film, GiZMO has a very unknown and strange power, and a love for pizza. The video is extremely trippy, but cool in a sense. Inspired by anime Video Games And Real Life Situations. The Young PIZZVLORD Looks For a quick “Slice” and what new Powers he’s Awaken Between The 2D And Real World. As Gizmo Falls Into A Tranced State, his visions are becoming powered. Now on a mission to create a New Wave. Did he really find a ForBidden Pizzv Crest? Directed and Edited by GiZMO himself, and Fimed Co. Directed By eqobKING.

TAKE CONTROL – The vibes on this one remind me of Kid Cudi’s Man on The Moon: The End of Day. “Let The Music Take Control” is repeated throughout the track with some melodies. In a sense it’s kinda like putting you in a trance.

This ain’t your ordinary music video, this visual definitely grabs the title for unique and dope graphics. GiZMO TAiLz is an inspiring artist that creates music in many different forms of hip-hop and can tap into alternative house genres. His visual DON’T TURN AROUND begins at the start of a retro fighting video game that eventually turns into a real life ninja, who is set to get The Pizzv Crest. GiZMO TAiLz transforms into Ninja Formation and Fights Dragoro. The visual also takes place at this years Florida Supercon 2k15. DON’T TURN AROUND is a music video like no other and definitely sounds like something new. Gamers can enjoy this visual too.

6GOLDZ – Considering GiZMO TAiLz self-produced the entire project, you can find some really catchy melodies. I found it on this track 6GOLDZ. Very simple, but when he starts rapping about his 6 gold teeth, it goes really well on beat.

Su​-​Zen​-​B [Heal] Even though this track is only instrumentals you can really dig this clubby vibe, GiZMO is trying to bring to the table. Another good instrumental is Voyage [Filler]. If I was an artist, I would be interested in seeing about working on getting production from GiZMO TAiLz.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.38.22 PM

An Amazingly Self Built Dark & Trancy 13 Track EP Made For Gouls Of the night. Join The Journey Of Pain and Happiness As the Sleeping Dragon Awakens and Creates a New Path With his Unlocked Rare Power“. – GiZMO TAiLz

This concludes my EP Review of MugiWara by GiZMO TAiLz. If you’re diggin’ the project you should definitely support the artist via Bandcamp. Be on the lookout for more content from GiZMO TAiLz by following him on his social media:


Beat Tape: SgBlk – huez

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] For an artist it might be difficult to obtain your own beats to bring your words to life. So you gotta take matters into your own hands. For Sage BLOke, better known as SgBlk has embrace the production side to music and has created a beat tape entitled huez. The six track beat tape is definitely a piece of art. The vibes of the project presents itself, like the sounds are painting a vivid picture with various colors.

sgBLk sage bloke According to SgBLk “This project takes on the concept that music infects emotions, but in fact it can provide a gateway to images that normally can’t be seen in everyday life. Colors and music go hand and hand; they both express moods and give a sense of individuality“. He also added a sampled voice that makes his way through the tape and it really fits in, he says some pretty enlightening stuff. As vivid hue sounds it can keep your attention through it’s 11 minute 45 second journey of SgBLk perception of huez through sound.



Download: @SpeedOnTheBeat – Unhinged (The Case Study of Speed on The Beat) Album

Speed on the Beat is an average guy with a gift for putting his soul in to music. This time around Speed on the Beat was dealing with the massive loss of his mother and this year would have been her 66th birthday. On November 11th, (In celebration of his mothers birthday) Speed on the Beat released his first solo album Unhinged (The Case Study of Speed on the Beat). The overall emotion gave Speed the drive to create 12 new songs that provided different style to different feelings. This is the perfect introduction to who Speed on the Beat really is. The project is kinda like his case study. Hear the project and get his story. Unhinged is a mixture of aggressive lyrics to Weeknd influenced vocals. Speed on the Beat’s group Team DAR makes an appearance on the album. My favorite tracks of Unhinged The Case Study of Speed On The Beat are The Waiting (Intro), Heartless, Flower Bed (Goodbye, Mother), No Hook, Remember The Name, and Promised Land.


Beat Tape: Jay Prod – (D)edicated Forever EP

10402894_732199483536829_3263188589098369089_n[MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA] For being 16, Jay Prod showcases some serious skills in production with his (D)edicated Forever EP. For the love of music, Jay Prod embraces it by creating the sound.. putting together a mixture of Soul and Jazz that were created from just how he was feeling. Eight really well produced beats and loops. If interested in working with Jay Prod you should most definitely hit him up through social media, this kid is ready to work. Don’t believe me? He already has another EP released entitled Lovely Vibes. [LINKS] TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD

Download: Art Morera – Around Midnight

On January 12th Art Morera debuted his full length album Around Midnight. This twelve track journey really is synchronized perfectly throughout the entire project. Definitely has that replay value. All tracks are immediate favorites. The production alone is amazing overall. Featuring producers such as Nixon, Alphabeat, Mydus, The Jake, The Kno, and Art Morera himself.

Art creates life with his lyrics. Relevant material to anyone living life, working hard towards their dreams, smoking and drinking, and another who likes to vibe out this album is for you. Starting with tracks Around Midnight, The Allure, BillBoard, Beemer, Miami Vice, Loud, Nobody, Alright, Blurry, Waiting, Story of My Life, and Hollywood. The first eight tracks we’re getting to know Art and were smoking and drinking in the session. When you get to Blurry you feel a sense have I had too much Art Morera? Let’s unwind with this joint featuring Hip-Hop/House Electronic Artist Ramon Revere. unnamedIt’s a twisted track. I feel the most outstanding tracks on this album would be The Allure, Waiting, Story of My Life, Nobody, and LOUD. Art Morera has improved with his overall sound and presence from his previous projects 12:01AM EP & Morera EP. Everything he’s been working on throughout the years has been leading up to this album. Art Morera’s first single is going to be LOUD which its visual is currently in the works. You can listen to LOUD via Spotify and Don’t forget to Buy Around Midnight via BANDCAMP!

Vocals and Songs written by Art Morera
Guest Vocals by Ramon Revere on “Blurry
Additional Vocals: Venessa Renee on “Loud” and “Nobody

Produced by:
Alphabeat on “Around Midnight“, “The Allure” and “Story Of My Life
Nixon on “Billboard“, “Miami Vice“, “Loud“, “Nobody“, and “Blurry
The Jake on “Beemer
Mydus on “Alright
The Kno on “Waiting
and Art Morera on “Hollywood

Additional Music Composition by Gabriel “Q” Pelaez on “Waiting
Engineered by Art Morera and Nixon
Mixed and Mastered by Alphabeat
Executive Produced by Art Morera, Nixon and Alphabeat

Album Artwork by Andres Redondo
Layout and Design by NikkiSiixx


New Music: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Faces On The Dollar


Producer Gensu Dean and the California microphone legend Planet Asia teamed up for the newly released Abrasions album. Here is Faces On The Dollar, the first official single from the collaboration. Let’s take it to the west coast one time and vibe to this funky greatness. The song is available for free download, support the album, on sale now.

Connect with Gensu Dean: @GensuDean | Facebook

Connect with Planet Asia: @PlanetAsia

MeRCY- Prelud3 EP (Download/Listen)

Mercy-Prelud3 EP

Not too far from NikkiSiixx headquarters, is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Equipped with a busy rap scene, today we bring you Mercy’s long awaited third installment of the Prelude series,  Prelud3 EP. This fresh collection of eight tracks features collaborations with Ali Vegas, Skyzoo, Planet Asia and Tristate. Mercy kicks off his latest with an intro that is rich with the underground we crave, setting the tone for the EP. I personally enjoyed the joints, Neon Lights and Stratosphere. See for yourself, and prepare for The Prestige 3. Coming soon.

MeRCY - Prelud3 - PRELUD3_BackCover

Connect with Mercy: @MusicByMercy | Youtube

Ohini Jonez- The Prelude Fre(EP)



Birthdays are cool, many would agree gifts are even better. Mr. August 26th, aka Ohini Jonez took his special day to give us The Prelude. A brief seven tracks, all self-produced, includes a remix to his birthday song. There is one emcee featured on this and its none other than his brother from another mother, Ray Dawn aka our favorite law school drop out. We’d like to officially introduce Ohini Jonez of the Ingenious Bandits.

Ohini Jonez is a producer-emcee hailing from Brunswick, GA. Determined to let the world know real art has no boundaries, he along with his crew Ingenious Bandits plan to show the world what happens when hip-hop meets super saiyan smart kids.

Despite a bit of a break to regroup, Ohini’s been rather silent, until recently throwing himself  back into production. Though his southern rap inspirations are evident, his progressive sound combined with strong lyrical content and delivery is all the reassurance a returning producer-emcee can hope for.

Stream/Download The Prelude: OhiniJonez.bandcamp.com

Connect with Ohini Jonez: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Download: Ohini Jonez Co-Starring Ray Dawn – Any Given Sunday

Ohini Jonez is here after a rather long hiatus, he’s linked with a few people and is ready to get back to work. His first project since 2010 is on the way. “The Prelude” is set to drop on his Any Given Sunday, tomorrow. August 26th via our great friends at KevinNottingham.com

Here’s Any Given Sunday to get your chops wet.

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