[BEAT TAPE REVIEW] Scott Verity – Committed To Consistency

[VERMONT] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Scout Verity a talented producer and creative. He’s bringing us today his beat tape Committed to Consistency. The three beat EP bringing you a mix of South and East Coast vibes. Not only does Scout Verity make some sweet beats, he is also a creative. By creating his own video blog series ‘What About Scout?’. You get a glimpse into his rural small-town lifestyle. And how he pursues his career to becoming a full-time producer and creating beats for his catalog. Scott Verity is dedicated to his journey and will be releasing a weekly offering from a visual to his blog and a beat tape to go with it. Expect the new-new every Friday. Take a look at Episode One: (This episode also inspired Committed to Consistency)

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-12-22-15-pm[MEAL TICKET] One thing I really like about this beat, is giving me the sense of old school O-Town vibes. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. I can see the likes of Curren$y rapping to this. This beat definitely has some good vibrations on this.

[TWO FORTY-ONE AM] This beat for some reason reminds me of the Dave Chapelle show. When he’ll walk out on stage… The beat provides those night time vibes, I can see Wiz Khalifa rapping to this one. I really like the sound of flute, gives it a bit of foreign style to it.

[WEAKEST LINK] This beat comes with the heavy bass and soft tones. It’s a beat thats bit on the slow paced. I found it hard to pick up who would fit great with this beat, but that doesn’t mean this beat wouldn’t fit anyone.

Committed to Consistency is available for download at www.scoutveritybeats.com/freebeattape. This concludes my review on Scott Verity’s Committed to Consistency Beat Tape. What would be your favorite beat off this beat tape? For me, my favorite has to be MEAL TICKET. If you’re liking what you’re hearing and interested in working with Scott Verity make sure you link up with him by following all his social media links below:

Twitter: @Scout_Verity
Instagram: @ScoutVerity
SnapChat: @ScoutVerity
Facebook: Scout Verity
Youtube: Scout Verity


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BEAT TAPE: $outhern – Beats 4 Le$

[HOUSTON, TEXAS] Transitioning from rapping to producer, $outhern brings us his debut Beat Tape called Beats 4 Le$. Inspired by the JetLife movement, $outhern produced these beats geared toward for use by artist Le$. In hopes of getting his attention by having his tape online and promoted through media outlets. We just have to wait and see if Le$ takes this. Beats 4 Le$ is meant to showcase the immaculate versatility of a very skilled southern artist, and provide Le$ with the ideal, smooth sounds he’s looking for. This is his short demo tape consisted with eight amazing beats. $outhern’s goal was to provide a style that blends well.



Beat Tape: Xia-Dawn | pisces.

xia_dawn[MIAMI, FLORIDA] MC/Producer Xia-Dawn released his second beat tape/instrumental project titled pisces. I love the overall jazzy hip-hop vibe of pisces.. Xia-Dawn was able to capture the feeling of a fleeing summer, and the chain between the mood and the tides. Very soulful, indeed. I feel the soulfulness of some of these tracks provides a story of life is love. Xia-Dawn has poured a lot of his heart and emotions into pisces. Favorite beats off this instrumental tape are Amnesia1, Say You’ll Love Me (And I Know You’re Lying), I’ll Always Miss Your Love [LINKS] TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || TUMBLR


Beat Tape: Jay Prod – (D)edicated Forever EP

10402894_732199483536829_3263188589098369089_n[MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA] For being 16, Jay Prod showcases some serious skills in production with his (D)edicated Forever EP. For the love of music, Jay Prod embraces it by creating the sound.. putting together a mixture of Soul and Jazz that were created from just how he was feeling. Eight really well produced beats and loops. If interested in working with Jay Prod you should most definitely hit him up through social media, this kid is ready to work. Don’t believe me? He already has another EP released entitled Lovely Vibes. [LINKS] TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD


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homeroom mar

Welcoming all spoken word poets, wordsmiths, vocalists, emcees, performing artists and lovers & students of the culture! Expressionists, come one come all.

Live Rap / Beats / Poetry / Afterparty

Bring your rhyme book, guitar, MPC, and/or your voice!

Funk provided by resident DJ duo STKMUP
Hosted by Aura Jones

8pm. 18+ for entry. $10 ($15 for ages 18-20)
Free before 9pm.
List sign-up and half-off cover between 8-10PM.
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BeatsBurgersBeers2ConflictRhymesNikkiSiixx – Specs – STKMUP have come together to bring you Round 2 of one of the coolest events to hit the Palm Beaches. Come out and enjoy a night of dope tunes, cool art and The talent that will be showcasing. And like before and as the title suggest there will be a special burger menu courtesy of Longboards Restaurant.

You don’t want to miss the featured Performers.
Young Ezzy Bean$
Muzik Jones Drew
XALI just to name a few.
We will be updating you throughout the week.

Croosh will be our host, Music will be provided by The STKMUP DJ duo, Dj Dsmooth, MJ Drew and special guest.

There will be live art happening. Graffiti by the talented Ripe LMA. also live art and display by Turtle.

So much in store please stay tune and get all your updates when you RSVP on our event page link BEATS BURGERS & BEERS II

Beat Tape: Schedule One – Existence (Instrumentals)


Check out 17 year old producer Schedule One with his exclusive multi-genre project featuring 10 hard hitting beats plus 5 bonus EDM tracks titled Existence Instrumentals. Schedule One has that Trap/Club feel to it. With them killer 808s! Definitely can see these tracks getting picked up by any artist. Existence features co-producers include Dizzy Wright’s Sub-Zer0 and South African producer Paapi Musik.

TRAP MUSIC incorporates a extensive use of multi-layered hard-lined and melodic synthesizers, crisp, grimy and rhythmic snares, deep 808 sub-bass kick drums, pitched down vocals, double-time, triple-time and similarly divided hi-hats, and a cinematic and symphonic utilization of string and keyboard instruments creating an overall dark, harsh, grim and bleak background feeling for the listener

IG: OfficialScheduleOne
Twitter: Schedule1Beats
Soundcloud: Schedule_1

Interview: Just Visions LLC


For this weeks segment, I decided to show love to someone who works behind the scenes in the music industry rather than the forefront. I feel that music producers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, etc a lot of the times don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I asked myself,”Why not make this piece about someone who does it all”? I felt that Just Visions was the perfect candidate. But, instead of doing a write-up, I thought we’d all get to know Just Visions and his brand a little better in a brief Q&A. You can also checkout some of his work down below:

Q: What inspired you to pick up the camera?
A: My father took up photography as a hobby later on in life & left behind all his equipment & inspiration. So one day, I picked up his old Nikon D200 and was amazed how nice the pictures came out. A couple weeks went by, made some business cards and went to Club Living Room on South Beach when G Phill had that place on smash. I just took pictures of everyone, handed out my card, and posted them on Facebook. Next thing I know everyone was asking me, “How much”? It took off from there.

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: I mostly get inquires about photography (photo shoots, weddings, baby showers, kids events, club events) music videos, and V-logs. I don’t advertise but I also do graphic design and music production.

Q: Does Just Visions specialize in only music videos or can we expect a short film in the future?
A: I’m actually working on a featured film script to be shot in North Miami. I don’t really want to give to much away. We’re still putting the pieces together & building the right team in order to execute the vision.

Q: Where do you see Just Visions 5 years from now?
A: I hope I’m everywhere in 5 years! I would really like to expand Just Visions into a major production company based out of Miami, FL. I’d provide visual solutions from production to post production, high budget featured films, to working directly with major record labels shooting music videos.

Q: If you could summarize what Just Visions is all about in one sentence, what would it be?
A: Just Visions… It’s all on how you see it!





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Its that time again. Make sure youre in the place Wednesday Oct 16th. Producers from all over the county will be competing for the glory and for the cash.

KoolieFlii Will be hosting. Music By Dsmooth and Culprit.

Breaking the ice will be Zachariah “Ezzy Beans” and Art Morera. Two Performances you do not want to miss.

There will be a raffle Sponsored by C.Keys Now Studios. So make sure you are there for that.

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We will be playing local artist music so artist send your tracks to the email. when you arrive check in with the dj and we’ll rock it for you.

make sure you like the page ConflictRhymes

Shouts out to Mic Checkz who is recovering from a car accident.

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Upcoming Event: 08/21 ConflictRhymes – Producer Showcase at Propaganda Lake Worth

This month we have an awesome lineup of producers that will be showcasing their skill,similar to a battle but without the blood,they will basically be letting you in on the Creative progress. Not only will you get to hear exclusive material but you will be amazed with some of the live performance and insight on their producing methods.

Featured Producers

Cush Arrue
Will Li Beamon
Sir J

Rockin The ConflictRhymes Stage for the 1st time is none other than Dimitri Dutch & Yung Tarzan

Also The Rapper FREEZ

$5 for 21 and up
$10 for 18-20

Your Host for the night is KoolieFlii

*if youre a producer and you want to throw down send email to @conflictrhymes@gmail.com

Music By Dsmooth / Wedly Altidor and Mic Checkz aka STKMUP

Beat Tape: Messy Beatz – Shocked Phuture Vol. 1


Check out the latest beat tape from producer Messy Beatz with Shocked Phuture Vol. 1 His official second release for 2013. These 7 beats go hard with Trap/EDM style that Messy Beatz brings out. Having hard kicks, quick snappy snares, and fast hi hats! I can see this definitely bringing inspiration to artists who would want to write to these beats. The presence of the track is some type of a dark trance, that will keep the listener hypnotize.

Equipment / Weapons Of Choice:
Logic 9, Akai MPC Ren, M-Audio Oxygen Midi Keyboard, Plug-ins, Turntable and stacks of vinyl.

Messy Beatz has been featured on NikkiSiixx.com before. With another beat tape titled Donkey Kong Project. You gotta check it out! A little bit about Messy Beatz, he was born and raised in South London, and has been influenced by Motown, Soul, Hip Hop & Dance / Club classics while growing up.



Upcoming Event: 04/07/12 #BarsAndBeats Open Mic x Producer Showcase

Check out this saturday #BarsAndBeats a showcase showcasing Producer’s beats like PFM & Iron Ora, Orion, Killah Trakz, D.U.Ivan (of YMF – Your Mom’s Favorite) and Nuri. Before that we have an Open Mic starting from 10:00-11:30. Don’t miss out your chance to show us your talent with freestyle and pre-writtens over a selected amount of beats. If you have any question regarding the Open Mic please hit me up on Twitter @NikkiSiixx

Open Mic and Producer Showcase

PFM & Iron Ora
Killah Trakz
D.U.Ivan (of YMF)

$5 21+
$10 18+

Fully Loaded Street Promotions (FLSP)


Video: Ayentee Making A Beat Live

Check out Ayentee’s video of him creating a beat, LIVE. The beat was sweet! If you don’t know Ayentee he is also an artist from Just-This Crew. Also, FLSP (FullyLoadedStreetPromotions) had Ayentee present his beats at the second edition of BARS & BEATS at The Lounge Room at Club Eve on 02/04/12.

If your interested in contacting Ayentee regarding beats you can check out his REVERBNATION page and you can hit him up on TWITTER.