[GAMING] Female Gamers Are Here To Stay


350f00d2ca732583d6df5584fe5bb597Female Gamers Are Here To Stay || In the dynamic modern day world, gaming is constantly changing. What was assumed to be a male dominated field now hosts a large number (a whooping 52%!) of female gamers. Though women have not been traditionally associated with gaming, the stereotype is slowly breaking with the numerous women coming out on platforms like Twitch to present their skills as advanced gamers. It is speculated that the number of females playing games has increased because of the rise of mobile technology. Now that all gamers do not have to spend their days holed up inside their rooms in the dim light of their play stations, it would be wrong to assume that the demographics have remained the same.
Women have shown interest in gaming through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It might be possible that the rise in a more ‘casual’ type of genre in gaming has brought more women into the sphere that was previously considered almost exclusively male. From interactive puzzles to entertaining bingo games (which you can play here), women form the majority of players. And what about the male players? Well, they are not susceptible to any harm. Their position in the world of gaming has remained the same and will probably continue to be so even if the number of female players rises further. It is important to recognize that there is a need for homogeneity in the gaming industry so that games that were considered ‘typically male’ can cater to the females too. Gaming should rely on the skills of a player rather than their sex. Female gamers are here to stay and there is no denying the fact that their opinions will start changing the face of the gaming industry in time.