NikkiSiixx Reacts to The Walking Dead S6 EP 15 – East

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this episode already, here’s you’re warning

Here’s where NikkiSiixx records her reaction of the latest episode of the Walking Dead. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. We have Season Six Episode Fifth-teen “East”.

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Catch you next week with S6 Ep16 for the season finale “Last Day on Earth”.

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TV: The Walking Dead Season Six Trailer

AMC has released this teaser trailer of Season Six of The Walking Dead. Only a minute long you just see the characters morph into each other after the lighting comes in and out. You can see they’ve been through a lot. The order of their reveal is Daryl, Maggie, Glen, Carl, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Carol, Morgan, and then Rick. We hear Rick’s voice saying “Making it now, you really think you can’t get blood on your hands?” And from what we saw from the Comic Con Trailer we just know there will be blood, and a lot of zombies. Get ready for Season Six on October 11th 9PM on AMC!